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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

4PB - Laurel


wednesday 1st april

Hello everyone and welcome to April!

Make sure that any housepoints you receive from now on go under the new months heading in your home learning book. I will be adding your best examples of work to the different subject headings on the right hand side throughout today. Keep sending them through to me by email.

I also love seeing you enjoying time in the sunshine in the garden too, these are really cheering me up, so keep those coming as well!

Have a brilliant day.

Mr B.      

tuesday 31st March

Good morning class! Thanks to everyone that has managed to send through some home learning yesterday, it is great to see so many of you producing such good quality work. Some of this will be loaded to the subject pages on the right hand side so do take a look to see what others are up to as well. 

As it it Tuesday, I will also be adding the top tens to the page (see the on the right handside) as well. Remember to record your housepoints in your home learning book if you appear on a leaderboard for last week!

Have a fab day.

Mr B.

Monday 30th March

Good morning 4PB and I hope that you have had a wonderful weekend, enjoying the sunshine before the sleet and hail came down! After an excellent first full week of home learning, I can't wait to see what you can produce this week!

A slight change in how the page will look from now on, you will still see a daily message from me here, in addition to this you'll also see any work that is saved to the site (which from today) will be relocated by subject (just follow the tabs on the right of the page).

Have a great day.

Mr B. 

Friday 27th March

Hello again my wonderful class, I can't believe it's Friday again already!

I hope that you are all doing well, it has been incredible to see so much work being sent through as well as the odd picture of you enjoying the sunshine too. Remember to take the odd break and mentally refresh so that when you are doing your work, you can focus and produce the best quality that you can do.

Due to the amount of work that I have been sent, I can't add it all on every day so I will be choosing my favourite piece that you have sent me and uploading that. Pictures for yesterday are below. 

We also have a message below from Mrs Dale, she misses you as much as myself and Miss Clay do, have a great weekend everyone.

Mr. B 


To Fabulous Laurel Class,

I hope you are all ok and enjoying your learning. 

It’s wonderful to see your excellent work on the class pages that you have sent in to share with everyone and of course to see our class word count getting even higher!

So keep going with lots of reading whenever you can to make Mr Barnard , Miss Clay and myself very proud of you all.

I am missing all your smiling faces,

Mrs Dale.


Here is Melody's home learning book cover with fantastic detail of the jungle vines theme that she was after! Next to this is Chloe's science and maths from yesterday, beautifullly presented Chloe well done.


Fern produced this wonderful cyclinder for art and Hayden has been busy creating adverts.

 A mix of Joseph's different pieces of work from yesterday.


Thursday 26th march

Good morning my lovely class. 

It looks like we are set for yet another sunny day today. I hope that you are remaining active during this time by doing the Joe Wicks PE videos or perhaps playing football or running around the garden to break up the hard work that you are putting in? I am still training hard on my bike either before or after school hours and the sunshine is certainly helping me do this!

I just want to say how amazing it is to receive so many emails of your wonderful work that you are doing, I had so many sent to me yesterday, a selection of which can be found below.

Have a great day and I look forward to hearing from you!

I have also been speaking with Miss Clay who has this message for you:

Miss clay  

Hey 4PB, I just want to let you know that I miss you and I hope that you are all well. Whether you are working hard from home or school, continue being the best you can be and hopefully we'll all be back at Chesswood as soon as possible. I'm working hard from home supporting some children with their learning and also looking at all of the wonderful work that you have been sending in too. Keep it up 4PB, you are doing great :) 

Some more excellent work below


Here is River's home learning station and Zak's home learning book design, 5hp to each of you and thanks for sharing.

Chloe's advert and her work on time.


Fern's spellings, guided reading and written methods.


Joseph's english and maths.


Wyatt's guided reading and his advert.


Emily and Zak using acrostic poems to practice their spellings.


Here is Melody's adverts and River's guided reading. 


Wednesday 25th march

Good morning my lovelies! Happy Wednesday!

The sun is looking like it is set to shine again today, I wonder if you could use your outside space to complete one of your daily learning activities today? I would still love to see some pictures of your work stations at home and don't forget to send me your front cover designs from your home learning books too.

Lots of you have been hard at work which is great to see, there are some pictures from yesterday added below. 

Well done to Joseph for passing a quiz on The Twits this week on AR, I am pleased that you have enjoyed reading the book that I chose for world book day! You can access AR now when learning from home so make sure that you are doing quizzes when you finish a book. Remember that you get 20hp if you score 80% or better! 

Have a great day

Mr B.

Fern has been very busy this last two days, completing all of her work. Keep it up Fern, 20hp!

 It is not just our home learners who are busy, Poppie has been mastering time at school well! Melody also completed the same task from home. Well done to both of you, 5hp!


Here is Joseph's history and his advert as well. Another good day Joseph, well done. 10hp



Tuesday 24th March

Good morning children! I hope that you are embracing the challenge of learning from your home rather than the classroom and that you are enjoying the challenges that we have set you to do. Please don't panic if you can't share your work until later on in the day, or even the day after - it's not a problem, I just want to see your hard work so that I can add it to this page like I have with Joseph's and Hayden's below. I'd also love some photos of your work station or of you reading your books in strange places around the home. 

As it is Tuesday, below are the top tens as normal, please note that this is for the last two weeks as we could not do last weeks together at school. As ever, if you appear on a top ten list you receive 5hps and if you are at the top of a list you get 10hp. Keep a tally of your housepoints on the inside cover of your home learning book.

We have some incredible news to celebrate too, Jacob has become our 4th class millionaire! Great work Jacob that is excellent news to start the day with, what an incredible achievement.

Have a great day everyone.

Mr B.



Good morning 4PB! 

It's Mr Barnard here and I hope that you had a lovely weekend in the sunshine and are excited to start your home learning today!  The Year 4 Team have spent a lot of time making activities for you to get involved in and I'd love to see photos/videos of you doing these and the work that you have done so far.  

I would love to see your learning space at home. Have you made yourself a daily timetable to help you organise your day? Have any of you put your school uniform on so that you feel like you are in our classroom!? 

Your first task is to get your learning book ready. You can decorate the cover today and send a photo in so that I can post them on our class page. When you are doing the work from the daily learning plan, PLEASE remember to write the date and underline it so we can see when the work was done. Just like at school, take care with your presentation as this is your new school book! Even though you don't have squared paper for maths in your book, you can use the lines to help you lay your work out neatly. Remember to use a 6 lines or more rule so you are using all the space carefully in your book.

I look forward to hearing from you all.  Remember to email me with any questions, updates, photos and videos and I will load as many as I can onto this page so we can all see what our class are doing. 

Don’t forget to keep track of your house points – maybe you could tally them up on the inside cover of your home learning book?

I hope that you have a super fun and productive school day, even if you don't get changed out of your PJs!

Bye for now! I miss you all. 

Mr B.


Well done to Joseph for getting his written methods, reading and spellings done today, 20hp!

Well done Hayden for his book design, 5hp!