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3LB - Ash




Thank you to Mila who sent in this wonderful piano duet! I hope you are all singing along! 50HP Mila!

Tuesday 14th July

Good Morning, everyone! How are you today? It's another bright and beautiful Tuesday, and another great day for your home learning. Which tasks have you done so far this week? I've had some wonderful Maths work come in to me, so I'm very pleased that you are still working hard and practising your maths skills and topics. 

I also had this wonderful photo in from Sophie. It shows all the Home Learning books she has filled up over the past few months. I think we can all agree she has worked exceptionally hard at home, showing a fantastic independence with her tasks. 100HP!

Monday 13th July

Happy Monday, everyone! Welcome to the last week of home learning, the last week of the term and the last week of Year 3! I can't believe how quickly it's gone. I'm so impressed with how so many of you have been working hard this term, even though it may be challenging circumstances.

It was lovely to see Sienna in school today, and I'm enjoying hearing about all those wonderful activities some of you are enjoying at home. Matilda sent me a brilliant video of her skateboarding! What amazing balance! 50HP!



Friday 10th July

Good morning, 3LB! I hope you are having a fantastic day so far. It's almost the weekend and then just one more week until the end of term. Can you believe it? 

Remember to check the Top Tens and email me with any work you have done, or letting me know some of the tasks you have been doing this week. Did you enjoy our Guided Reading book of 'Bad Dreams'? Let me know when you've taken a quiz on it!

Thursday 9th July

Good morning everyone! I hope you had a lovely day yesterday, as we're creeping towards the end of the week. Did you watch Miss Varley's fantastic video on your class page for September? She is a wonderful and lovely teacher and I know she can't wait to have you all in her class. Remember to email her your postcard, so she can start to get to know you all! Matilda and Sophie shared their amazing efforts with me, and have sent their one to Miss Varley already. 30HP!


Wednesday 8th July

Hello on this slightly rainy Wednesday morning! We won't let the weather stop us though, as we've got a great day of home learning ahead of us. My day has started excellently already as lovely Mrs Lulham from Year 5 shared some home made biscuits with me. They were delicious!

Remember today is transition day, so go and check out the class pages for 2020-21. I will be terribly sad to see you all go, but your new teacher is wonderful and I will still see you around the school which will be terrific!

Well done to all those people still persevering with their Maths. Robert is a brilliant example, and has kept up his daily tasks, sending them into me, and completing them with his best effort. Well done, Robert! 30HP!


It was also lovely to hear from Chloe yesterday. She's been telling me all the wonderful activities she has been up to, including making cakes and ping pong! She has also been doing some excellent reading. 30HP Chloe! She's used an e-book which is a brilliant idea to get a range of books that don't take up that much space! Whether you have an e-book or an actual book, it's great that so many of you are keeping up with your reading. We've only just got over a week to go to meet our targets, so see how close you can get! You've still got plenty of time to take a few quizzes. Remember you can look back and rewatch the videos of the stories that Mr Harney has been reading too! Next week, there will be some short stories as part of your Guided Reading, so some excellent opportunities to take some last minutes quizzes!


Have a wonderful day, everyone!

Tuesday 7th July

Good Morning, Everyone! We're now less than two weeks to go to the end of term! I know you've all been working hard and are tired, but keep going! To keep my energy levels up for this final part of the term, I'm making sure I'm going for at least an hour walk every day, drinking plenty of water and having lots of yummy fruit and vegetables to snack on and reading a little every day to help relax. What are you doing to stay motivated and energised? Let me know!

Seeing all your wonderful work helps inspire me too. I was sent these brilliant front covers for your writing task this week, showing all the excellent things you have experienced and done at school or home learning this year. Well done Matilda and Sophie. They are brilliant! 30HP!


Friday 3rd July

Happy Friday everyone! Who's looking forward to the weekend? Only one more home learning day to go before you can take a well deserved rest. Remember to check the Top Tens this week! There are only two more weeks to go, can you make it on to the lists? Can you make it higher? Can you retain your lead if you are already at the top? Remember to have a go!

How did you do with your spelling test this week. Robert has sent me his test in, and I'm so thrilled that he has received twelve out of twelve! He must have really worked hard on his spellings. What a fantastic effort! 30HP!


Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Thursday 2nd July

Hello everyone! I hope you're well and ready for some learning! Have you been enjoying the fairytale storyboard task? Let me know which story you chose, or send me in your completed one. I'd love to read it and see the wonderful pictures you've drawn to accompany you're writing. If you're unsure about the task, then send me an email and I'll see if I can help you!


Wednesday 1st July

Good Morning, Everyone! Wow! I can't believe it's already July! We're also almost halfway through the week! 

I've got some brilliant photos through of some of the activities you have been taking part in. Mayia has been working really hard at her Maths at her learning station, with a little help from her cat, Jura! 30 HP for you both!


Sophie has been to Roundstone to pick some of her own fruit! Those strawberries look delicious, Sophie. 30HP for sending me in this lovely picture and making me very jealous!


Are you enjoying the DT this week? It's fantastic that it is linking with our learning in Maths too! Matilda has sent through these wonderful 3D shapes that she has made. 30HP!


Monday 29th June

Hi everyone! Only three more weeks left before the end of term! Thank you to everyone who has responded to the request I posted on Friday for the Year 2 children.

Well done to everyone who has sent me in some fantastic history work. Harvey even typed up his information about Julius Caesar. Great work, Harvey! 50HP! 


Friday 26th June

Happy Friday, Everyone! Today at school we had a game of socially distanced cricket. We thought we'd put our skills we had been practising all week to the test! It was 3LB against the Rest of the World (children from 3ML, 3MH and 3DH). There was a strong showing from our class, and Cleo, Zoe and Maiya made an amazing effort, but unfortunately the Rest of the World team came out on top. All players gave their all and we really enjoyed the game!

I've also got to ask for your help today. You may have seen it on the home learning, if not please see Mr Gilbert's message below.

Watch Mr G’s introduction video.



In September, you will move up to Year 4 and current Year 2’s will be coming to Chesswood to be the new Year 3’s – We’ve got a very special job for you, you are the only people in the school who were in their shoes this time last year… the only people who will truly know how they are feeling right now!


Can you remember feeling worried/nervous/anxious/excited/scared at this time last year?


We would like you to either: Write a message or record a short video clip (no longer than 2 minutes) for the Year 2 children to read/watch before transition day on Tuesday 30th June and before they come to Chesswood in September – your message/video will be put on the Chesswood website for Year 2’s to see!


Think about what you would have liked to be told about Chesswood before joining… perhaps you could tell them what your favourite subject is and why? What the teachers at Chesswood are like, what our playground looks like now with all the new painted games, the amazing resources we have (like all our reading books, the computer suite, iPads, DT room, Music room, PE equipment, art and science equipment), you could talk about the uniform and how long it took you to get used to it, if you started with an elasticated tie or not (they may be panicking if they don’t know how to tie a tie yet!)


These are just some ideas, I’m sure you’ll have lots more! Welcome them and tell them how excited you are to have them joining our school – all those new friends to make, some you will already know from your previous school!


Please email your message/video directly to Mr Gilbert before Tuesday 30th June:








Thursday 25th June

Hello everyone! Is anyone else melting into a puddle? It has been so hot today! In school, we have made sure we kept taking drinks of water, kept to the shade as much as possible outside, wore suncream, and put on a sun hat if we had one. Make sure you're keeping yourself cool at home!


Reading Target update! Well done to Dylan, William and Maiya who are still on track to meet their target! Well done! 30 HP! Cleo, Sienna and Ava met their's last week, but are still keeping up with their reading. 40HP! A special well done to Matilda who has now met her target. That's brilliant! 100HP!

Everyone keep sun safe. Here's a picture of Maiya's cat who is sensibly staying in the shade!


Tuesday 23rd June

Good afternoon everyone! Isn't it hot today? I hope you're all keeping sun safe and having a fantastic day.

I'm really enjoying the history tasks this week. Are you enjoying learning about The Romans? It's great that you are having a go at timelines, and showing your understanding of chronology as well. I was spent this lovely example by Matilda. 30HP!


Monday 22nd June

Happy Monday, Year 3! I hope you had a lovely weekend! Have you checked the last Top Tens yet?

This week at school we are taking part in the School Games, and this week it's Cricket and Stoolball. Have you been taking part in this? Watch the video below and give it a go!




Thursday 18th June

Hello 3LB! How are you this slightly rainy and damp day? I've checked your reading targets, and some people are doing brilliantly. Robert, Dylan, William, Maiya and Matilda are on track to meet their target by the end of the half term. Great! 20HP each! Keep going with your reading; you're doing so well! 

Sienna and Ava have both met their targets already! That's wonderful! What a fantastic effort! 40HP plus your 100HP for meeting your target!

Cleo has been doing some amazing reading and is book superstar! She has already met her target 3 times! What an outstanding achievement! She gets 300HP for meeting her target three times, and an extra 50HP for doing it so quickly.

If you haven't taken a quiz yet or aren't meeting your target by next Thursday, I'll contact you just to make sure there are no problems that I can help with to support your reading. You can email me to tell me all about your reading in the meantime!

Remember, reading is an excellent independent task you can do at home! Try to get in at least 30 minutes each weekday. You may even catch up with Cleo's brilliant effort!

Wednesday 17th June

Good Morning 3LB! We're almost halfway through the week! You are all doing fantastically! What has been your favourite task so far? I must say, I'm very impressed with some of the fraction work that has been coming through. Well done to Robert and Sophie for their amazing efforts, and showing clear understanding of the topic. 30HP!


It's Reading Target updates tomorrow! Hopefully you've all taken a quiz by this point in the half term (unless you are reading a super long book! Email me and let me know all about it and tell me if you are enjoying it!).

Tuesday 16th June

Hello everyone! Are you all enjoying the beautiful weather? I'm so pleased that people have been visiting the River Adur to help with their geography. It really is a fantastic walk, especially if the sun is as glorious as it is today. Thank you very much to Sophie who sent me this wonderful photo of her Adur walk. 30HP!


Are you enjoying the new book in Guided Reading? It very different to the last story, but I think it's great! I've already received some excellent work based on the book. Matilda sent in this fantastic robot! 30HP!


Friday 12th June

Happy Friday, everyone! Can you believe it's the end of the week already? I don't know about you, but I'm definitely ready for the weekend. Though I've had a lovely time in school this week with Maiya, Ryan, Zoe and Henry from our class, and also teaching some other children from 3ML, 3AG, 3MH and 3DH. 

Remember to check the Top Tens. A fantastic effort from a lot of people this week. What exciting activities are you doing this weekend? Speaking of exciting, Dylan has sent in this excellent video of his science experiment. He's made a wonderful lava lamp! 50HP, Dylan!





Thursday 11th June

Hello 3LB! How are you all today? Have you been doing lots of Reading? I was so pleased to hear from Cleo this week, who has been telling me all about the 'Harry Potter' series she is reading at the moment. I love Harry Potter, so I was thrilled to hear this! They are some of my favourite books, and ones I could read again and again! 20HP for giving your opinion so brilliantly, Cleo!

We've now finished 'Fantastic Mr Fox'. Did you enjoy it? Remember to take a quiz on AR for the book! You can always go back and watch some of Mr Harney's chapters if you missed any. I've checked the Reading Targets and there are a few people already on track to meet their target. A very well done to Sienna, Dylan, Sophie, William, Ava and Matilda! 30HP for making an excellent start to your reading. Everyone else, you still have over 5 weeks to go, but make sure you don't leave it too long to take quizzes!

I received this lovely description of a fourth farmer from Henry today, as part of your writing task. Well done! 30HP!


Wednesday 10th June

How is everyone today? Unfortunately the weather hasn't been the best today, but we did a virtual look and walk around the River Adur in school, so no soggy socks! Have you completed the Geography task yet? Google Earth is a great way to see all the human and physical features surrounding the river.

Dylan has gone one better, and actually went for the walk around the river. This would have been a great way to see all the features, and to keep active as well! Excellent work, Dylan! 30HP


Dylan's wonderful photos reminded me of when I went to try out the walking route at the River Adur before Year 3 went last year. I took my dog, Elsa, with me. She seemed to really enjoy it, but she's sticking her tongue out at me in this photo! What a silly dog! Remember you can send me in some photos of your work (thank you so much to those who are; it's wonderful to see) and on any places you have visited when keeping active! 

Reading Target update tomorrow! 


Tuesday 9th June

Hi Everyone! I hope you are having a fantastic day with this beautiful weather. Today at school, we have been writing some character descriptions of our farmer to fit the story of 'Fantastic Mr Fox' and doing some of the P.E challenges! Our best time for the Agility Shuttles was Ryan with an amazing 20 seconds! How have you done with the activities this week?

I am so pleased that I'm still in receiving some fantastic photos of your learning, and I'm really impressed with the creativity. Mila has been learning her spellings using graffiti words outside. These look fantastic, Mila! 30HP!

Monday 8th June

Bonjour 3LB! I hope you had a really great weekend, and are enjoying this week's learning so far.

At school, we're excited to do the P.E challenges and see if we can beat our times later on in the week. I'll take some photos tomorrow and show you how we are getting on! 

Are you still keeping organised with your home learning. I know it can be tricky, but remember to create a timetable for yourself and tick off your tasks! Robert's still looking very organised and focused at his workstation. Great job! 30HP!



Thursday 4th June

Hi 3LB! How has your day been today? It's Thursday which means it's our first Reading Target update of the half term! It is very early on, I know most people may still be reading a book they started at the beginning of the week, but some fantastic readers have already taken and passed quizzes! A huge well done to Maiya, Henry, William, Dylan, Sienna, Ava and Matilda who are off to a flying start already! 30 extra House points for your amazing reading!

Have you enjoyed writing the persuasive letter this week? I think it would be amazing if Charlie could be our school dog. What reasons have you included to help convince Mr Jolley? Ben has sent his letter through already. Great work, Ben! 30HP!


Wednesday 3rd June 

Good afternoon 3LB! I hope you're having a fantastic day! We're flying through the week! It's not as sunny today, but hopefully you are keeping yourself occupied with your brilliant home learning.

Ava sent me a fantastic poster for how to stay safe when emailing. It has some wonderful reminders on it. 30HP, Ava. Remember you can email your friends in Year 3 using your school email! You can also email me with your work, or just a message with what you have been doing that day. I really love to read all about the different tasks and activities you have completed!

Tuesday 2nd June

Hello everyone! How are you today? It's only one day in to the half term and I've already received some fantastic work you have completed! 

Thank you to Sophie, who has got off to a flying start with her Maths. Brilliant fraction work, Sophie! 30HP!


Matilda looks like she is really enjoying the reading of 'Fantastic Mr Fox, and showing a wonderful understanding with her task today! 30HP!


Mila has been feeling very creative and used finger painting to create this beautiful picture of her family. It's lovely, Mila! 30HP


Monday 1st June

Welcome back 3LB! I hope you had a fabulous half term and are rested, relaxed and ready for another week of Home Learning.

Remember your Reading Targets are reset again, so make a good early start with your reading to reach it. What books have you been reading lately? I'm so happy we are hearing 'Fantastic Mr Fox' in our Reading lessons; it's a brilliant book!

Dylan's had a very busy half term. His family have visited the beach, Marine Gardens, Lancing Ring and Borde Hill Gardens. They've also been growing some fruits and vegetables in the gardens, and Dylan has now got a cactus he is looking after. Thank you for sending your photos in, 30HP!


Maiya has been practising her origami. It looks fantastic, what a brilliant skill to master. 30HP!

Friday 22nd May

You've done it! We've all got to the end of the half term. Well done for some fantastic Home Learning in the past few weeks. One more day and then you can all have a well deserved rest for a week!

If you would like an activity to do in the holidays then there is a TT Rockstars record attempt going on! See below for all the details.


Send your best entries in to Mr Gilbert ( and Mr Yelling (  We'll post them in our new Hall of Fame.  You can send entries in as many times as you like to us!

For more information click here.


If you do any other activities over the half term then let me know, send me a photo or a video if you can, and I'll post some of them on here on the first day back! Mila's done a great example for us and made some scones. They look amazing, Mila. I have to admit that I always put the cream on first and then the jam, but I know this is quite a fierce debate! 40HP for your excellent baking!




I will post the Top Tens later on today, so keep your eyes peeled! A very well done and 100HP to Maiya who has now met her Reading Target. Can anyone else do the same before the end of today. You've got a few more hours to go!

Have a brilliant half term everyone!


Thursday 21st May

Bonjour, 3LB! Welcome to a wonderful home learning Thursday! First up, we have the updated Reading Targets. Well done to Sophie, William and Ava who met their target in previous weeks. 20HP for keeping up with your reading! An extra special well done to Cleo, Dylan, Lochlan and Mila who met their target twice this half term in previous weeks and are still carrying on their reading! 40HP!

Well done to Ben and Henry who have now met their target! Great work you two! 100HP!

We have another reading superstar this half term, as Matilda has now met her target three times! WOW! 200HP Matilda!

Remember you still have today and tomorrow to go to meet your, so take your quizzes if you haven't yet!

Thank you very much to Sophie who sent me this beautiful picture which is coloured wonderfully. 30HP for all your effort Sophie and for the thoughtful message. I've also snipped and included a still from Cleo's lovely powerpoint she sent me the other day. Thank you Cleo! 30HP! I'm going to print them both out and put them on my fridge at home! 

Wednesday 20th May

Good morning 3LB! Happy Wednesday! This is always the tricky day isn't it? You're doing so well though, and we will be over halfway through the week by the end of the day, so keep going!

Remember it's important to keep active and do a range of tasks you can feel proud of achieving.

Sophie has been practising her times tables in a range of ways. TT Rockstars is great to use, but there are different methods and games you can play too. You can get the rest of your family involved as well if they are able! Sophie completed the times table wheels and played a game with her mum. Great work, Sophie! 30HP. How are you learning your times tables?



As well as tasks like times tables, you can also get creative. There is a lovely Art task this week on the home learning sheet, or you can continue to be inspired by the nature around you. Mila made some nature magic wands before going to woods! What a lovely and creative activity, Mila! 30HP!


Tuesday 19th May

Hello everyone! I hope you had a great day yesterday. Thank you so much to Cleo who sent in this beautiful drawing for the NHS (I do love a unicorn!) and who also sent me a lovely powerpoint which has absolutely made my month! That was so kind of you, Cleo! 50HP!

Sophie has carried on being wonderfully inspired by the Science task last week, and made some fantastic art using natural resources. This looks so creative, Sophie! 30HP


Dylan and his family went for a lovely walk in Worth Park. They saw some excellent wildlife and this beautiful, carved tree. Dylan and his mum have also set themselves a 30 day skipping challenge. A great idea to stay active. Do you have any competitions or challenges going on in your family? Let me know!



Monday 18th May

Good Morning 3LB! Happy Monday! It's our last home learning week before half term, so lets make it an amazing one. That also means you have one more week to meet your reading target. I'll do a final update on Thursday so you'll still have a day after to take a few more quizzes if you need to.

Remember you can take a quiz on the books that we have been reading with Mr Harney. If you can't remember what has happened, or you missed a part you can go back and watch the videos. Robert is showing a brilliant example of this. 20HP!




I have loved receiving all your tasks and wonderful photos and videos through. They really do make me smile and make me feel very proud of you all. I will start to post some of your brilliant Magic Box poems from today in the English Writing section, so keep a look out later! I'm really excited by this week's writing task. Even though the weather is sunny outside, I'm looking forward to imagining a snowy winter scene!


Friday 15th May

Good Morning everyone! Happy Friday! One last day of home learning for the week before relaxing over the weekend.

Have you written your Magic Box poem? We're really enjoying this task in school, I hope you are at home too; it's lovely to imagine all the wonderful items you can include in your magic box. Send me through your poem if you haven't already! I'd love to read them all!

In school, Maiya wrote a fantastic poem. Did you put anything similar in your writing?


The art for Science work sent in has been fantastic! Well done for being so creative. I loved doing this task when we went to Wakehurst and you clearly were very inspired by the beautiful nature. Have an extra 30HP if your photo is featured below. They are all amazing!

I love Dylan's effort here. It makes me thing of a tropical palm tree! 


Ava's lovely effort involved some of her toys and figures from her house! What a brilliant idea!


Matilda has used some brillinat earthy tones in her creation to really capture the feel and colour of a tree. Great work!


Mila has annotated her picture. What a brilliant idea! I love all the different textures she used in her work!

Remember to check if you are in the Top Tens this week!


Thursday 14th May

Hello 3LB! Firstly, a huge congratulations to Ava, who is our first Millionaire reader in the class! WOW!!! What an amazing achievement, Ava! 200HP!

You've got one more week to meet your reading target! 100HP to Sophie, William and Ava who have met their target now! Excellent work!  100HP to Cleo, Dylan and Lochlan who have met their target twice now! Brilliant! 30HP to Matilda and Mila who have continued to keep reading and past their targets earlier in the half term.

I have received some lovely pictures of the art based Science activity you have done this week, and will post them tomorrow, so make sure you send me your one in if you haven't yet!

Have you been going some interesting walks. Matilda and her family went to Cissbury Ring, which is a very important location for local history. Can you find out why? She saw some beautiful horses there as well.

Wednesday 13th May

Morning everyone! How are we feeling today? I know Wednesdays can be a tricky day, but just think that by the end of it you'll be half way through the learning week! Make sure you plan and then tick off all your tasks for the day, that way you can look back and really feel proud of all the wonderful work you have achieved!

There has been some fantastic work that has come in to me so far for the R.E.

Cleo sent me in her beautiful Rangoli pattern as she thought I would enjoy it and it would make sure I felt cheerful for the day. It certainly did that, and made me smile, so thank you Cleo. 30HP!

Mila not only coloured some lovely Rangoli patterns but also dressed up as well. Great job, Mila! 30HP!

Have you been learning any new skills while at home? It's a great time to try something new. Maiya sent me a picture of an origami crane she made! Fantastic! 30HP!

Have a great day everyone. Remember it's Reading Target updates tomorrow, so take a quiz today if you need to!


Tuesday 12th May

Good Morning everyone! I hope you are all wonderful today and ready for some great Home Learning. Thinking about our Science work this week, I was looking at all the beautiful plants and flowers in people's gardens on the way to school this morning. What plants and flowers do you have growing in your garden? Perhaps you grow some inside instead? Or maybe there are some you like to enjoy looking at while you are out for a walk! 

Zoe has been enjoying thinking about the plants in her garden and how they grow. Great work, Zoe. 30HP!


Dylan went on a walk and took some pictures of some beautiful wildflowers, and even identified them when he got home. Fantastic work, Dylan! 30HP


Tomorrow, I'll post some of your fantastic work on Diwali. I've already received some lovely things through, so pop me a photo in an email if you've done some great work and would like me to see!


Monday 11th May

Welcome to a new week, 3LB! Did you have a lovely three day weekend? How did you commemorate the anniversary of VE Day?

Matilda's dad is in the armed forces and she thoughtfully painted a silhouette of a soldier to put in her window. What a beautiful and poignant image, Matilda. 40HP.

Dylan made flags, decorated his window. He also made trench cake and Spam hash! That sounds fantastic, Dylan. 40HP



Thursday 7th May

Good Morning 3LB! Welcome to the final day of home learning this week! I hope you all have a lovely long weekend and do some fun activities in your home. I'd love to see some pictures if you get up to anything brilliant!

READING TARGETS! - It's that time of the week again. We're now over half way into the half term! Can you believe that? Well done to Robert, Sophie, William, Maiya and Henry who are all on track to meet! 20HP for keeping up with your reading. There are still some people who haven't taken a quiz yet this half term (maybe you're reading a really long book!). If you aren't sure how to access AR at home, then email me or the Year 3 support email (for a very quick reply) and I'll talk you through it.  I'll post Top Tens tomorrow!

We do have some children who have MET their target already! Cleo, Dylan and Matilda met there's last week, so another 40HP to you three as I can see you're well ahead on your reading! 100HP to Lochlan who has now met his target! Brilliant reading, Lochlan! And a very, very special 200HP to Mila who has met her target twice! And she still has two weeks to go! A remarkable effort!

I've had some excellent pictures of cake making in the last few weeks, and now we have a Masterchef battle going on as I'm getting pictures of some savoury cooking as well. Matilda sent me in some fantastic photos of her making a spaghetti bolognaise, using some of her wonderful DT skills to make the sauce from scratch. It looked so yummy that when I saw the pictures I had to make pasta for my tea that evening! I'm sure it didn't taste anywhere nearly as good as yours, Matilda! 50HP!


Wednesday 6th May

Can you believe it's Wednesday already? This week is zooming by! Remember that tomorrow is the Reading Target update and I'll still post Top Tens on Friday, even though it's not a home learning day because of the bank holiday! I've had some wonderful work in the last few days, and really enjoyed teaching at school and looking at all your emails. When I've been at home, I've been reading a little bit of poetry recently. What's everyone's favourite poem?

Lochlan has sent in a video of him doing a wonderful and expressive reading of a poem. Fantastic work, Lochlan! 50HP!




BUTTERFLY UPDATE! - Dylan's butterflies have their wings out and ready to be let free. Aren't they beautiful?


Tuesday 5th May

Good Morning 3LB! Are you having a good week so far? I must say, I'm really enjoying the writing task this week and in school we came up with lots of fantastic reasons for and against setting the animals free from the zoo! What reasons have you come up with so far?

How are you getting along with Duolingo this week? Remember to have a go, if you haven't signed in yet. It really helps recap vocabulary we've done in class and will teach you some new words and phrases too! Email me if you need your password and I'll send it back as soon as I can.

If you are feeling a bit sleepy this morning and need a bit of an energy boost, then watch the video below. Mila has done some brilliant drumming for us, and it has definitely put me in a positive and proactive mood this morning. Thanks, Mila! 50HP!





Monday 4th May

May the fourth be with you! Happy Monday everyone, I hope you had a wonderful relaxing and restful weekend and are ready and eager for another great week of home learning. It's only a four day week, this week. Does anyone know the reason? Let me know if you do! So we're going to work our socks off in those few days! Some great tasks coming up this week!

Have you been growing anything at home, either in a garden or by a window? Alfie has sent me some excellent pictures. He has been growing some sunflowers and a tomato plant! This really ties in to our Plants topic we started in Science last term, and also can fit in with our DT this week as well! Great work Alfie, 40HP!

Friday 1st May

The start of a brand new month and almost the weekend! Let's make this the best day of home learning ever! I will put Top Tens upin their section after lunch, so keep an eye out for them. I'll also be updating some of the other pages with the brilliant work you have been sending in the past few days so make sure you check those!

I've had some fantastic worry dolls in. Well done to everyone who tried really hard with this task. An extra 30HP for all those featured below.

These were Ava's. I love how she has used the lolly sticks to create little arms and legs too!

I love the outfits that Matilda has dressed her worry dolls in, and the imaginative use of materials for their hair! Great job!

Mila had create a lot of worry dolls. They all look unique and created with care and thought. Well done!

Sophie has created her worry doll all from wool! I love this idea! It looks very cleverly made to weave the material so well around your base. Excellent job, Sophie!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Thursday 30th April

Can you believe it's the last day of April today? Do you know which other months only have 30 days? See if you can find out today (email me if you'd like to!) and I will let you know tomorrow.

READING TARGETS - Well done to Cleo and Dylan who have now met their targets on only the second week! 100HP each! Great reading! Matilda is halfway to reaching her target a second time! What amazing work! 50HP, Matilda! Robert, Mila, Maiya and Ava are right on track for meeting their target by the end of the half term. Excellent work! 20HP! Everyone else, make sure you are taking quizzes regularly on AR and see if you can get closer to your target by next week!

I've had some great Science work in so far!

BUTTERFLY UPDATE! Some of Dylan's butterflies have now emerged and are drying their wings.


Ava looks very scientific in her goggles! It's brilliant that she's thinking carefully about safety too. She is doing a sugar stones experiment and will have to freeze the sticks for a week! I'm really looking forward to hearing about the results! 

Sophie has been doing an experiment with some oranges! Great work!

Mila produced an amazing power point, complete with video, all about her Lave Lamp experiment. It's so clearly structures and explained with really impressive results. These are some of the pictures below. Well done for working so hard, Mila!

Well done to all our fantastic scientists in 3LB! 30 extra house points for showing, explaining and presenting your work so amazingly!


Wednesday 29th April

Hello 3LB! How are you today? The weather is a little bit brighter this morning, so fingers crossed it keeps like this for the rest of the day. I've had some lovely pictures of all the worry dolls you have been making. I'm going to post some on this page at the end of the week. They all look great so far; you've clearly spent a lot of time and care when creating them.

Tomorrow is the update for the reading targets, so remember to take a quiz today if you need to! 

I'v also had some fantastic Science experiments in as well, which I've really enjoyed seeing. The task this week was really open so you can do any experiment you would like to. I will post more of them tomorrow, but I want to show you some fantastic pictures that Dylan has sent me.

Dylan has been keeping some caterpillars. I did this with Year 5 a few years ago, and it's amazing to watch theses tiny little caterpillars grown into butterflies who will then fly off when you set them free. You get to see all the processes in between, and it's fascinating to watch.Can you tell what stage they are now from the picture? Great job, Dylan! 30HP!


Dylan has also been combining a little Science and DT. He has built a brilliant insect house. These are amazing to see the animals in action. Excellent work! 50HP, Dylan!

I'm also still getting some great photos of everyone's workstations coming through to me. These are great to see. Having everything around you that you need really helps you focus on your work and keeps you organised. Well done to Robert (great to see you have some water on your desk too!) and to Youssef who are concentrating brilliantly at their learning stations! 20HP!



Tuesday 28th April

Good Morning! A little bit of a soggy start to this Tuesday morning (I'm currently sitting in school with very wet socks!) but I know we're going to have a great day of Home Learning! I'm really enjoying the tasks that we have this week, and some of them definitely get us creative! I've already been sent work for some of the topics this week, and everything is looking great!

I think this is definitely 'curl up with a book' weather! If you usually sit in the garden to do your daily reading, you might want to find a cosy place indoors today! 

I asked for places you read around the house and I had some fantastic ones!

Mila chose to do her reading in a food cupboard! She took a comfortable cushion in as well. At least there will be something close by to snack on if she gets peckish!

Matilda chose to take advantage of the warm weather and glorious sunshine (when we had it!) and sit in her paddling pool to get some reading done. I hope the pages didn't get too soggy! 

Both brilliant ideas, girls! You've shown that you can read just about anywhere! 50HP each!


MONDAY 27th April

Good morning 3LB! We're at the start of a new week already! Well done to all those people who worked super hard on the first week back. I know it can be a little tricky to get back in the swing of things straight after the holidays, but I had some beautiful work in! Hopefully, you're all now into your daily routines (I can definitely recommend making yourself a timetable!) and ready for another week of learning after, what I hope was, a relaxing and restful weekend.

Just a reminder to send me a photo of you reading around the house! Who can come up with the strangest place?? You've got today to send a picture in to me and I'll post some of them in the morning.

I've updated some of the brilliant work you have sent in to me. Check out the Art, Reading, Writing and History pages! 

Have a great day, 3LB! Remember to keep a little bit active as well, even if it is just around your home or garden (if you are lucky enough to have one). Sophie has been hitting balloons on her washing line. What a fun and exciting way of getting active! 30 HP, Sophie!


Friday 24th April 

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you've had a lovely week and are enjoying your day. In school today we did some of the art work, including sketching a bird, cow and tree! Have you tried this? We had some wonderful end results!

I'm going to post this week Top Tens in their section, so go check how you got on! I've also started to receive some pictures of where you read around the house. They're great. You have until the end of Monday and I'm giving 50HP to the best ones!

I hope you all have a wonderful relaxing weekend after working hard all week. Matilda sent a photo of her on her 'break time' from learning. It certainly is different to the break times at school! I'd quite like a canine companion during playtime! You deserve a rest after working so hard, Matilda! 


Thursday 23rd April

Hello everyone! I hope you are having a fantastic day of home learning and enjoying all the tasks. It was fantastic to speak to so many of you yesterday, (and all your mums and dads) and catch up on what you have been doing at home.

READING TARGETS! WOW! Already there are some of you that have passed quizzes and made great strides to meeting your target this term. Really well done to Sienna, Dylan, Sophie, Harvey, Maiya, Henry, Mila, Ava and Isla who all took and passed quizzes this week. 30HP for working towards your target already! A special mention to Matilda who has MET her target and we're only on the 4th day of the term. Fantastic reading, Matilda! What a superstar! 100 HP!

Where do you do your reading at home? Send me a picture of you reading in different places around the house! I'll award 50HP to the best ones and post some. You have until the end of Monday!


Wednesday 22nd April

Happy Wednesday everyone! Almost half way through the week! I noticed there were a few more people that had tried out Duolingo yesterday! Well done! We've still got a few more days before I publish the Top Tens, so that's plenty of time to have a go if you haven't already!

I received some lovely art work yesterday. First from Matilda, who created her collage based on Marc Martin's 'The River'. I loved how she used lots of different materials to create the scene and differnt tones of blue for the river. Beautiful, Matilda!


Mila did a great painting response to the Dance of the Knights, and then to 'No Good Dead' from Wicked (my favourite musical!). Fantastic and creative work, Mila!


Tuesday 21st April

Good Morning everyone! How was your first day back to Home Learning yesterday? I was so pleased to hear from some of you with all the lovely things that you did in the Easter Holidays. Lots of you, like Mila below, took part in an Easter Egg hunt in their garden of homes.

Well done to all those people that did some amazing homework over the holidays. I was checking TT Rockstars and IXL and could see that some of your were getting a little bit of extra practice in. Fab! Remember that you now have new reading targets, so if you didn't meet it last half term you've now got a fantastic opportunity to do it for this one. If you did meet it, can you make an even better improvement with your quiz accuracy and word count this time round? I'll give you an update on targets on Thursday. Some people are already off the mark! Brilliant!

On to the Top Tens, which will be revealed on Friday as usual. I will be adding another category; Duolingo. It will be based on XP gained. I've checked and a few of you have already started with this which is super! It's a great way to practise the French we have already learned in class and learn some new vocabulary too! If you are unsure of your username and password, then pop an email across to me and I'll send it back to you.

Remember you don't just have to send me your work; you can also just let me know which of the learning activities you did today and how many house points you've earned, and perhaps a picture of your favourite task from the day. It's also a great way to keep yourself organised for the day. Henry has a wonderful example below. He sent me his plan for the day, and how many HP he has earned. If you give yourself a time table, like we have at school, it helps to keep focused and organised. It definitely helps me, and it feels great when I can tick off a task as complete! Well done for being so prepared, Henry! 20HP!


How are you all getting on with your P.E? Are you still keeping active in a range of interesting and fun ways? One brilliant way is to do 'P.E with Joe Wicks' every day. Robert was working hard on this yesterday and set me a wonderful little video of himself completing the exercises. 20HP!




Have a wonderful day! I'm looking forward to hearing from you!


Monday 20th April

Good Morning 3LB! I hope you had a cracking Easter and are now hop-fully rested and ready to do some more egg-cellent Home Learning! (I'm sorry for the puns; they crack me up!)

Thank you to those people who sent me in some lovely work they did at the end of last term. I'm ready, eager and waiting to receive more brilliant work and pictures in from you today!

Have you been practising your times tables? Dylan has been working extra hard and doing some more practice in his holidays! 20HP! What different ways have you you been using to learn your times tables?



Friday 3rd April 2020

Happy Friday 3LB! It's the last day of term which means your last day for working your socks off on your home learning until after Easter! 

It's also Top Ten day, so check the page to see who made the lists this week! 

Over Easter, please do keep sending me pictures of the lovely activities that you are doing at home if you would like to. I'll post a selection of them on this page on the first day back so we can share what we did in our holidays.

Have a restful and relaxing Easter!


Thursday 2nd April 2020

We're flying through this week! I hope everyone is enjoying their Home Learning tasks this week. I'm really gripped by 'Danny The Champion of the World'.

Today,I've got a wonderful message from someone really important below!



It was amazing to hear from Miss Hume. Isn't her dog lovely? Are you making any videos? Remember the Chesswood TV Challenge that is on your Daily Learning sheet! Send any videos to Mr Gilbert, but please copy me in! I'd love to see them!

It's great to see some of you keep in touch with each other as well. I know a lot of you have been writing emails which is a fantastic way to keep in contact, as well as practise your Computing skills. Henry, Sophie and Ben have even been video calling! How wonderful! 10HP each!

Reading Target Update! I will post these on the Reading Page as well. Remember you still have one more day if you haven't reached your target yet!

Well done to Ben, Alfie, William, Harrison Zoe and Harvey who have all met their target! 20HP!

Rocco, Sophie, Ryan, Isla, Cleo, Dylan and Matilda have all met their target twice. What fabulous reading! 30HP!

Maiya and Lochlan have met their target three times! What superstars! 40HP!

Mila has met her target four times! That is an amazing accomplishment! 50HP!

Ava has met her target five times! That is some incredible reading! Well done!! 60HP!

However, meeting her target a flabbergasting SEVEN TIMES is Sienna! What a brilliant achievement!! 100HP!

Wednesday 1st April 2020

We're halfway through the week everyone! I can't believe it's the start of April already! The air still feels a little chilly to me, but it's nice having the lighter evenings now the clocks have gone forward. How are you all doing on your time work? 

I'm getting lots of lovely emails in with work and messages. I will make sure they are all updated and on the right page by tomorrow lunchtime if you want to spot your work! Remember if you have any urgent questions or need support for a task you are doing and want a quick response then you or an adult at home can email and they will get back to you very quickly, but keep sending your work and lovely messages to me. You clever lot are taking some my job away from me as well, as you can now assign yourself most of your house points! They are all written on the daily learning sheet so you know how much you get for each task! I still want to see your lovely work and receive your wonderful messages though so keep emailing through. Even if you don't take a picture of your task, you can let me know which ones you did that day, or send a photo of your daily learning sheet at the end of the day with the tasks you did ticked off!

Reading target update tomorrow!

Tuesday 31st March 2020

Good Morning everyone! Welcome to the last day of March! Do you know how many days are in each month? Well done for getting on so well with the start of your second week of home learning. There's still a few people that I haven't heard from yet, so please make sure you get in touch and send through a picture of your favourite task from the last week!

I want to start reading a new book today, but I'm not sure what to choose! Has anyone got any recommendations for me? Email through any ideas!

I've got some lovely photos through of children working hard at their learning stations. I love all the pink, Mila! You look brilliantly organised too! 20HP! Matilda's got a friend to help her work. Although, I have a sneaky suspicion she wasn't too much help! My dog tries to lay over my laptop when I'm working too! 20HP for keeping so focused, Matilda! Are any of your pets helping with your tasks? 

Finally, Alfie and his mum have created some beautiful pictures of rainbows and put them on their windows so all the people out for their daily exercise can see them. This would absolutely make me smile if I saw this when I'm out on my walk, Alfie. I'm sure it is the same for everyone who walks past. 20HP!


Monday 30th March 2020

Good Morning Everyone and welcome to a brand new week! Did you have a nice weekend? As I couldn't go to the cinema, I took the opportunity to catch up on some films at home. I even had popcorn! I hope you all got a lot of rest and relaxation ready for another week of amazing home learning! I was just astounded at some of the quality I was sent last week. Some people are just so focused and working so hard! Keep sending me your brilliant pieces. I'll keep updating the subjects throughout the day so keep checking there!

If you were one of the people who I didn't hear from last week, then please do email me and let me know all about the fantastic home learning you are doing, and attach a photo if possible! 

The deadline for the book cover competition has passed. I had some beautiful entries and I'm going to mull over today which one is the winner. It's going to be a seriously tricky task! I will let you know tomorrow!


Friday 27th March 2020

Happy Friday, 3LB! What a strange and different week it's been! It's ever so quiet in the year group without you all, and the other classes in Year 3. There are only a few of us in each day! I hope you've enjoyed your first week of home learning? What was your favourite task this week?

It is Friday, so that means Top Tens! I have posted them in the Top Tens section of this page. Well done everyone! Are you going to read them out while doing a marshmallow clap? I hope so! 

I've had lots of lovely pictures through of the amazing work that you are doing. Yesterday I updated the Art, Competitions, Computing, Design & Technology, Reading, Writing, Geography, Maths, P.E, Science and Spelling sections! You lot have been busy bees! I will upload more on those pages throughout the day. Keep sending me your work and please do show me what amazing tasks you've had a go at if I haven't heard from you yet!

Remember the deadline for the Home Learning Book Cover Competition is 4pm today! Please send me your entries if you haven't already!

I hope everyone has a relaxing and enjoyable weekend! Stay Safe!


Thursday 26th March 2020

Good Morning everyone! It's Thursday, so you know what that means? Reading Target Update! Loads of you have been doing some fantastic reading at home; I'm so impressed.

Well done to Cleo, Ben, Sophie, William, Zoe, Harvey, Mila, Harrison, Lochlan and Matilda who have all met their reading target so far this half term. 20HP!

A huge round of applause (are you clapping? I'll see if I can hear you from Chesswood!)for Ryan and Rocco who have met their target twice (30HP boys), Maiya who has met her target three times (40HP) and Ava who has met her target four times! (50HP) Wow! Amazing effort from these children and some super reading! Anyone got any book recommendations we can list here?

Last but absolutely, certainly not least, we have Sienna who has passed her target an incredible SIX TIMES! I'm still picking my jaw off the floor with amazement. You have worked incredibly hard on your reading Sienna. Well done! 100HP!

You'll notice now that on the side of our page now, we have links to different subjects. I'll be posting most of your fantastic work in there and then I'll tell you which sections have been updated on this page. It was getting a bit of a squeeze to fit all your amazing work on this one page! 

I was very impressed with Isla's learning station! She's got all her stationery neatly organised, her globe next to her and is hard at work on her Geography! 20 HP Isla! (And 10HP for Slothie, though he seems to be having a well deserved nap!)

Thank you very much to Sophie (who has a message for all of you).


Wednesday 25th March 2020

Good Morning 3LB! I can't believe we are almost halfway through the week already! What has been your favourite home learning activity so far? I must admit, I can't wait to hear the story that Mr Gilbert reads each day. What have you been reading at home?

I'm so thrilled to have received so much lovely work that you have been doing at home. I can see everyone has been working hard on presentation too. Remember to write neatly on the lines, underline the date and WALT. If you make a mistake, cross out with a pencil and a ruler. Remember how disappointed all our classroom rulers used to get when they weren't used? We had to cheer them all up by promising to cross out with them!

Do you have a learning station set up at home? I find it really helps me make sure I'm organised for the day and keeps me focused. Ava has sent in a brilliant photo of her hard at work on her computer. Fantastic, Ava! 10HP


I think Matilda's learning station is brilliant. She has everything around her that she needs, including resources up on the wall. She's clearly fantastically focused on her learning. Amazing, Matilda! What a Bright Spark! 10HP!

I'm so pleased with all your fraction work as well. I'm seeing you use all your key vocabulary, such as denominator in your reasoning too! That's amazing!


Well done Ava and Matilda for working so hard on your equivalent fractions! 20 HP each!

I have also received some more character descriptions of Humbert, together with wonderfully annotated pictures. These all made me giggle and I loved reading through them!

Well done to Matilda (I love Humbert's grin in your picture!) and Ava (I think a chef is a great job choice!). 20 HP each!

You all have another couple of days to send in your home learning books for the competition. Well done to Sienna and Ava for their excellent covers. Ava's picture is beautifully drawn and I adore the feathers on Sienna's cover! Very imaginative! 20HP, girls!


Bonjour 3LB! Comment ça va? I hope everyone is having a great day so far. I'm so, so pleased to have started receiving in some emails and pictures about what you have been working hard on for the past few days. They have really made me smile.

Henry worked wonderfully on his writing task yesterday, and I heard he got on really well independently. That's amazing, Henry! He also cooked some homemade pancakes. They look delicious! I'm very jealous and my tummy is rumbling just looking at the pictures! Well done Henry! 20HP! Has anyone else been using any of their DT skills in the kitchen?

Sophie sent me a lovely email today, telling me how much she is enjoying her learning even though her little sister can be distracting! Well done for working so hard and keeping focused, Sophie. How is everyone else finding working with their brothers or sisters? Are you helping each other with your work?

Sophie also sent me some fantastic writing! She has completed the daily writing task. Amazing! 30HP! Is everyone else having a go at writing their diary sentences? I would love to hear all about everyone's day! Keep sending in your excellent work!

In school, we had Maiya as our representative for 3LB and she has worked exceptionally hard and produced some extremely impressive work. 50HP for working so hard today! This morning, we all completed a Maths task, matching equivalent fractions and building fraction walls.

We also listened to the second part of Humbert the Hungry Baby, read by Mr Gilbert and found out whether our predictions from yesterday were correct! Did you predict correctly? Did you enjoy the end of the story? We're really looking forward to hearing what Mr G. will read next! Maiya produced a lovely description of what she thought Humbert would be like when he was 20 years old. I think I agree that he may not have changed much! What do you think he will be like?

Remember that Friday is the deadline for sending in a picture of your decorated home learning books! One lucky entry will win a prize! I'll also put up an updated Reading Target list on here on Thursday, just like we have at school. I hope you're all enjoying your reading, I know there are so many of you taking and passing your quizzes! Well done! Keep sending me your work, I really look forward to receiving it!



Monday 23rd March - Good Morning everyone! I've attached the Top Tens for last week below. Well done! I hope you've had a lovely day of home learning. I'm really looking forward to seeing all your wonderful work, so please remember to email it in!

Today in school, we enjoyed listening to Mr Gilbert's video reading of 'Humbert the Hungry Baby' and made our predictions for what we thought was going to happen now. We can't wait to find out the next part of the story! 

We also completed our equivalent fractions investigation in Maths. 

How did you get on with the investigation? If you've done some fantastic reasoning and brilliant examples then send them through!

We also started to decorate our learning books. Zoe has done a beautiful picture on her one (see below). Have you decorated your cover yet? Remember, once you've completed it, send me a photo to take part in the competition. One entry from the class will be chosen as the lucky winner and receive a prize! The deadline is this Friday at 4pm!

Keep being the amazing Bright Sparks that you are 3LB! I look forward to hearing from all of you and I'll post again tomorrow!