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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

3ML - Alder

friday 3rd april

So you have almost made it to the end of Week 2 - well done everyone!  After this you can enjoy your Easter break!

I felt special mention had to go to Rowan & Emily this week both of whom have sent me videos in.  Rowan with his magnificent drum solo and Emily reading us all a bedtime story.  Both have now been uploaded to the Music and English reading pages - take a look, you won't be disappointed.

Today is Top 10 day so let's start by celebrating all your hard work and achievements...get ready to log your house points!

Where are the rest of you?  Only read people read and passed a quiz this week.  I challenge you all to try and get on there next time.

Amazing effort Jacob - top of both lists, that's incredible!



Well done to those of you have have also beaten your own individual IXL skills to master target this week.  Lots of excellent focus and determination from many of you to achieve this.  Can you get on the next list?

What a surprise that the TT Top 10 list is full... well done everyone but remember to try a little of everything too!

now for the winner of our reading in an unusual location competition:

It's Alice!! Well done to you - I am not sure it is tenting weather but love the fact that you set up camp anyway!  50HP.

new competition:

'most unusual sporting activity being played'

Now I  have already seen and heard about lots of your sporting activities - including Yoga with Louis, Basketball from Frankie, scooting and Badminton from Max.  So get ready to try something new and send me photographic evidence and you to could earn yourself 50HP.  Good Luck!

Nominations so far...

Alice & Frankie - Joe Wicks Body Coach

Louis -Yoga                                                      Frankie - Biking

Max - Badminton




Last but not least this weeks Bright Spark award goes to:


Last night, I sent an email to those of you who have not yet reached your 100% personal reading target this term.  You still have until the end of the school day to do this - with a little focus and determination I know you can do it!

Who will be on this list today - can you add your name??? 


Can't wait to hear from you... who will be first?