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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

3DH - Birch

*Reading targets will be up after easter - perfect time to read some exciting books and smash those targets! 100 hps are waiting for you!*

Check below for star of the week and cup winners!

3dh have been outstanding as usual!!!

Friday 3rd April


Hello 3DH!

You've made it to the last day of term! Congratulations! One more day of outstanding home learning and then two weeks off - you have earnt them! I've been receiving more emails from people and it has been great hearing what you have been up to. The standard of work coming in is still extremely high - which is exactly what we want! Keep an eye on this page later (3pm) for our monthly trophy winners! Also, Bright Spark of the Week will be announced later as well. Keep it up 3DH - you're amazing!

Mr Harney

bright spark of the week and trophy winners!

Well done mehmet! A well deserved certificate for detailed work across all subjects! keep up the amazing work!

Be the best you can be - Idahlia Purser

Idahlia has learnt new skills, kept trying when she has found things tricky and had a positive attitude towards her learning! Well done! Superstar attitude!

Courtesy, care and kindness - Max Henderson

Max has been helping out around the house, helping elderly members of the community and on top of that, teaching dogs to read! Max has regularly displayed courtesy, care and kindness and hasn't gone unnoticed! Fantastic attitude Max - well done!

Go the extra mile - olivia rogulska

Olivia has gone the extra mile with all of her home learning. She is consistently in all of the top tens, she is regularly sending in her work, she is passing AR quizzes and her work is of a high quality! Amazing attitude towards your learning - well done!

Have a lovely Easter 3DH! You are doing an amazing job! Thank you to all the adults at home as well, it is very much appreciated! Get some rest, enjoy yourselves and don't eat too many eggs! When we come back, we go again! I'm extremely proud of all of you 3DH! Best class ever! 

Thursday 2nd April

Good morning 3DH!

Well done on another great day yesterday!

I have received lots of lovely letters that you have written to each other and it is great to see you are talking to each other. I've also received lots of emails from people telling me what they have been up to - thank you! I will reply to these today! 

Today, there wil be more chapters up from Danny, The Champion of the World and myself and Mr. Gilbert have already picked another book for you for after Easter. I've received some amazing wanted posters which are now up on the website! 

Thank you for continuing to send in all your work - it really is great to see! I hope you all have a great day and I will talk to you soon.


Mr Harney

reading dogs!

Well done on teaching your dog to read Max! He looks like he's enjoying every minute of it! 


wednesday 1st April

Hello 3DH!

Congratulations on reaching the half way point of your second week! Well done! Not long to go until your Easter holiday........

Again, the quality of the work that has been sent in has been amazing! I have also received some lovely design projects from Barnaby and Odile too! 

The maths reasoning coming through is amazing and I love the photos of you all using clocks to help you learn the time. When you come back you won't need to ask me how long until lunch - you can take a sneaky peek yourself! Do check the subject pages as there is stuff going up daily. 

Remember, you are giving yourself housepoints now! The amount will be listed on the side of the home learning sheet. If I see anything particularly amazing, I will still be handing them out.


Have a great day!

Mr Harney

Tuesday 31st March

Good morning 3DH!

Another fantastic day ahead and well done on an amazing day yesterday!

I have received so much work again and all of it is looking great. There are more chapters available from toady for Danny the Champion of the World and we are drawing cubes in art. Once you have learnt how to draw a cube, maybe you could send in your creations. In 2 weeks time, we will be starting a bigger project so make sure to check the daily learning sheet to see what you need to do before then. Remember to keep exercising and thank you to Anouk, Max and Barnaby for sending their photos in. Thank you to everyone who has emailed in this week - it has been great to hear from you all! Keep it up 3DH, you are doing so, so well and I know you can do this! Talk to you soon,


Mr Harney

Shooting up like a rocket!

Max's seeds have sprouted and are well on their way to becoming fully grown plants!

birthday fun!


Sienna having a lovely time on her birthday! What an amazing Worst Witch costume!

Monday 30th March

Good morning 3DH!

First things first, I know that someone had their birthday over the week end so HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIENNA!!! We all hope you had a lovely time! Please do message in if your birthday is coming up. 

So this is the start of the second week of home learning. You have made a very strong start so we need to keep this going. I have already received so much work which will be going up on the website during the day so keep your eyes open. TOP TENS will be up from 12pm so come and see if you made it on to the lists.

The winner of the Front Cover Competition was Ava with her brilliant forest scene. Well done Ava - great work! 50HP

.....and the winner of the reading photo competition was Anouk. What a great place to read! 50HP

Well done to everyone who entered. Please feel free to send in your covers and photos if you would like to.

Have a great day and I will talk to you soon!





It has been a really tough choice this week because so many members of 3DH have been absolutely amazing, but 2 children stood out for showing courtesy, care and kindness and being the best you can be.

So, well done to Max for showing courtesy, care and kindness by offering to help vulnerable people within his community. It is a very brave and kind thing to do, especially during these tough times.

Well done to Olivia for hitting the ground running and trying to be the best she can be. The quality and the amount of work that you have achieved in your first week has been magnificent- keep it up!

TOP TENS will be up from Monday, so make sure to check in to see if you made it. The best book cover and best place to read will also be announced on Monday so there is still time to enter! So many fantastic entries already!

Have a lovely weekend 3DH, you have earnt it! See you all again on Monday! Oh, and please send in photos of what you have done over the weekend!


Friday 27th March

It's Friday! Well done to everyone, you have nearly completed your first week of home learning! Today is the big science and geography quiz and judging by the work that has been coming in, you will all enjoy this one! Talking of quizzes.....Sammy has made a quiz about The Incredible Bulk - you can download it at the bottom of the reading page. Let us know how you get on! The quality of the work and the amount I have received this week is absolutely AMAZING!!! You have set the bar very high but then I wouldn't expect anything less from my 3DH superstars. Madame Gulland has a message for you and that will be up on the main page soon. We need to get Mr Gilbert to make us a French page to show off all our lovely language learning!

Bright Spark of the Week will still be happening, so check back on the main page at 4pm to see who has won it this week!

Keep sending in your Front Covers and I would love to see all the places you have been reading! Check out the Competitions page to see what your classmates have been up to!

I have had some lovely emails coming in from pupils so don't be shy, get in touch! It really does cheer all us teachers up to hear and see what you have been up to!

Oh, and one more thing.....please send in photos of what you have been up to at the weekend! I hope you all have a relaxing and restful weekend but FIRST, one more day of home learning to do! YOU CAN DO IT 3DH!!!!!


Guinea PIGs!

 Aida has made a fantastic fact file all about guinea pigs! What great pets they make! 20HP

Living the life!

A great letter here from Max! Sounds like a fantastic way to spend a day! You might of just saved my Saturday - thanks!

20 HP


I miss not seeing you all on a Monday but I'm sure you're enjoying the time away from school

Remember, we have been looking at colours, numbers, greetings and classroom instructions.  I had planned to make an Easter card together in French, finding the words for rabbit, chicks, eggs, lambs and others.  This may  be something you would like to do.

We were going to look at the weather for the various seasons and make a weather booklet.  This could be a fun exercise because our weather is so changeable.

Duolingo is an excellent site to help with the learning of a language.  You can listen to how the words are pronounced and see what you can remember so far.

Look after yourselves and I will be so excited to see you and to hear you all speaking in French when we meet up again! 

Madame Gulland


Someone has a new BED!

Wow Sienna! What a lovely new bed! The perfect place to get lots of sleep ready for home learning!


Thursday 26th MARCH

 Good morning 3DH!

 I have had so much work come through that we have changed the website to fit it all on! If you look over to the right, there is a title called 'Also in this section' - it then has a list of all of our subjects plus competitions and top tens! From today onwards, all the work that goes up will be going into each subject area. So, if you send me in some map work, it will go under 'Geography'. If you send me in a skeleton diagram, it will go under 'Science'. Make sure to check it out and see how the rest of our class are doing. I'm really enjoying all the photos you've been sending in so please don't stop! I will still be posting messages, housepoints and photos on the main page, so keep checking back here as well.


Your school emails should be up and running and there is an update from Mr Gilbert above as to how to use them. Any issues, message me and I will try and sort it out. Have a fantastic day 3DH, you are all doing so well and I am so very proud of all of you. Oh, one more thing...Star of the Week will be happening tomorrow so if there is anything you are particularly proud of then please send it in!



Look who it is! It's Madame Gulland! I wonder what she could be saying?! Don't be shy - send her a little note and show off all that amazing French you have learnt. You will be sure to make her smile! Her email address is below: 


Cover that curriculum!





Wednesday 25th March

Morning 3DH!

Well, I have had so much fantastic work come through this morning that I have a HUGE smile on my face! I can't wait to see what you get up to today! Remember, if you find any of the work tricky then just get in touch - I am here to help you! A new book starts today called 'The Incredible Bulk' - you won't believe what happens! 2 days to go until the big quiz so there is still plenty of time to get some practise in! 

Have a great day 3DH and I will talk to you soon


Courtesy, Care and Kindness

Well done Max for showing courtesy, care and kindness to his local community. Max has made some fantastic leaflets asking people if they need his help in this tricky time. Congratulations on your Gold Award for using the Bright Sparks code to help others in need. Mr Jolley was very pleased! 50HP


Fun in the sun!


'COT' IN The act

Who is this Roald Dahl fan reading underneath a cot??? It looks very cosy! Hold on a minute........It's Anouk! What a fantastic place to read! 20HP! 

Can you think of somewhere even stranger to read??? Send in your photos!!!



Some great reasoning here from Mehmet, correcting Mr Gilbert's mistakes! Very neat presentation as well - 20HP!

Tuesday 24th march

Good morning!

I'm really looking forward to seeing all the fantastic work that you do today! I received some amazing work yesterday which will be on the website later this afternoon (2.30), so pop back on here if you want to have a look. I wonder where the most unusual place to read will be?! You're a creative lot, so I can't wait to see those photos! Please send in your drawings of that greedy baby Humbert and I'm very excited to read your character descriptions. Top Tens are up - well done everyone who managed to get on there! Make sure to do your 30 minutes exercise in the morning - I've dusted off my exercise equipment so we can get fit together! Send in your photos and I will show Mr Quick how hard you are all working. Also, we have a science and geography quiz coming up on Friday, so squeeze in 10 minutes practise of each. Keep it up 3DH, an amazing start to home learning!



A Lovely Letter!

Max has sent me in a fantastic letter telling me all about the fun he and his family had on Mothers Day! The cakes sound amazing and the paper plane race sounds very exciting! Keep up the brilliant work Max! 20 HP


Marvellous Multiplication

Some very neat and accurate work here from Sienna! Great stuff! Maybe you could make Chesswood cards and test your mum? I wonder who else in 3DH knows their multiplications??? 20HP



A lovely front cover from Freya - very 1990s! Loving the tiger and the Domino's logo - my favourite is BBQ chicken! 20HP

Get your front covers in 3DH so we can start showing them off!


Fruity Fun!

I watered the strawberry plants last night and whilst doing this, I noticed that two more flowers have appeared! I wonder what this could mean???


Humbert the greedy baby!

Well done Idahlia - A fantastic drawing of Humbert the greedy baby! I hope he doesn't eat the person he is holding! 20HP


....and here is Humbert 20 years older with a fantastic character description! Amazing work Idahlia - keep it up! I'm loving the Chesswood uniform at home as well. Great stuff! 20HP


A great diary entry here from sienna. Even though things have changed for the moment, it sounds like she is having lots of fun with her family! 20HP

Monday 23rd march

Happy Monday 3DH!

I hope everyone is having fun learning from home! I'm already starting to receive pictures of people's fantastic work - so don't be shy, send it over! The children that are in school today are working amazingly hard and have produced some brilliant work. We have planned our stories and been read to by Mr Gilbert - I can't believe how greedy that baby was! Top Tens should be up shortly - thank you to Mrs Hills for organising those. Keep tabs of any house points you receive and we can add them up when you get back. Remember -we are 3DH, so we work hard to support and take care of each other. This means we need to stay in touch regularly, celebrate each other's work and listen to our parents and carers at home. Talk to you soon.

Mr Harney

top tens - well done!


 House points

You will still be getting house points for all your fantastic work. 

I would recommend making a house point card at home or recording them on the last page of your orange book.


Front Covers

Well done Sienna - a fantastic front cover! 20HP

We will be doing ours this afternoon, so check back later to see our ones!



There is no stopping Freya - some amazing reasoning to spot the mistakes!


I'm very excited to see how Idahlia's story turns out! What an exciting plan she has made!

AR Quizzes passed today

Odile, Freya, Olivia - well done! 20HP


AR targets passed

Odile, Freya, Sammy, Aida, Zac, Barnaby, Samuel, Ava - well done! 100HP