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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School


Monday 25th January 2021

New Daily Teams Meetings

Class pages will no longer be updated by the class teachers. This is due to our new learning expectations, which include a daily Microsoft Teams meeting, 08:45-09:00, to register home learners and prepare them for the day of learning.

To access Teams you need to be logged in to your school email account (Office 365) - for help, click here. Or see the child friendly video for using Office 365 - Outlook email  here.

For help using Teams, click here. Or see the child friendly video tutorial for using Teams  here.

Assessment work

You no longer need to email in evidence of your work on a daily basis - this has been replaced with set pieces of work that will be identified for assessment. Your teachers will tell you which ones these are in the morning Teams meeting and they will be clearly identified on the daily planning. 

To send in your assessment piece, you will usually send an email (ideally from your own school account) with a photo or uploaded attachment of the work. Sometimes, assessment may just be to complete a Microsoft Form or to complete a quiz.

Your teachers would love to respond to all of your emails but that is not possible now. If you do not get a response, and you think you should have (i.e. you asked a question that needs a response), please resend the email with, ‘PLEASE RESPOND’ in the email subject line, this will act as a reminder in such busy times.

Teachers will select samples of work from those entered, to build exemplars of work against the set success criteria at differentiated levels (working towards age related expectations, working at expectations and working at greater depth) to reflect a normal classroom. The work selected will remain anonymous and will focus only on the good examples of meeting the success criteria. Pupils (and families) will then be given the opportunity to self-assess their work against the exemplars to judge how well they are doing and pick out some targets to work on in their next assessment piece.

Enjoy the new learning format.

Mr Yelling

Top Tens Friday 12th March 2021


Top tens


World Book Day

Well done 4OM for all your amazing outfits!

TOP TENS friday 26th february


top tens thursday 11th february

Good morning again! As promised, here are the Top Tens below.

I will be emailing out 'The Three Little Pigs' later on today to those who wanted a part :)

Have a wonderful half term and I look forward to seeing you all the week after next.

Miss O'Leary



TOP TENS FRIDAY 5th February

Good morning home learners! lovely seeing you all as usual this morning. I'm looking forward to finding a little playscript for you to perform for your classmates next week! If anyone else decides that they'd like a little part, please email me - the more the merrier!

I have posted the Top Tens for the week below.

Have a wonderful Friday and a super weekend. I look forward to seeing you next week.

Miss O'Leary


Top tens Friday 29th January

Good morning!

Below are the Top Tens for this week. It was lovely to see you all this morning. Sorry about the difficulties that some of you had getting into the meeting! I'm also sorry that you couldn't hear Supermovers. Teams and video calling is still very much a learning curve for us all!

Don't forget to send me your maths assessment today.

Have a wonderful and restful weekend. I'll see you next week!

Miss O'Leary

TOP tens friday 22nd January

Here are this week's Top Tens! 10 HP for each appearance:



Friday 22nd January

Hello again 4OM,

Well done for making it to the end of another lockdown week! I really am so impressed with all of the wonderful work you've been doing this week - you are all making me very proud!

It's been great talking to some of your parents this week about how you're all getting on and what is working well for you with the home-learning. Betsy has a good tip - she uses a timer for each subject to help her know when it's time to move onto the next 'lesson' so that she sticks to the suggested timetable! Remember - we don't expect you to spend longer than 45 minutes on the Maths - we know this means that some of you won't complete all of the questions and that is absolutely fine!

I'm going to post some Top Tens up later on today so keep an eye out for those. Remember - 10HP for each appearance in a Top Ten. Keep a note of your housepoints for when you return to school.

Check out some of the great work you've been doing at home in the pictures below.

Have a fantastic Friday home learners. I'll catch up with you all next week.

Miss O'Leary 

Wow - what amazing vocabulary Sienna has used here! I love the similes.

Another wonderful poem from Sienna DB. I really like the similes that she's used to describe the cat's eyes.

Isla did a super job with her science - her predictions were correct!


Thursday 21st January

Good morning 4OM,

I hope today has got off to a great start for all of you. It was so lovely to see you all in yesterday's meeting. I enjoyed playing a couple of games with you - we'll try something like that again next week (hopefully we won't lose the sound halfway through!)

Thank you to all of you who are emailing in your work. Don't forget that you can also email in if you're finding something tricky - I will try to get back to you as quickly as possible with advice. I know that your classmates in school have been finding the division quite challenging - how have you been finding it at home?

Efe and Isla have sent in videos of them reading Tennyson's poem - you can see these below. Fantastic effort you two! I'm impressed with how well you've remembered the words. You can also see Isla's certificate for completing 'The Hour of Code' below. Well done Isla!

Finally - Mr Quick and Mr Haggart are hosting a Live Exercise class on Wednesday 27th from 10:55-11:30. You should have already been sent a Teams invite for this. Watch the video below to find out more!

Have a super Thursday 4OM! 

Miss O'Leary







Wednesday 20th January

Good morning home-learners,

I hope  you're all having a wonderful day so far. Thank you for sending in some more of your super work. I have posted pictures of Isla's and Efe's digestive system t-shirts below. They've both done a great job of positioning each part in the correct place. You can also see that Samuel has become a Rock Star - well done! Thank you also to Sienna Du who has sent  in some super similes. I especially like 'pounce like a tiger.'

I'm back in school today and am looking forward to seeing you all very soon at the Teams meeting. Can you bring a piece of paper and a pen or pencil please.

Have a great Wednesday!

Miss O'Leary

Monday 18th january

Good morning 4OM

Have a great day with the home learning. Use the timetable on th year 4 lockdown learning main page to help you plan your learning and I have explained what you need to do today just underneath it.

Check in later to see what has work has been posted on the class pages today.


I'm back and have some fantastic work to share. I have received emails from Sienna DB, Efe, Max, Isla and Freya today with some brilliant work. If I haven't mentioned you and you are not in school today, can you please email me your maths and English tomorrow so I can se how you are getting on.

Anouk has been in touch for some support for her maths, great idea and lovely to hear from you too. If you are struggling, I am here just let me know what you are finding difficult and I will do my best to help you. Please read the introduction to the learning just under the timetable as in there I give some guidance about what you will be doing for the day.

This is Efe using a place value chart to work out the divisions - great method


Isla collecting some ideas for personification in English writing today.
Freya's abstract art with her name - very effective and probably even better when I have worked out how to rotate an image!

Well done to you all,

Miss Monger



Friday 15th January

Good morning 4OM and happy Friday!

Thank you so much for continuing to send in all of your wonderful work. It really has been a pleasure reading all of your legends and I am so impressed with your use of description, your variety of fronted adverbials and clever use of speech to move the stories on. Samuel has really got the writing bug - as well as writing his legend, he has started writing his own story, 'The Time Machine'. Have a read of this below. Hopefully he'll send in the next instalment soon! You can also have a read of Freya's fantastic legend. What amazing description! My favourite line is 'Then out of the fog a shadow approached them'. It adds so much mystery. You can also see some photos of Isla and Sienna below. Isla's workstation looks so serene and peaceful! Such a smiley photo of Sienna!

I hope you're all looking forward to a restful weekend. It's pizza Friday in my house so I'm excited about that!

Missing you all very much.

Miss O'Leary


Thursday 14th January

Hello again everyone!

I hope you've all managed to settle into a routine with your home learning? Email in and let us know what is working well for you. Isla has told us that she's finding the suggested timetable and the videos really helpful which is great to hear. Remember to make sure you're scheduling in regular breaks and exercise too.

Lots of you have been working hard and emailing in with your work - well done! Max sent in his super Geography powerpoint which you can view below. Efe has been emailing in his legend each day and what has really impressed me is that he took on board the advice I gave him in an email on Tuesday about trying to put the reporting clause (the part that tells you who is speaking- said, exclaimed etc) after the direct speech. You can see that he has done this for some of his direct speech in Wednesday's writing below. Well done Efe!

Have a super day 4OM - I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Miss O'Leary


Wednesday 13th January

Good morning 4OM,

How is your home-learning going so far today? I'd love to hear from you! Odile has sent in some of the work she did yesterday. Have a read of her AMAZING story so far. What fantastic description and vocabulary she's used!  I'll post some more pictures as I receive them later on in the day. For now - keep going! I know that you're all working really hard!

Miss O'Leary

Here is Sienna's legend so far. Again, some wonderful vocabulary (aggressive, vicious) and some good fronted adverbials.


Tuesday 12th January

Hello 4OM,

Its the end of another day of home learning and it was wonderful to have work sent to me by Efe, Sienna  and Olivia. Thank you too to Jesse-Lee who has ben working on his maths and sent it to me too. I would really like it if you ALL sent me some of what you are doing - I know you are all out there trying your best! All you need to do is get a parent (or maybe you) to take a picture of your work, or a picture or video of you doing it and email it to me on my email and Miss O'Leary on

Looking forward to hearing from you all tomorrow!


Olivia's legend is coming along really well
I love the concentration on Jesse Lees's face. Keep it up!


Hello 4OM!

Miss O'Leary here. I hope you're all enjoying a productive day of home learning. I've posted a little message to say hello below. I can't wait to see some more of your wonderful work so email in to myself or Miss Monger when you get the chance.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!




Monday, 11th January


Hello home learners!

Welcome to the first full week of lockdown learning. We have changed where you find the work to make it easier, especially if you are using a mobile phone.I also wrote you a timetable so you can plan your day. It has been super busy at school today getting the learning ready for you at home and the children that are in.

I have had some lovely emails in from Freya who had made a very professional looking powerpoint about the Vikings, Max who had read an entire book and realised it was not on AR (Don't worry about that - just read whatever you have that is right for you, Sienna DB who had done so much work carefully cutting and sticking the tasks into her home learning book so neatly and organised that it was a total joy, and Odile who had completed lots of maths and English and had written up a very scientific report with photos all about ice linking to our States of Matter topic. Efe has also been on the home learning and is completing some maths and English. Great stuff.

If you haven't been in touch yet, please send me an email and let me know how you are getting on. I would love to see pictures of your work station! If you need me to explain the task, or extra resources, I can get them for you. Just let me know. I am here to help you.

Miss Monger

One of Freya's powerpoint slides
Fantastic science, Odile!




Due to parents not being allowed to collect children from the classroom, we will be posting the weekly Top Tens onto our class page on a Friday.


Friday 11th December


Friday 4th December


Friday 27th november


Friday 20th november


Friday 13th November


Friday 6th november



Friday 23rd october


Friday 16th October



Meet the teacher - September 2020

Due to COVID restrictions, unfortunately, we cannot meet with parents this year. Therefore, we have produced this video to introduce ourselves, give a brief update on how the start of term has gone and tell you how you can support your child or contact us if you have any queries.




Transition Day - Wednesday 8th July

Good morning new 4OM!

Welcome to Year 4. Watch the transition day video below to learn a little more about myself and Miss Monger. You'll also find out about Year 4 and get the answers to some of your questions. 

Have a go at the Year 3 Daily Learning for our Year 4 Transition Tasks - Miss Monger and I can't wait to see your postcards so don't forget to email them to us here:

If you have any other questions for us, you can also email those. We are so excited about another year in Year 4 with you all and really can't wait to meet you in September!

Have a wonderful summer and don't forget to read, read, read!

Miss O'Leary & Miss Monger