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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

4SU - Juniper



Ziggy loves his new book and reads it everywhere !


Max the cat (his owner is Alex) enjoying some reading !


friday 3rd april

Good Morning !

Its Friday and the last day of term! Well done 4SU I am so proud of you all and how you have taken on the challenge of home learning. Also a big well done to those who have been coming to school because their parents are key workers you have coped with different classrooms and new class members without a single grumble. 

Happy Easter to you all ! 


Miss Burridge 









Alex has sent in this picture of his beautiful cats! They were a bit naughty this morning and brought Alex some field mice !!

thursday 2nd april

Good Morning ! 

Its Thursday already not long until your Easter holidays! Thankyou for the fantastic work you are emailing me. There is a fun science task for you to do today!

Keep up the reading with any books you have at home, send me photos of you reading to your pets, I am sure Charlie would love to see them! 

Have a great day!


Miss Burridge 


Alex has made an Easter scene using scratch !

    Sid has been working hard on his spelling and maths today!



      Leias Easter scene using scratch, you computer skills better than mine !!


I have learnt how to upload your amazing videos, so enjoy seeing what your friends have been up to!











Wednesday 1st april

Good morning 4SU!

Welcome to April, we did some great learning in March, lets carry on in April and remember to start a new month for your house points! 

I will be putting your work in the folders on the right from today.

Keep sending in the photos of your work, or you doing fun things! I look forward to reading the stories for the writing competition! 

Have a great day!


Miss Burridge 







Todays fabulous home learners !


Gustavs DT!                                          Sid helping to make an apple pie, yum!


Alex has been busy writing about frogs, I always learn animal facts from him! 

Dillan making spelling fun with a game of scrabble! 






Tuesday 31st March

Hello and welcome to Tuesday Holly Class! I hope you've all had your breakfast and are ready for your home learning. You've been sending in some lovely pictures of your hot and cool colour collages - thank you! Some of you get a mention from Charlie Dog today so listen out for that.  Not many of you have been doing quizzes over the last week - remember that you can now do these from home. If you have any questions about this, please do email us. We're here to help! If you are running low on reading material, you could always listen to an audio book. Audible have made most of their children's books free to listen to online for now. You can access these at:

I hope you're all remembering to fit in some exercise as well as all of your marvellous home learning? Your daily PE tasks will definitely help your brain to work better. 

I'm looking forward to hearing from some more of you today. Remember to keep a record of house points while you're at home. 10 hp are awarded for a mention in any of the Top 10s and also 10hp if we post a picture of your home learning up here.

Happy home learning!




Congratulations to my first top 5 

George, Gustav, Miley, Millie-Jai and Rebecca ! 







Monday 30th april 

Good Morning 4SU home learners!

I hope you all had a fun weekend, let me know what things you did. 

We have a fun week of learning ahead, hope you are enjoying listening to the class reader every day.

Its nearly May, can you remember how many days are in April?!

Have a great day , get busy earning house points!!


Miss Burridge 






Thank you to everyone emailing me today to say hello ! 

Nilima made this advert, well done! I hope you are all doing some exercise !

friday 27th march

Good Morning !

Huge well done to 4SU for all the fantastic home learning you have done this week! We made it to Friday and its nearly the weekend ! I have really enjoyed hearing from you all and seeing your photos as I miss all your smiley faces! I love this photo of Alex' cat who is very pleased to have Alex at home all day! Enjoy your weekend do lots of fun things and keep in touch ! 





Hello children.  You should all be familiar with your own individual school email accounts – you have practised using these at school during Computing sessions.  You may not remember how to use these – Mr Miller has written some helpful guidance for you.  Click the image below to see the guidance.  Following this guidance, please ensure by the end of the week (Friday 3.15pm) you have emailed your class teacher – even if it’s just to say hello.  This will help tell us who is reading these pages and knows how to use their email.  Emails are a great way for you to speak with other children and your teacher.  If you get stuck, use the year group support email on the Year X Daily Learning page.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Love Arthur's advert, I definitely want one !!

Hi Sid lovely to hear from you, keep up the great work !

Millie has been busy boxing and setting Mr Quick challenges !

Amazing art from Rebecca, Ziggy and Leia !!








Sid looking very studious, then off for some fresh air by the beach!



Thursday 26th march

Good morning home learners !

Thankyou for your emails yesterday we had some amazing videos of adverts, I hope you enjoyed watching the ones we made at school too . 

Alex has been busy at home helping to make his new desk !

If I need any DIY tips I know to ask Alex! 

Have a great day everyone, keep sending your videos and photos !


Miss Burridge

Wednesday 25th March

Hi to all my amazing home learners ! 

I have been so impressed with the wonderful learning you have been doing and emailing in!

Charlie the dog is also super impressed !

My dog is very naughty, here she is not helping when I am trying to knit, she runs off with my wool!

Do you have a pet at home who is enjoying spending time with you ? Send in photos of you working with them ! 

Sooooo naughty !!!!

Mrs Sherman sends her best wishes to you all, she is enjoying seeing what you have been doing!

Great to hear from Arthur doing some marvellous maths !

Wow what a front cover from Arthur ! I have missed seeing your drawings, keep emailing them to share with your class !


George has been very busy today, the video to follow later ....

Here is Dillan on duolingo !

Here is scientist Dillan doing an amazing experiment, looks a lot of fun!

Keep up the great learning Alex, I hope you are enjoying the book as much as I am !







Tuesday 24TH March 

Good Morning Learners!

Thank you for the fantastic work you have been doing and sending in ! Today there are plenty of activities for you to do on the daily work page. You can write your own advert ! I look forward to hearing what you want to sell and how you will persuade others to buy it ! Maybe you could make a video of the advert and send it to me!

I have been working on some crochet projects, if you have made anything creative please send photos ! This is mine ! 

Have a great day !!


Miss Burridge 


Leia has been having lots of fun making an advert today - check out her super video below:













George has been busy planning his adverts !



Written methods and great handwriting well done Alex keep up the great learning !


Fabulous spelling and handwriting from James 

Mille-Jai working hard on converting time !

Ziggy also working hard on time !

Great work from Miley and Leia !!


Hi to you all from Mason, Ziggy and Tilly !


 George at his working from home desk !!


So much learning happening across 4SU!!!!!