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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

5KM - Olive

Tuesday 31st march 

Good afternoon! I have been very busy today teaching the Year 5 and 6 class we have at school, hence why my message is a little late today. I have been loving all of your work coming in. However, I haven't heard from all of you yet so if you could send me an email saying 'hi 'and a little message about what you have been up to it would be nice - I'm missing you all a lot. Don't forget each day I am picking the 5 best pieces of work to put up on this page - yesterdays is going to be posted below.I Make sure you are sending me in your pictures of the day, whether it is something funny that has happened that day, a video of you telling a joke or just a simple message to the class would be lovely.  

REMEMBER!! Top 10s are going up tomorrow, I can see you have been doing a lot of IXL but you haven't been taking quizzes (only 5 of you have taken one this week!). You can do this at home so make sure you are still completing them!

I hope you're having a lovely day Olive class. Keep working hard. 

So here they are the top 5 photos from yesterday, everyone who has sent in a picture will receive 20 HPs  

Here's Annabel with some wonderful Maths and Writing 

Look at Cariad's history 

Finally, Ghenmar with some great history


Good morning 5KM!  How was the weekend for you?  I hope you have all been behaving and helping out at home.  I'd love to hear from you, so please do drop me an email.  From today onwards, I won't be posting every photo up on the site - I'm going to choose the top 5 each day and upload these so make sure you've tried your best. This is a good thing because you were all sending me so much of you amazing work.  I'll still do a daily update for you and respond to your emails.  I really do love hearing from you all.  Did you all see the video from Friday lunchtime? As you can see, at school we are trying to keep spirits high, I'd love to see your own versions of how you're keeping spirits high at home.  Remember this is the last week for you to meet your reading target.  Lots of you have already met your target - if you're unsure whether you have, drop me an email and I'll let you know.  The home learning book cover competition is now closed and I'll announce a winner later today.  Have a great day today and remember I'm an email away if you need any help. 

Take care, stay safe and be the best you can be.

Miss Maskell 

Duolingo Top Tens

Some of you have made a fantastic start on Duolingo this week. 1st place goes to Bella though with 460XP-c'est formidable! Have 20HP Bella and 10HP everyone else on the list for your excellent efforts.

1st Place-Bella, 460XP

2nd Place-Poppy, 200XP

3rd Place-Archie, 85XP

4th Place-Ghenmar, 44XP

5th Place, Samuel, 30XP

6th Place, Kai,  28XP

7th Place Phoebe and Finley 15XP



Hello children.  You should all be familiar with your own individual school email accounts – you have practised using these at school during Computing sessions.  You may not remember how to use these – Mr Miller has written some helpful guidance for you.  Click the image below to see the guidance.  Following this guidance, please ensure by the end of the week (Friday 3.15pm) you have emailed your class teacher – even if it’s just to say hello.  This will help tell us who is reading these pages and knows how to use their email.  Emails are a great way for you to speak with other children and your teacher.  If you get stuck, use the year group support email on the Year X Daily Learning page.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Friday 27th march 

Good morning 5KM I have filmed a little message for you all. Keep up all the hard work and remember we now have new subject areas, so I will be uploading all your work to there from now on. Make sure you check them out.



Thursday 26th march 

Good morning 5KM. I received some brilliant jokes and work from you yesterday, I will be posting those today for you all to see. I am getting more and more emails from you all which is lovely to see. I have had so much work come through that we have changed the website to fit it all on! If you look over to the right, there is a title called 'Also in this section' - it then has a list of all of our subjects plus competitions and top tens! From today onwards, all the work that goes up will be going into each subject area. Make sure to check it out and see how the rest of our class are doing. I will still be posting messages, housepoints and photos on the main page, so keep checking back here as well!

Today, you should have received an email about a new log in for Duolingo, if you're having any problems accessing them then Mr Miller has written some guidance for you to follow or you cn email me and I can try to sort your problem out. 

Have a great day 5KM

Miss Maskell 


Wednesday 25TH MARCH 

How is it already Wednesday? Hope you've all been enjoying the daily home learning activities. I'm out of class this morning so will be looking forward to seeing all your fabulous work, which you're sending through to my email. Today we've got the top 10s going up and yes I am still checking how much IXL and reading you have been doing :D

Yesterday I didn't to get as many pictures up as I would have liked so I'll be uploading those today. Remember if you send in a piece of work you get 10HPs but if you're the first person of the day it's 20HPs!!

Remember if you have any questions about the work please do not hesitate to email me about it. 

Have a good day 5KM! 

Top 10s 

Here's this weeks top 10s, I can see you are all working really hard! I want to give a special should out to Ghenmar who did an amazing 1 hour and 57 minutes  on IXL Maths this week.   Also Sienna has done a fantastic 2 hours and 13 minutes on IXL English. With our reading word count I am now going to be checking this weekly, so make sure you're continuing to read as much as you were before. Once again Sam is at the top of our reading word count for the last two weeks, who thinks that they can beat him next week? You can also still email me if you want to be set targets for your reading.

Those of you who are on the top 10s amazing work, it's lovely to see some different people making it onto them. Make sure you are still adding up your housepoints in the back of your books. 

Archie was the first person to send me a photo of him completing his home learning this morning, keep up all the good work, 20 HPs for you!!

The wonderful Annabel has been sending me all of the home learning she has been doing.  10HPs coming your way!


Yesterday afternoon I had Dylan and Cariad send me some of the work they had been doing. 10HPs to you both!

 Cariad has been busy painting a picture of worthing seafront, inspired by out most resent class topic. Glad to see she is keeping on track with her timetable too. 








Dylan has been busy completing ALL of this history work book! Click on the picture to see it all. 

Tuesday 24th march 

Happy Tuesday Olive Class! I'm in class teaching all day again, so only just getting chance to look through all of your lovely messages. I can see you've been working hard on your home learning, already I've got a few more photos to share with you today with work that came in later on yesterday.  Please don't panic if you can't share your work until later on in the day, or even the day after - it's not a problem! I hope you've enjoyed the start of our new class reader 'The Inventions of Hugo Cabaret' as narrated by the wonderful Mr Light! 

Keep working hard 5KM you're making me so proud and continue to share the work with me. 

Annabel was the first person to email me today with all the amazing work she's been completing. I loved reading your diary from your first day of home learning. Here's 20HP!!

Here's Sam working hard at his desk, great set up you've got there! Keep up the good work! 10 HPs


 Look at the lovely Sienna, she's got an interesting work space for today!! 

Lots of learning happening in the teepee today !! 10 HPs

Yesterday poppy was working hard on her spellings!! 10 HP for that!!


Monday 23rd March 

Happy Monday 5KM!

It's Miss Maskell here, I must admit it feels very strange without you all in class today. I hope you've all had a lovely weekend and that you've all be excited to get started on your home learning today. The Year 5 team have been working hard to set you some fun activities and I would love to see your photos/videos of you taking part in them. I'd also love to see what your home set up is like, to see how it compares to our classroom. You can email me a picture or video of what you've been doing to:

If you have any worries about the work then you can also email me, and I should be able to respond every afternoon from 1.30 - 2.30 pm. 

I have been very proud of the children still in school who have been working very hard on all the activities set (you can see our work below). We have designed our home learning book (even though we are at school). How many of you have done this yet? I would love to see all of your designs and I'll be posting them all on here so we can all check them out :D Remember the same presentation expectations are there, even if you are just sat at home in your PJs and not in your uniform!

I will be giving out housepoints for all of your amazing work so make sure you keep track of them - I suggest you do this at the back of your home learning book. 

Remember 5KM we are still a team even though we are not together, keep supporting each other and sharing the wonderful work you've been doing at home. 


Front covers 

Annabel has already designed her home learning book cover, look how colourful it is. 20HP for you!!

At school we've designed our book covers too. Here's James' book cover, can you tell he's football mad! 20HP coming your way

Home learning 

Poppy has been busy learning her spellings. Love the graffiti wall you've made. Give yourself 10HPs

School learning