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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

3AG - Aspen

Welcome to 3AG!


Dear 3AG.  I can't believe we've made it to the end of the school year.  What an unusual year it's been!  Cast your minds back to almost a year ago when you were approaching your first day at Chesswood - look how far you've all come.  You've coped so well with such an unusual situation - I'm really proud of you.  Your first year together as a class at Chesswood should be one you are very proud of.  You all truly are Bright Sparks.  We had 4 millionaire readers in the class this year - congratulations to Ayla who was the most recent person to achieve this, joining Poppy, Abbie & Lola.  Becoming a millionaire reader is an amazing achievement in any year group, but especially year 3!  To have 4 in one class is incredible!  As a class we read over 9 million words - we didn't quite catch 3ML but we were very close.  As you go into year 4, I'm sure Mrs Read will help you to become the class with the highest word count in the year group.  If you all play your part by meeting your own AR target, this will be easy.  Huge congratulations to Abbie, Jess, Jasmine, Ayla and Poppy who met their AR target in each term at Chesswood - fantastic commitment to reading!  You've also been working so hard on TT Rock Stars to learn your times tables.  Currently 12 of you were either Rock Star, Rock Legend or Rock Hero (Lois, Poppy, Jason, Nick, Jameson, Ayla, RIley, Jasmine, Finn, Harry, Jakub & Bara).  This is amazing for year 3s as you're not expected to know all of your tables until the end of year 4 - keep up this amazing work.  With IXL, I'd like to give a special shout out to Abbie and Poppy who mastered every single year 3 skill for both Maths and English - amazing!  Jakub, Jasmine and Ayla also managed to master all of the English skills.  I'm absolutely bursting with pride at these amazing achievements.  I'm sad that our time was cut far too short, but what an amazing class to pass on to your next teacher - and as I've said before, who knows what will happen in years 5 & 6.  You are all amazing people who have come so far and coped so well during crazy times.  Enjoy an amazing summer and I can't wait to see you all in September.

Lots of love,

Mr G 

P.S. I have just made the final Top 10s of the year.  You'll see some bonus ones for this week, in addition to the usual ones I have made the following as it's the end of the year:

TT Rock Stars - Total Coins earned this year

AR - Total quizzes passed this year

IXL Maths - Time spent this year

IXL English - Time spent this year

Click here to see them!

Well done for all the hard work you've put in.


Wow is it really July already? I'm really sorry I haven't been able to reply to emails as I was busy working on your end of year reports. It is lovely to see the work you have been doing though. I hope you are all doing well and I hope you all enjoy your last 2 weeks as Year 3s. Keep up the great work and lets finish Year 3 with some fabulous work. Mrs Arky :-)


Morning 3AG.  I hope you have had a brilliant week.  It's been lovely reading your emails and seeing your photos.  Thank you to those of you who have sent welcome messages, photos or videos in for the new Year 3s - they really helped to make them feel welcomed and really enjoyed seeing your videos!  I have just finished making the Top 10s and will upload these shortly.  Lots of house points earnt this week - very well done!  Crazy to think we've only got 2 weeks left after today.  Take care - speak to you soon. Mr G :-) 


Good morning 3AG.  How are you all doing?  I can't believe how quickly this time has gone.  It's a strange time as I will get to 'meet' my Year 3 class for next year on Wednesday.  It just made me think how much I am going to miss all of you next year - it's such a shame that we only got half a year together - but hey there's always Year 5 or 6, right?  I've seen quite a few of you in school recently - Lois, Grace, Daisy, Taylor, Riley, Katerina, Lola & Poppy.  I have made the Top 10s and will upload these to our Top 10 page shortly.  I hope you're all having a good week - I'm certainly enjoying the football being back and have managed to soak up some of the glorious weather down the beach.  Oh, and McDonald's reopening was some of the best news I've had in ages!  Take care, stay safe.  Mr G :-) 


Morning 3AG! Just to let you know I am teaching today so I will respond to your emails after school or this evening. I hope you are doing well and enjoying the sunshine. Take care and stay safe. Mrs Arky


Good morning children, happy Friday!  Hope you have had a nice week and managed to avoid the rain when it's come - I narrowly avoided getting drenched on the way into school this morning!  I've made the Top 10s and will upload these to the Top 10 section shortly.  You should have an email from me if you earnt a TT Rock Stars certificate.  Have a lovely day today and an even better weekend!

Wednesday 17th JUNE

Morning 3AG! It is very different working in Year 6 at the moment. I hope you are all doing well.

It's very exciting seeing how well the class is doing with reading at the moment. We can definitely chase down and beat 3ML!

Thank you to those of you continuing to end your work in. I know it can be difficult at times to be focused and get on with the learning tasks but it is important that you keep trying to do even just a little bit each day. Keep up the great work 3AG.


Good morning children!  Hope you had a lovely weekend.  Check out the notice board - there's a couple of updates!  Today we welcomed back Lois and Grace to school.  It was lovely to see them.  It's starting to feel a little bit more normal in the Year 3 corridor now - all 6 classrooms are in use now, 4 of them are Year 3 and 2 are Year 5!

We have completed 2 weeks back at school so far - this means we are roughly 30% of the way through this term.  Lots of you are either on track to meet or have already met your reading targets.

Some reading but not yet on track: Lois, Lola, Bara, Jakub & Katerina

On track: Jess & Jason

Met target: Abbie, Jasmine, Ayla & Poppy.

We've read over 7 MILLION words as a class now and have 3 millionaire readers - there are only 6 millionaire readers in the whole year group!  It's so good - I'm sure we can get to the number one spot if we all work together, I'd love to be able to include some new names in this week's Top 10s.

3ML 7,750,627

3AG 7,024,529

3DH 6,920,684

3LB 5,800,813

3MH 4,479,790



Happy Friday children!  I'm not sure where this week has gone.  I hope you are all safe and having a good time at home.  I know a few more children from the class will be returning to school next week - I'm looking forward to see you!  I've published the new Top 10s this morning.  You can see them by clicking here.  I'm really proud with the huge effort that you are putting in - it really is a pleasure making the Top 10s, it puts a huge smile on my face.  I'm going to create a new page on here - 3AG Notice Board.  If you've got something you want to share that isn't to do with work - or you want to ask the rest of the class a question, then drop me an email and I'll post it on the Notice Board page.  Have a great day and weekend!


Good morning 3AG!  I'm not quite sure how it's Thursday already, but here we are.  I hope you are all having a lovely week.  So far this week I've seen Riley, Lola, Katerina, Poppy and Taylor in school and I've heard from many others - I've received some fabulous work.  Well done to Jakub who was the top performing Year 3 boy in the School Games Netball and Basketball events last week.  Well done to Ayla who was the first person to send in her submission for a Blue Peter badge.  A huge congratulations to Poppy - she has become our third millionaire reader, and now has the highest word count in the whole class.  We are now clear of 3DH in 2nd place but still have a bit to do to chase down 3ML and take the lead - I know we can do it!  See if you can qualify for the Top 10s this week, it's not too late, remember these will include anything you earned last Friday and today - these will be posted tomorrow morning.  I'll be putting together the year group collages again tomorrow which get posted on the school Facebook - it's not too late for you to send something in to appear in the Year 3 one - I've already chosen a couple of photos of work sent in from children in this class.  Anyway, have a great day today - I look forward to hearing from you.

Wednesday 10th June

Morning 3AG! I hope you have had a great start to the week. It has been quite exhausting teaching again! Thank you to those of you who have sent some work in this week. Remember we still want to see all the amazing work you have been doing. I will be working through the emails that have been sent this week and then trying to put some bits up on our class page so you can see what your fellow classmates have been doing.


Good morning children!  It's Friday!  I hope you have all had a great first week 'back' - it's been lovely receiving your emails.  I've just finished making the Top 10s, which I will post on the Top 10s page shortly (before 9.30).  I'm so proud of how much effort you have put in already - it really is amazing!  We already have 3 children that have met their reading target - Abbie, Poppy & Ayla.  We also have:




It's difficult to become a millionaire reader, especially in Year 3 but to have two children (plus another three getting close) making it is amazing!  Things feel a bit more normal at school this week as there are more adults around and more children, though it's not the same!  This week we have had Lola, Katerina, Taylor and Riley from our class in school.  When you receive emails from me, you can picture me sitting here at my new desk in the Year 3 corridor!

Anyway, I best go - I need a coffee!  Take care and have a brilliant day today.

Mr G :-) 

Changes this half term

Afternoon 3AG - Mrs Arky here! I just wanted to say there will be a little bit of a change in communication and updating our class page as we go through this half term. I am going to be teaching on Mondays and Tuesdays at the moment which means I will not be available to respond to emails on these days and Mr Gilbert may be working on other things too. We would however love for you to keep sending your work in. I will be able to go through the emails, respond and update the website on a Wednesday when I will not be teaching. Remember the Year 3 Support email is still available if you need help with a particular task. 

wednesday 3rd june

Morning 3AG. Thank you to those of you that have sent emails with work. We have been busy setting up the new systems here at school as more children are starting to attend. I hope you all had a lovely break for half term and you are getting yourself back into the flow of home learning. I will also send this message out as an email along with the information about the changes to how I will be contacting you as I know some people may not see this message. Keep staying safe and working hard. Mrs Arky.


Good morning children - welcome back!  I hope you've had a lovely week - the weather has been utterly glorious hasn't it?  We'd love to hear about your half term break.  Good luck getting back into the home learning.  Don't worry if it takes you a bit of time to get back into it - just do what you can.  Are any of you planning to send entries in for the TT Rock Stars World Record attempt?  I'm going to give 1HP per correct answer on any attempt you send in, so if you send me an attempt with 60 correct answers within a minute, that's 60HP!  You all have new reading targets for this half term - wouldn't it be amazing if we all meet them in our final half term as a year 3 class.  We can still be the Year 3 class with the highest word count - it's not too late.  Perhaps we could have more millionaire readers within the class.  It's been really pleasing to see how much IXL you've been doing as well - super shout-out to Poppy who has completed Year 4 (yes YEAR 4!) English IXL.  Wowzers!

Have a great day, stay safe.

Wednesday 26th may

Morning 3AG! I hope you are enjoying the half term sunshine. I am trying to make the most of the week to make up for not going on our camping holiday we had booked. We pitched our tent in our back garden and camped out for the night. I have also been doing lots of tidying up at home which seems to be a never ending job! Keep enjoying your half term and I look forward to seeing what you get up to next half term.

Thought you might like to see my half term look.


Good morning 3AG!  Mr G here.  What a glorious day - I'm even wearing shorts!  I hope you're all doing well.  I really miss you guys.  I can't believe we're nearly at half term - we would have completed a whole half term of home learning.  I'm super proud of all of you for your efforts and how well you're coping.  I will do top 10s this week, but as it's the end of a term, I'll do them on Saturday morning so that your Friday efforts are included.  It would be great if lots of you meet your reading target.  Currently these people have met their target at least once - Abbie, Jess, Bara, Jasmine, Ayla, Jason, Jake and Poppy.  Katerina, Riley and Lola are pretty close to meeting theirs.  EJ, Jakub, Lois and Savannah have also added some words.  Let's have a real big push!  Did you see about about the Guinness World Record for TT Rock Stars?  It would be great to have some entries from you!  

Take care & stay safe.

wednesday 20th may

Morning! The sun is shining brightly which always makes me smile. I hope you are doing well and enjoying your home learning and getting out for some fresh air and exercise too. Thank you for continuing to send in your work, remember if you haven't already it isn't too late to send some in now.

I am quite excited at the moment as almost two weeks ago we got some caterpillars at home. They grew so big and have now formed their chrysalides. Eagerly we are now waiting for them to complete their transformation into butterflies.


Tuesday 19th may

Morning 3AG. It was lovely reading some of your Magic Box poems, check out the English -Writing page to have a read of some of them. If you haven't already send yours in so it can be added to the page (let me know if you have already sent it in but it isn't on the page).

Remember to try and keep active as well. I amazed myself and got up early today and went for a run as I will be sat on a computer for most of today. What are you doing to keep active? It would be great to see some photos or videos of you being active.

Monday 18th may

Good morning 3AG. I hope you had a lovely weekend. The sun is shining again which makes me really happy. It has been lovely seeing all the work you are doing and it has been great hearing from a few new people too. It would be amazing to hear from some more of you. The year 3 teachers are busy planning the new learning tasks for after half term. Keep working hard. We miss you!


Good morning children!  I can't believe it's Friday already.  It's been a very busy week here - I apologise that I haven't been able to respond to all of your emails or post as much on here as I would like.  Good news is that the Top 10s are made - these will be up on the page, and you should receive any certificates by email by 9.30am this morning.  Remember there's one more week to go for you to meet your Summer 1 reading target.  Congratulations to these people who have met their target:

Abbie, Jess, Jasmine, Ayla, Jason, Jake & Poppy

Lola & Bara haven't quite met theirs but they are very close!

To help you with this, why not take the quiz on Krindlekrax, now that we've finished that?

As a class, we are currently third in the year group for words, with a wonderful 5,875,693 words.  Let's get above 6,000,000 by next Friday.

I hope you have a lovely day and a great weekend.  Thanks for your brilliant work and photos this week - keep them coming.  There will be a year 3 work collage released later today - I've got a hunch that some of you are in it!


Morning children.  It's one of my favourite days of the year, that's right it's...



I hope you're all having a brilliant day - I've received some amazing photos so far.  I'm going to start making collages soon and am delighted that I'll be able to include some of you!  During this week, you'll start to get phone calls from adults to check in on your home learning.  Take care and stay safe!


Good afternoon 3AG. Another lovely day outside. I will be uploading some work onto the subject pages this afternoon so make sure you check them out later to see if your work is there. It is lovely hearing and seeing what you have been doing. Remember to check your emails as you may have messages from us or your friends. Keep up all the amazing work you are doing.

Monday 11th May

Afternoon 3AG. Sorry it is a bit later in the day for this message. I hope you all enjoyed your longer weekend. Only two weeks left until half term. It would be great to get some work up from each of you in that time. If you haven't done so already try and send us an email with some pictures of what you have been up to.


Hey guys!  Mr G here.  Just a quick note to say that I'll still be doing Top 10s this week - I'll put them up in the morning - so please do check them out.  There will also be a year group collage being published in the morning - I'm sure some of you will appear in this.  Before I go, a very special announcement:

Congratulations LOLA!

Lola is the first child in 3AG to become a millionaire reader - fantastic achievement - I'm so proud!

Wednesday 6th May

Good afternoon 3AG. What a gloriously sunny day!

Finally I have worked out how to load videos onto our class page so have a look and see if you can find them (check out the Science, Computing and Reading pages). It is lovely to see what you have been trying out at home.

I have also been able to find the information from Duolingo and TTRockstars. Well done to Abbie, Ayla, EJ, Jakub, Jasmine, Jason, Lola, Poppy and Riley who have all had a go on Duolingo this week. I hope you are enjoying it. If you are not sure of your Duolingo log in details check your school email account for an email from Mrs Nicholson. For TTRockstars I can see that in the last 7 days quite a few of you have been playing - Finn, Jasmine, Ayla, Jess, Abbie, Poppy, Jason, Harry, Natalia, Lola, Jake, Riley, Bara, EJ, Jakub and Katerina. There is still time to get yourself into the Top Tens for this week. Keep it up guys!

This is my last post for the week but I will still be seeing the work you send in. Enjoy the bank holiday weekend safely.

Remember 50HP for each time your name is mentioned in this message today.

Tuesday 5th May

Afternoon again 3AG. I hope you are doing well today. Remember to keep sending us your work and letting us know what you have been up to even if it isn't directly related to the learning tasks (like Ayla showing us the yummy cakes she made at the weekend or Poppy for letting us know she will be making a beef stew with her Daddy tomorrow).

Remember to keep active too - make sure you check out the Specsavers 'Virtual' Sussex School Games: Tennis Challenges this week and enter your scores.

Well done to Jakub, Ayla, Paige, Finn, Jake, Abbie, Natalia, Jason, Jessica, Poppy, Riley, Bara and Jasmine who have all used IXL already this week. Great effort guys - keep it up!

Congratulations also to Jess, Bara, Savannah, Jakub, Jason and Poppy for passing AR quizzes this week. Special congratulations to Abbie for passing 3 quizzes and Jasmine for passing an amazing 5 quizzes just this week!

If I managed to mention your name in this post, brilliant - you've earnt 50HP for each time your name appears! Sorry I haven't included TTRockstars or Duolingo, I need to double check how to find that information (normally that is Mr G's job!) I will try to find out for tomorrow's post.

Monday 4th May

Afternoon 3AG - Mrs Arky here! I am really missing you all as I know Mr G is too. It is lovely seeing what you have been up to so please keep sending your emails in. It would be great to here from a few more of you too. I have spent some time in school over the last couple of weeks teaching the children that are in school but this week I will be working from home (while trying to help Izzy do some of her school work).

Remember to check out the different sections on our class page to see the work that has been uploaded. If you see something really impressive maybe you could email that person to congratulate them on their hard work. Maybe it will inspire you to try something a bit different.

Keep smiling and stay safe!


It's Friday!  Crikey where has the week gone?!  You should all have received any TT Rock Stars or IXL certificates earned this week.  I've also updated the Top 10s - check out the page!  Lots of you appeared the Year 3 collage that I made this week - it's on the school Facebook and Twitter pages - check it out if you haven't yet.  I'm really proud of you.  Remember to let me know if you need any extra support or have any questions - if I don't get back to you today, I'll definitely do so over the weekend.  The sort of things you may need help with that I can assist with:

Do you need to know how to check whether a book is on AR?

Do you need me to change the times tables on Garage on TT Rock Stars?

Do you need some help selecting IXL activities?

Do you need me to remind you of any log in details for AR, IXL, TT, Duolingo or your email?

If you think of anything, please ask.  Have a great day and a brilliant weekend.

Take care and stay safe.


Hi children, I hope you're well.  I really miss you.  It's been lovely seeing so much of your work so far this week - thank you for sending these in.  I'm going to be quite busy for the rest of this week as I'm working on bits and pieces for next year's year 3s who will be joining the school, home learning packs and helping out with interviews for new teachers.  This might mean that you don't get an email reply from me and less work goes up on this page.  I apologise for this - if you get really stuck please use the year 3 support email and an adult will get back to you as soon as possible.  I will definitely still do top 10s this week and I'm going to publish a collage of Year 3 work on Friday afternoon - so do keep sending in your brilliant photos.  You'll also notice I haven't continued with the Slime story for a while - I would like to do this, but I need to know if anyone is actually watching the videos, so please let me know by email if you want me to continue.  Have you all taken the quiz on Danny Champion of the World now that we've finished this?  I hope you're enjoying Krindlekrax - that will be another quiz you can take soon.  I used that book with my very first class when I was training to be a teacher - many years ago!  Take care and stay safe.


Hi 3AG!  Goodness me - I bet you're glad you didn't have to walk into school today aren't you?  I got absolutely drenched!  I just thought I'd take the opportunity to give a few shout outs regarding the home learning.  Well done to Lois, Abbie, Jess, Bara, Jasmine, Ayla, Riley, Jakub, Katerina, Jason, Jake and Poppy who have all added words to the word count since the Easter break ended.  Some of you have even met your target.  Abbie has earnt 500HP, whilst Jess, Ayla and Poppy have all earnt 100HP.  Jake and Jason are really close to meeting their targets too!  We currently sit in third place in the year group, but we aren't far off the top 2 classes - we're much closer to 1st than we have ever been, keep it up and we can get there!

Well done to Jess, Ayla, Poppy, Jasmine, Jake and Abbie who have all used Duolingo so far this week.

Well done to Savannah, Jakub, EJ, Bara, Jake, Riley, Katerina, Poppy, Abbie, Jess, Finn, Lola, Jason, Ayla and Jasmine who have all used TT Rock Stars over the past week.

Well done to Paige, Jakub, Ayla, Daisy-Mae, Jess, Savannah, Jasmine, Poppy, Abbie, Jason, Bara, Gabriel, Jake, Finn and Katerina who have all used IXL so far this week.

If I managed to mention your name in this post, brilliant - you've earnt 50HP for each time your name appears!


Good morning!  Where did that weekend go?!  I hope you all had a lovely time.  This morning I've added some work to the Writing and Art pages - have a look - see if you can find your work!  Just to remind you, we are in the process of making phone calls to you.  This started last week and is continuing this week.  You're most likely going to hear from Mrs Arkinstall or Ms Zivna, but some of you will also hear from other adults including Miss Oswald, Mrs Wood, Mrs Harvey, Miss Main and Mrs Butler.  We'll do our best to reply to emails too and upload work daily, but this won't always be possible.  Remember to use the year 3 support email if there is a really pressing issue that you need help with.  Take care and stay safe.


It's Friday!  Happy Friday children.  You've made it to the end of the first week back - congratulations!  I've made most of the Top 10s - these will all be up on the Top 10s page by 9am.  I'm aiming to have emailed all IXL and TT certificates out by then too.  You may well receive a phone call today too from myself or Miss Zivna - don't worry - we're phoning everyone!  This may make it a bit harder to reply to emails so if you have a real desperate need for help or information, it's worth emailing the support email address as this is monitored by at least one year 3 adult throughout the day.  I am so tired - definitely time for a coffee!  Oh, and check out the school Facebook page at 10am :-)


Morning children.  Thank you so much for all of the work you sent you yesterday, I'm in the process of uploading some photos to the subject pages.  Remember today is the last day to get yourself into the top 10s for this week.  Shout out to Lois, Abbie, Jess, Bara, Jasmine, Ayla, Riley, Katerina, Jake and Poppy who have all passed quizzes this week - well done!  Mrs Arkinstall started making phone calls home yesterday and I'm going to carry on with these today and tomorrow.  Have a great day and stay safe. :-) 


Hello!  It's been so good to see your fantastic work this week - thanks guys!  As we have reached the halfway point for the week, I thought I'd share some important updates with you:

* Over the course of the next few days, Mrs Arkinstall or myself will be phoning you - it's nothing to worry about - we just want to see how you're getting on.  We may well have already been in touch by email, but it's nice to properly speak to each other now and then too.  Most of the phone call will be with an adult, but we'll also want to speak with you for part of the conversation too.

* Top 10s and certificates will be published/emailed on Friday morning, so you've got two days left to feature for the first week back!

* I've seen a few more people have watched my Slime videos - I'm going to start filming new chapters from tomorrow - so if you want to catch up with what's there, please try to do so today!

* Due to the phone calls being made, it may mean you don't get an immediate response to emails, or get one response to all of your daily emails - if there is something really important that needs fixing during the day, please use the year 3 support email address.

Have a great day!

tuesday 21st april

Morning children.  What a great day yesterday!  I heard from so many of you - your work looks fantastic!  I'm delighted to see that Ayla and Poppy have already met their reading targets - what away to start!  Well done to Lois and Jess, who also passed quizzes yesterday.  Abbie has managed to master every task on English IXL - how utterly amazing!  200HP!  How many of you are trying the Joe Wicks workouts?  I started doing them during the holiday - goodness me they are brutal!  I love them though.  I've converted my downstairs into a running track so I can still train - the joys of living on your own!  Has anyone else watched the first few chapters of Slime yet?  Let me know what you think!  Have a great second day of Home Learning.  :-) 

Message from Ms Zivna:

Hello 3AG,

How are you all? Hope you have had a great Easter brake and enjoyed the beautiful weather. I regularly look at the Chesswood website to see what you learn and what magnificent work you have completed. Well done children!!! Also, well done to Mr Gilbert for his Slime reading videos!!! I think they are fantastic and I can’t for some more.

Missing you all very much and looking forward to seeing more of your amazing work.

Keep safe

Ms Zivna


Morning children!  I hope you have all had a fantastic couple of weeks.  The weather has been lovely, hopefully you've managed to enjoy it still, although I know things are different at the moment.  We'd love to hear from you.  The home learning starts again on Monday.  Just to remind you, we'll be choosing approximately 5 photos per day and uploading these straight to the relevant subject pages.  As you'll see I started to read Slime during the holidays - I have paused this at the moment to allow those of you that want to to catch up.  I'll then continue later in the week, remember you'll be able to take the AR quiz on this when it has finished.  You all have new AR targets set.  Let us know if you need your tables changed on TT.  Stay safe and have a good day!





Hi 3AG, missing you lots!  Hope you enjoy the next part of Slime:




Enjoy some more Slime!




Hey children, here are the first two parts of Slime.  Enjoy!







Morning children.  I hope you're having a great holiday so far.  I just wanted to let you know that I have emailed children who earned certificates on IXL and TT Rock Stars last week.  I have also set up your new AR Targets for after the break.  Your zpd remains the same because you haven't been able to take a new Star Reader test, but I have upped the points you're aiming for this time so it's more of a challenge for you.  Here are the house points earned for reading targets last half term:

100 HP - Jameson, Savannah, Lois, Taylor, Daisy-Mae, Bara, Jasmine, Riley, Jakub, Finn & Harry

200 HP - Jess & Jason

400 HP - Ayla

600 HP - Jake

700 HP - Lola & Poppy

1700 HP - Abbie

Congratulations everyone!  I'm now going to upload the Top 10s to the Top 10s page.  Well done to everyone who earned hosue points!


Did somebody say it's Friday?!  Another strange week is nearly over.  This is the last day to really go for it before the break.  I'm doing the Top 10s first thing on Saturday to make sure that anything you do today is included, rather than you having to wait until after the break.  Is there a Top 10 you've never appeared in?  What can you do to get into that Top 10 today?  Remember also, I'm going to introduce a Duolingo Top 10 this week.  So far I only have enough for a Top 8 - well done to Jess, Poppy, Abbie, Lola, Bara, Ayla, Finn and Riley - come on the rest of you - give it a go!

Congratulations to Ayla, Abbie and Lois for adding words on AR yesterday.  I don't know about you children, but I am exhausted!  One more day to get through - we can do this!  Stay safe and have a great day - I'm going to send your IXL certificates for yesterday now so lots of you will receive an email from me shortly.  Take care.  Stay safe,


Morning children!  How you doing?  Nearly the Easter holidays!  We've got some really fun ideas for activities you can try to help you keep busy during those couple of weeks - more on that tomorrow!

It's great to see so many quizzes being taken again - well done!  Just today and tomorrow to try and meet your reading targets.  I'll do the Top 10s on Saturday this time - this is to save you waiting 2 weeks for anything on the Friday to be included.  Have a great day children!


Good morning children.  How are you getting on?  I hope you're enjoying Danny the Champion of the World.  In addition to the children that I had heard from yesterday, I have now heard from Finn and Natalia.  I'll be emailing you this morning with any IXL certificates earned yesterday.

Well done to Abbie, Jason and Bara for passing quizzes yesterday.  Remember there are 3 days left (including today) to meet your target for this half term.  If you have already met it, you can still earn 100HP for each time you meet it, e.g. 500% = 500HP.  I look forward to hearing from you today.  Have a great day. 


Huge congratulations to Poppy and Abbie - they have both mastered every single skill on Maths IXL.  They have been awarded 200HP each and I've had a word with Charlie the dog too!  Amazing achievement. 


Morning children - how was day one?  Thank you very much to the children that have got in touch.  So far this week I've heard from Bara, Jakub, Poppy, Ayla, Abbie, Jasmine, Jason and Jake.  I was checking Accelerated Reader and was so happy to see this:


This is only after one day!  Fantastic - keep it up!

I was also checking IXL and pleased to see that Mahera, Lois, Abbie, Jess, Lola, Bara, Jasmine, Ayla, Jakub, Finn, Katerina, EJ, Jason, Jake and Poppy have all attempted something this week already.

When emailing us, please send your emails to both Mrs Arky and myself - no matter which day it is - this helps us both to see what you're sending in.

Lastly, I'd like to wish my mum a very happy 70th birthday.  Unfortunately I won't get to see her, but I'm sure she'll have a fun day nonetheless and hope this shout out puts a smile on her face!

Take care children and stay safe.

Mr G

Monday 30th March

Goooooooood morning children!  How was the weekend for you?  I hope you have all been behaving and helping out at home.  I'd love to hear from you, so please do drop me an email.  From today onwards, I won't be posting every photo up on the site - I'm going to choose the top 5 each day and upload these to the appropriate subject page.  I'll still do a daily update for you and respond to your emails.  I really do love hearing from you all.  Wasn't the video from Friday lunchtime hilarious?  I can't wait until this week's!  I spent most of my weekend sleeping as I was so tired, although I did manage to catch up with a few friends using video calling - it was strange but still quite fun and meant I had some company (of sorts).  Remember this is the last week for you to meet your reading target.  Lots of you have already met your target - if you're unsure whether you have, drop me an email and I'll let you know.  The home learning book cover competition is now closed and I'll announce a winner later today.  Have a great day today and remember I'm an email away if you need any help.  Take care, stay safe and be the best you can be.


Morning!  It's Friday!  This has felt like the longest and strangest week ever.  Thank you to all the children that sent in work yesterday.  There's still lots of you that I'm yet to hear from - remember to drop me an email if you haven't already sent me work this week.  Anyway, as you can see from my picture - my hair has gone a bit wild after one week of the barbers and salons being closed!  What am I going to do?!

I hope you're ready to celebrate because Top 10s have been posted on the Top 10s page and certificates will be sent to your school email addresses this morning.

Have a great day, stay safe.


Happy Thursday children!  How are you all doing?  Please do get in touch with me - look at the message above in green about your school email address.  I've heard from several of you either directly or through your parents - but there are still lots of you that I'm yet to hear from.  From today, I'm going to start posting photos directly onto subject pages - I hope this will help you see some examples if you're stuck.  Do have a look as there are some photos from yesterday that I didn't manage to get uploaded, so these will have gone straight onto subject pages this morning.  I'm delighted to see more competition entries and unusual reading photos being sent in.  As is tradition, I'll be making the Top 10s today ready for you to all see first thing Friday morning.  I'll start to make them at 4pm today - so you've got until then to increase your word count, or earn more coins on TT Rockstars or spend more time on IXL.  I'm thinking of a way to make a Top 10 for contributions to the website.  Why not send me an email letting me know what you think is the best way to do this?  The number of pieces of work?  The number of emails?  I'm open to ideas.  I look forward to hearing from you.


I've already heard from 2 of you this morning.  Poppy was first with her Rainbow Spellings, so 30HP for you.  Click here to see her work.  Next up was Ayla with her book cover competition entry.  20HP for you.  Click here to see it!


Is it only Wednesday?!  I feel like I do on the Christmas holidays where I don't really know what day it is, although usually then I have lots of football to occupy me on the TV!  Still, I have even better stuff to occupy me this week, and that's your amazing photos and messages.  I didn't manage to get quite so many photos up as I'd hoped yesterday as I had other (way less fun) things to sort at school - so I am sorry children - I do really value your work and efforts.  So this means we have lots of work to look at already this morning!  Before we get into this, just a few reminders from me (yes, I can still nag you on the internet)! 

  1. Please remember to make each piece of work your neatest.  Take care when writing each letter or number - it's the same as being at school - just you get to wear your PJs!
  2. Remember if you are stuck, are unsure or just feel a bit lost you can get in touch with both of us - our e-mail addresses are on the Year 3 Home Learning page.  I will get back to you as soon as possible!
  3. If you have an urgent message or question, use the y3 support email address - I'm on this address most of the school day, but if I'm not available, Miss Hills will get back to you from the same address.
  4. I'll be doing Top 10s on Friday (just like normal!) - so remember to keep up the reading, IXL and TT Rock Stars!
  5. Please remember to send in your photos of reading in unusual places - I've made a page to keep them all together - simply click 'Unusual Reading' on the right or click here.
  6. Lastly, I'm in the process of moving photos into different subject pages, so if your photo seems to have vanished, or doesn't appear to be up yet - don't panic, and check out the subject pages as it might have been moved.

Congratulations to Poppy, Jakub, Finn, Bara and Nick for passing quizzes on Tuesday.  We're closing in on second place within the year group - we can do this!

Have a brilliant day - stay safe and remember to be the best you can be.

Miss you! 

It's not even 8am and Abbie is already working hard - 30HP for being the first person to send me a photo today Abbie.  Spectacular attitude!

We have our first video - here is Abbie singing the 5 times table - go on Abbie!  30HP for being the first person to send in a video.




Poppy is up and running today - here is her super written methods work with reasoning.  20HP for being the second child to e-mail in work today.

Poppy has also made an Accelerated Reader quiz based on today's story - The Incredible Bulk - how many can you get correct out of 5?

Speaking of quizzes - here is Abbie's quiz - see how you get on with this one:

Ayla has earned herself 10HP for being the third child to email work in today, he's her Maths work:


And here's Ayla's 100 word challenge - ouch I ca really hear that noisy door!  Brilliant description and beautiful presentation.  10HP


Super spellings Ayla - nearly 100% - well done!  10HP

And here is Ayla's AR Quiz for the Incredible Bulk - give it a go!  10HP

Jake has sent in this first piece of work this week - he's created his own AR Quiz for The Incredible Bulk - see how you get on!  10HP Jake

Jake has sent in his 100 word challenge, which you can see below.  He's also sent in his book cover and an photo of him reading in an unusual place - check the Competitions page and Unusual Reading page to see these!  30HP in total Jake.  Well done!

Poppy is fast becoming a mathematical expert - she's really deepening her understanding here by reasoning her answers.  Super!  10HP

Poppy also wrote me a lovely letter - it's so lovely to hear from you - if you do write me a letter, I will send you a personal reply.  10HP Poppy.


I'm delighted to say we have our first book cover competition entry - and what a start!  Poppy's masterpiece is called 'Lock down - the view from our window' 

Here is Lola's version of Humbert in 20 years!  He certainly has changed his ways.  10HP

Here is Abbie's diary entry - what beautiful handwriting!  I'm glad you enjoyed listening to the story Abbie.  10HP

Jason has continued to work very hard, despite feeling under the weather.  30HP for all your efforts Jason!



Look at all of this amazing effort from Bara - really quite superb!  No wonder he's smiling!  80HP for all your fantastic work.










Good morning children!  Wow what a day yesterday - we're so impressed with all your hard work.  We've got a few more photos to share with you this morning with work that came in later on yesterday.  Please don't panic if you can't share your work until later on in the day, or even the day after - it's not a problem!  I hope you enjoy the second part of Humbert the Hungry Baby today - it's a bit loud at points, so be warned!  We'd love to see some of your entries for the book cover competition or photos with you in reading your books in strange places around the home.  I'll be having a check of IXL today too to see who has been accessing this.

We're off and running this morning - a very smiley Poppy is working on some pyramid power!  30HP for being the first photo of the day!


So impressed to see Poppy trying so hard with her Maths - she doesn't always find it easy, but she's being such a Bright-Spark!  Well done for going the extra mile.  20HP!

I'm a bit scared after reading this story!!! 10HP

And now Natalia is hard at work on her written methods - 20HP for being the second child to email in a photo today.  Well done!

Natalia has been getting active in the garden!

I love Ayla's drawing (10HP for being the third child to send in work today) - although the burger has made me very hungry indeed!  How long until McDonald's is open again?!

Jess has been hard at work - I'm sorry to hear that she was lonely with no friends.  Thank you, Jess, for asking about my day - it was certainly very strange being at school, although I was really happy and proud to hear from so many children and see such amazing work going on.  I also really enjoyed reading to the children that were in school.  I love the use of mysteriously in your story, although I'm not so keen on the vampire!  40HP for all your hard work! 

Here are the photos that I received yesterday after the end of the school day:

Here is Jason's Maths investigation yesterday - fabulous work.  10HP!

Here is Poppy's diary entry for the day - it's great to hear that she's been so helpful at home!  10HP!

Here is Ayla's response to Humbert the Hungry Baby - find out if she's correct this morning!  10HP!


Natalia was super busy yesterday!  Fabulous effort.  30HP!  

Bara worked incredibly hard yesterday!  Keep it up.  50HP!



Good morning 3AG.  Mr G & Mrs Arky here, feels very odd to not be taking the register, but I guess if you're reading this now, you're with us.  We hope you had a lovely weekend and that you're excited to start your home learning today!  The Year 3 Team have spent a lot of time prepping activities for you and we'd love to see photos/videos of you taking part in these learning activities.  We'd also love to see your set up at home - will you make a timetable like ours in class?!  This will help to keep your day structured and stop those of you who get distracted from playing all day! :D  Have you got your home learning book ready?  PLEASE remember to write the date and underline it, we will still be checking that you are remembering your capital letters for the proper nouns and neat presentation including using a ruler, particularly for maths if you don't have squared paper, don't think you've got it easy now you're in your PJs and not in school uniform!

WELL DONE those of you who got on the Top Tens this week, see them below.  Fantastic effort, especially if you are on more than one!  Remember to add up your house points - perhaps keep track on a page in your home learning books?  Remember, 20HP if you are top, and 10HP if you appear anywhere else in the Top Ten.

We look forward to hearing from you all, remember to email us with any questions/updates/photos/videos and hopefully we can add you to this page.  We would love to see your photos to make this page as best as possible.  Please e-mail in your photos of you reading your reading book at home - what's the strangest place you can find to read (with an adult's permission!)?


Congratulations to the 9 children that have passed quizzes today - Lola, Lois, Jakub, Nick, Savannah, Harry, Daisy-Mae, Katerina and Poppy.  Fabulous effort!  Lola added 190,858 words today meaning she's nearly a millionaire reader!  Carry on being Bright Sparks!  We're so proud of you.



Poppy already has her timetable set up - and some money handling activities set up.  Brilliant stuff.  30HP Poppy!

Let's see your sentences - Poppy is off to a flying start!


Poppy is particularly proud of her written methods work this morning and rightly so.  Fabulous reasoning!

More fab work from Poppy this afternoon - have another 20HP!


Here's Ayla's home learning timetable.  Great to see.  20HP Ayla!


Fabulous diary entry from Ayla here - such beautiful presentation!  20HP.

Jess has been busy this morning.  I'm not sure what piece of furniture I'd be, probably a Lazy Boy chair! 20HP Jess!


Fabulous flower dissection from Grace!  Well done for using the technical names.  20HP!  

Grace really enjoyed Humbert the Hungry Baby!  Another 10HP!

Jason has been hard at work today!  Cracking stuff Jason - 30HP for all your efforts.

Top 10s - Updated Sunday 22nd March

Here are the Top 10s for the week beginning Monday 16th March.  Mr Gilbert has e-mailed IXL and TT Rock Stars certificates to all children on Sunday afternoon - so please check your e-mails!


tt rockstars