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Welcome from Headteacher, Andrew Jolley

On behalf of the Chesswood School Community, I would like to extend a very warm welcome to parents and our community partners . I hope that you will get a sense of the Chesswood ethos as you surf around our website. Underpinning our ethos is the school motto – Dream, Aspire, Achieve. To enable children to aspire and achieve their dreams we recognise that it is vital to build a close, positive partnership with parents and community partners, we strongly believe that this must be underpinned by good communication. I hope that this website further promotes both good communication and positive partnerships between us. Should you need any further information than is available on this site please do not hesitate to contact us and maybe arrange to visit our school and experience the learning environment for yourselves; we look forward to hearing from you!

Best Wishes

Welcome from Chair of Governors, Robin Thelwell

On behalf of the Board of Governors, may I welcome you and your children to the extended family of Chesswood School. From day one of putting on their Chesswood uniform and joining their new classes, boys and girls will be setting out on an exhilarating journey of learning that will see them widen their circle of friends, learn new skills, develop in confidence and grow in their awareness of understanding of the needs of others around them…….in short, gradually become well rounded young citizens in whom parents, school and all who meet them, can take pride.

In terms of academic development, you will find that children are provided with an exciting curriculum which meets the requirements of most recent government legislation, together with a wide range of educational visits, residential stays and many out of class clubs. Governors have decided that no child in receipt of free school meals, or have been within the last six years, will be asked to pay for any visits or residential stays. Homework takes a variety of formats, including ‘Take away tasks’ ~ which we are told by children, parents enjoy doing as much as they do!

In all they do, ‘Chesswood Children’ will be challenged to give their best. Although at times they may find tasks hard, they will be given support (according to their needs) all the way with every effort and achievement celebrated in order that they feel their efforts have been worthwhile. In the same way, we as governors challenge and monitor the school in all it does, to help ensure that it provides the best possible teaching and learning resources possible so children can achieve the best of which they are capable.

As from September 2015, Chesswood will have 16 governors comprised of Parent Governors, who are elected by parents and carers of those attending the school; a Local Authority Governor, appointed by the Local Authority; a Staff Governor, elected from within and by the staff of Chesswood and lastly, Co-opted Governors who are appointed by the Governing Board. Collectively, we have a statutory responsibility for the conduct of the school along with the prime objective of promoting the highest possible standards of educational achievement. Of the many duties we undertake to promote these two aspects, as parents would expect, we place special emphasis on:

  • Ensuring that children are safe while at school
  • Appointing high quality staff to work with children
  • Having secure financial control and making sure that funds are used in the most effective way.

Although working closely with the headteacher and staff, the strategic decisions that down the line have an impact on children, rest with the governors. It is a role we don’t take lightly.

How do we operate? Well, in addition to regular monthly meetings, governors are linked to subjects and aspects of school life. We visit school to meet with and discuss matters with subject leaders, sit in on lessons, meet regularly with pupils to elicit their views, follow up on pupil questionnaires, support policy review and help in school when possible. Needless to say there are plenty of training opportunities to help us in our work.

The last OFSTED inspection, carried out in July 2012, found Chesswood to be a ‘Good and improving school’ and highlighted the leadership of the headteacher to be excellent. All judgements relating to the school, namely, ‘Effectiveness of the school’, ‘Leadership and management’, ‘Achievement of pupils’, ‘Quality of teaching’ and ‘Behaviour and safety of pupils’ were all rated as good. Similarly, statutory assessments (SATs) at the end of Year 6 in 2014 compared extremely well with all other schools in Worthing. Such outcomes reflect the ongoing hard work put in by pupils and staff, together with the decisions taken by school leaders and governors.

September 2015 will see Chesswood’s change from a Middle School to a Junior School, with a marked increase in pupil numbers. To allow this to happen, new buildings have been erected, more sporting and play facilities have been provided together with improved parking facilities. A new era has begun for us all!

Some requests: As governors, we ask that if you have any worries or concerns relating to your child’s well-being or education, you make contact with the school as early as possible in order that the matter can be resolved sooner rather than later. Do please make every attempt to attend the parent / teacher consultation meetings – or if you cannot make it, arrange an alternative date and time with the class teachers, who are always willing to meet parents at other times. Do please help the school by ensuring your child attends both regularly and punctually. We are looking to an absolute minimum of 95% attendance for each pupil – unless there are exceptional circumstances. Similarly, the Board of Governors will support the headteacher in declining requests for holidays taken in term time, other than those deemed to be exceptional.

In a recent meeting with governors, several pupils stated how proud they were of their school. As governors, we too are proud to be associated with Chesswood. I look forward to meeting you at future school events and who knows………one or two of you reading this may even become colleague governors sometime soon.

Having read this, please take time to explore the school website where you will be able to find further information on everything mentioned in this letter.

Kindest regards