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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

3LB - Ash




Thank you to Mila who sent in this wonderful piano duet! I hope you are all singing along! 50HP Mila!


Tuesday 31st March 2020

Good Morning everyone! Welcome to the last day of March! Do you know how many days are in each month? Well done for getting on so well with the start of your second week of home learning. There's still a few people that I haven't heard from yet, so please make sure you get in touch and send through a picture of your favourite task from the last week!

I want to start reading a new book today, but I'm not sure what to choose! Has anyone got any recommendations for me? Email through any ideas!

I've got some lovely photos through of children working hard at their learning stations. I love all the pink, Mila! You look brilliantly organised too! 20HP! Matilda's got a friend to help her work. Although, I have a sneaky suspicion she wasn't too much help! My dog tries to lay over my laptop when I'm working too! 20HP for keeping so focused, Matilda! Are any of your pets helping with your tasks? 

Finally, Alfie and his mum have created some beautiful pictures of rainbows and put them on their windows so all the people out for their daily exercise can see them. This would absolutely make me smile if I saw this when I'm out on my walk, Alfie. I'm sure it is the same for everyone who walks past. 20HP!


Monday 30th March 2020

Good Morning Everyone and welcome to a brand new week! Did you have a nice weekend? As I couldn't go to the cinema, I took the opportunity to catch up on some films at home. I even had popcorn! I hope you all got a lot of rest and relaxation ready for another week of amazing home learning! I was just astounded at some of the quality I was sent last week. Some people are just so focused and working so hard! Keep sending me your brilliant pieces. I'll keep updating the subjects throughout the day so keep checking there!

If you were one of the people who I didn't hear from last week, then please do email me and let me know all about the fantastic home learning you are doing, and attach a photo if possible! 

The deadline for the book cover competition has passed. I had some beautiful entries and I'm going to mull over today which one is the winner. It's going to be a seriously tricky task! I will let you know tomorrow!


Friday 27th March 2020

Happy Friday, 3LB! What a strange and different week it's been! It's ever so quiet in the year group without you all, and the other classes in Year 3. There are only a few of us in each day! I hope you've enjoyed your first week of home learning? What was your favourite task this week?

It is Friday, so that means Top Tens! I have posted them in the Top Tens section of this page. Well done everyone! Are you going to read them out while doing a marshmallow clap? I hope so! 

I've had lots of lovely pictures through of the amazing work that you are doing. Yesterday I updated the Art, Competitions, Computing, Design & Technology, Reading, Writing, Geography, Maths, P.E, Science and Spelling sections! You lot have been busy bees! I will upload more on those pages throughout the day. Keep sending me your work and please do show me what amazing tasks you've had a go at if I haven't heard from you yet!

Remember the deadline for the Home Learning Book Cover Competition is 4pm today! Please send me your entries if you haven't already!

I hope everyone has a relaxing and enjoyable weekend! Stay Safe!


Thursday 26th March 2020

Good Morning everyone! It's Thursday, so you know what that means? Reading Target Update! Loads of you have been doing some fantastic reading at home; I'm so impressed.

Well done to Cleo, Ben, Sophie, William, Zoe, Harvey, Mila, Harrison, Lochlan and Matilda who have all met their reading target so far this half term. 20HP!

A huge round of applause (are you clapping? I'll see if I can hear you from Chesswood!)for Ryan and Rocco who have met their target twice (30HP boys), Maiya who has met her target three times (40HP) and Ava who has met her target four times! (50HP) Wow! Amazing effort from these children and some super reading! Anyone got any book recommendations we can list here?

Last but absolutely, certainly not least, we have Sienna who has passed her target an incredible SIX TIMES! I'm still picking my jaw off the floor with amazement. You have worked incredibly hard on your reading Sienna. Well done! 100HP!

You'll notice now that on the side of our page now, we have links to different subjects. I'll be posting most of your fantastic work in there and then I'll tell you which sections have been updated on this page. It was getting a bit of a squeeze to fit all your amazing work on this one page! 

I was very impressed with Isla's learning station! She's got all her stationery neatly organised, her globe next to her and is hard at work on her Geography! 20 HP Isla! (And 10HP for Slothie, though he seems to be having a well deserved nap!)

Thank you very much to Sophie (who has a message for all of you).


Wednesday 25th March 2020

Good Morning 3LB! I can't believe we are almost halfway through the week already! What has been your favourite home learning activity so far? I must admit, I can't wait to hear the story that Mr Gilbert reads each day. What have you been reading at home?

I'm so thrilled to have received so much lovely work that you have been doing at home. I can see everyone has been working hard on presentation too. Remember to write neatly on the lines, underline the date and WALT. If you make a mistake, cross out with a pencil and a ruler. Remember how disappointed all our classroom rulers used to get when they weren't used? We had to cheer them all up by promising to cross out with them!

Do you have a learning station set up at home? I find it really helps me make sure I'm organised for the day and keeps me focused. Ava has sent in a brilliant photo of her hard at work on her computer. Fantastic, Ava! 10HP


I think Matilda's learning station is brilliant. She has everything around her that she needs, including resources up on the wall. She's clearly fantastically focused on her learning. Amazing, Matilda! What a Bright Spark! 10HP!

I'm so pleased with all your fraction work as well. I'm seeing you use all your key vocabulary, such as denominator in your reasoning too! That's amazing!


Well done Ava and Matilda for working so hard on your equivalent fractions! 20 HP each!

I have also received some more character descriptions of Humbert, together with wonderfully annotated pictures. These all made me giggle and I loved reading through them!

Well done to Matilda (I love Humbert's grin in your picture!) and Ava (I think a chef is a great job choice!). 20 HP each!

You all have another couple of days to send in your home learning books for the competition. Well done to Sienna and Ava for their excellent covers. Ava's picture is beautifully drawn and I adore the feathers on Sienna's cover! Very imaginative! 20HP, girls!


Bonjour 3LB! Comment ça va? I hope everyone is having a great day so far. I'm so, so pleased to have started receiving in some emails and pictures about what you have been working hard on for the past few days. They have really made me smile.

Henry worked wonderfully on his writing task yesterday, and I heard he got on really well independently. That's amazing, Henry! He also cooked some homemade pancakes. They look delicious! I'm very jealous and my tummy is rumbling just looking at the pictures! Well done Henry! 20HP! Has anyone else been using any of their DT skills in the kitchen?

Sophie sent me a lovely email today, telling me how much she is enjoying her learning even though her little sister can be distracting! Well done for working so hard and keeping focused, Sophie. How is everyone else finding working with their brothers or sisters? Are you helping each other with your work?

Sophie also sent me some fantastic writing! She has completed the daily writing task. Amazing! 30HP! Is everyone else having a go at writing their diary sentences? I would love to hear all about everyone's day! Keep sending in your excellent work!

In school, we had Maiya as our representative for 3LB and she has worked exceptionally hard and produced some extremely impressive work. 50HP for working so hard today! This morning, we all completed a Maths task, matching equivalent fractions and building fraction walls.

We also listened to the second part of Humbert the Hungry Baby, read by Mr Gilbert and found out whether our predictions from yesterday were correct! Did you predict correctly? Did you enjoy the end of the story? We're really looking forward to hearing what Mr G. will read next! Maiya produced a lovely description of what she thought Humbert would be like when he was 20 years old. I think I agree that he may not have changed much! What do you think he will be like?

Remember that Friday is the deadline for sending in a picture of your decorated home learning books! One lucky entry will win a prize! I'll also put up an updated Reading Target list on here on Thursday, just like we have at school. I hope you're all enjoying your reading, I know there are so many of you taking and passing your quizzes! Well done! Keep sending me your work, I really look forward to receiving it!



Monday 23rd March - Good Morning everyone! I've attached the Top Tens for last week below. Well done! I hope you've had a lovely day of home learning. I'm really looking forward to seeing all your wonderful work, so please remember to email it in!

Today in school, we enjoyed listening to Mr Gilbert's video reading of 'Humbert the Hungry Baby' and made our predictions for what we thought was going to happen now. We can't wait to find out the next part of the story! 

We also completed our equivalent fractions investigation in Maths. 

How did you get on with the investigation? If you've done some fantastic reasoning and brilliant examples then send them through!

We also started to decorate our learning books. Zoe has done a beautiful picture on her one (see below). Have you decorated your cover yet? Remember, once you've completed it, send me a photo to take part in the competition. One entry from the class will be chosen as the lucky winner and receive a prize! The deadline is this Friday at 4pm!

Keep being the amazing Bright Sparks that you are 3LB! I look forward to hearing from all of you and I'll post again tomorrow!