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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

5KM - Olive

Friday 17th July 

Good morning 5KM!

I know it has been an while since I have written a message to you all but I have been busy teaching at school and making sure everything is in its place for September.

I just want to say a massive congratulations for finishing what can only be described as  the most bizarre school year. I am so proud of everything you have achieved both during 'lockdown' and before. You have all worked so incredibly hard, motivating yourselves to complete the work we have set you. I hope you all enjoy a well needed rest over the summer (I certainly will!). I certainly am going to miss each and everyone of you, along with the laughs and smiles that we used to have daily. I want to wish you all the luck in the world for Year 6, I cannot wait to see the amazing things you achieve. 

For now it's goodbye but I will be just downstairs in Year 5 if you want to say hi! 

All the best, 

Miss Maskell

And here is a message from Mrs Button (of course we couldn't forget her!)


Bonjour la classe de 5KM,

Madame Button here, at the end of your time in Year 5. How are you today?

It's a rather strange end of year, with good memories of your time with Miss Maskell and Mr Powell, but looking forward to new experiences in Year 6, reunited with your peers. I know you have been writing a postcard to your new teachers, introducing yourselves. I need to do that too.

With this week's learning having a theme of reflection, I think I'd have to say that my Wednesday memories, in 5KM, mainly revolve around lively French lessons: building vocabulary through singing songs with actions (Pere Noel and Tete, epaules, genoux et pieds), playing games- like Jacques a dit, and even creating drawn monsters! You were always very enthusiastic. Do you remember the Christmas dialogues with Marie, Joseph and the 3 innkeepers?

Are you still improving your language skills on Duolingo?

Did you reach this term's reading target? (I remember that your eagerness to read and set your own targets was very high, prior to lockdown). You have been given a great recommended reading list for Year 6. I would suggest 'Kensuke's Kingdom' as a good, easy-to-read starting point. I'm actually reading a trilogy by one of the other authors- Phillip Pullman- at the moment. I might look for his book 'Clockwork' next. I see Matilda is another title. Coincidentally, I've just bought some Matilda material to make some reading bags for Christmas presents! I've been using lockdown to get ahead!

Anyway, back to the present. I hope you have a happy Summer break. 

Until September ... 'so long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye', from me,

Mrs B.

Wednesday 10th June

Hello to you all! I hope you've all had a great week so far and are working hard. I just want to let you know that I will only be updating the class page on a Wednesday from now on and that is the day I am not in class for planning. I am in class all day teaching the children in school so it means I haven't got a lot of time to be updating the page. However, I am still checking my emails constantly so please make sure you are sending the work you are completing in. Try to get a picture with you holding your work so that everyone can see your faces. I'm sure they are missing seeing you just as much as I am. 

I will look forward to some emails with your work from this week. 

Miss Maskell 

Friday 5th June 

Happy Friday to all of you. I'm sure you have all been working hard but I haven't been seeing much work coming in from you all. This week I have really enjoyed teaching the English, which was to write a twisted fairy tales playscript. At school, there have been some brilliant ideas and I have had a couple of them from you at home. 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and rest up, I certainly will be! Next week can I please hear from more of you as I really do miss you all. I really can't wait to see all your faces when you come back. 

So onto some of the work that I have had sent in from you guys this week. Remember I am only going to upload your work once a week as I am  teaching the Year5 key worker children all day everyday.

Here we have Cariad with a filmed version of her playscript, I thoroughly enjoyed the involvement of your family. 





Finley has also been usy writing his playscript. Here it is with a lego model to set the scene.

And finally here is Archie's news article from before half term. I can see all the research he has don't before writing it. 

Wednesday 3rd June

Good afternoon 5KM! I hope you are all having a great start to you week. It's all change at school today, we've got the Year 6s back. How exciting! I am now teaching 1 of the 2 Year 5 bubbles for full days now, so please bare with me with replying to emails and uploading any work. I am going to try and upload some on Friday, to show you all what great work you have been doing this week. I have received some brilliant work from a few of you and i Just wanted to share one thing that was sent to me over half term. But before I do that I hope you have a great rest of the week and remember to send in any of your work to me. 

All the best, 

Miss Maskell 

So, here with have Phoebe's amazing afternoon tea  (vegan) that she made for her family. It looks very yum and I hope you all enjoyed it. 


Monday 1st June

Good Morning 5KM! I hope you all had a wonderful half term and made the most of the wonderful sunny weather we have been getting - I certainly did! Over the half term I really got stuck into the Harry Potter books as I never read them as a child. I'm now on the third one and it's safe to say that I'm hooked. I also took the opportunity to go for a few walks over the downs. I think my favourite one was from Hove up to Devil's Dyke. 

I hope you have a good week and I look forward to hearing from you all by email.

Friday 22nd May 

Good Morning 5KM and happy Friday! You have all made it to the end of another half term and I just want to say how proud I am of all the amazing work you have all been doing. Let's make today's home learning the best you've done yet. I know you are all doing some home learning, but I've stopped receiving as many pictures from you all. So today I am going to offer you 50HP for a picture or 100HP for a video of your favourite activity or piece of work you have done this week!

I am also going to check your reading targets at 1PM today, so make sure you take a quiz before then! Remember there are 100HP up for grabs if you achieve it! 

Thursday 21st May

Good morning 5KM! It looks like it's going to be another sunny day out today. Hopefully you can ge out in the sun to do some more home learning. I didn't hear from many of you yesterday so please send me an email just telling me how your week is going. We only have two more days until half term so keep up all the great work. 

Unfortunately, we don't have any more children to reach their reading targets today but Archie, Kacper and Ghenmar are ever so close to reaching theirs. So remember, only one book can take you to passing your reading targets. 

I haven't uploaded any work for a few days so here it goes.

First up we have Bella, she has been busy making apple cakes from a Victorian recipe (YUM!) and completing the English for this week, which was an Newspaper article on an important topic of your choice. 

Alex has been very busy with completing the guided reading set for this week.

Ghenmar has been completing all the home learning that's been set. Here is a selection of what hes been doing over the last couple of days. 

Wednesday 20th May 

Happy Wednesday to you all. As you might have noticed, there wasn't a class message from me yesterday. I had the day off as I worked the bank holiday we had a couple of weeks ago. As I was off, I will be replying to all your emails today; don't worry I haven't missed anything. I am very much looking forward to being back in class today and seeing what all the Year 5 key worker children have been up to, especially their news article. I hope you've all been enjoying writing those. I can't wait to read your ones that you send in. 

Since I have been keeping track of whose been hitting their targets, you have inspired me to start reading more. So yesterday I began reading the very first Harry Potter - I don't know how I haven't picked it up before.Saying that Sienna has just hit her target with 152.1%, here's 100HPs coming your way for your hard work. 

Just a reminder you all have until Friday to hit your targets!

I hope you all that a brilliant day with your home learning. It's such a lovely day outside that you might like to complete some of it outside. 



Good Morning 5KM and happy Monday!  Hope you had a fantastic weekend. Today is day one of what looks to be a really lovely week.  Just the right weather to Home Learn in the garden and enjoy the sunshine.  I have taken a quick look at your learning activities for today and they look great fun.  You can be a journalist in English and record yourself reading your article like a newsreader, in History you can make Salmagundi or create a dish using ingredients that would have been around in the Victorian times and if cooking is something you really enjoy you can even have a go at the Great CTV Bake Off!

  I have also been informed by Mr Quick that although many of you are doing Joe Wicks workout every day, very few of you are taking part in the Virtual Sussex School Games. If you head over to the PE Daily learning section then you will find out all the details for that there. This week your challenges are to see how long you can hold a wall sit for and a stalk stand, how many dish and domes and all around the worlds in 30 seconds. I can wait to have a try at these. Lets see if you can beat me in these. Once yo can got your scores, can you send them to Mr Quick or myself and we will submit them.  He will definitely appreciate it.  Chesswood isn't doing too great against other schools right now so bring out your competitive spirit and make Chesswood the best.

We also have another person hitting their reading target!!!! Well done Cariad with reaching 120.0% of your target. Here is 100HPs for all your hard work. 

Remember I will be resetting your targets over half term so make sure you take a quiz this week, there are 100HPs ready to be collected if yo do reach your target.

Here are a few pieces of work that I didn't get a chance to upload last week. 

First, we have Sam and Leo with some art work. Great job descriptions boys.

Poppy took on the DT challenge last week and made this lovely piece. 

Friday 15th May 

Good morning to you all. You have almost made it to the end of another week of home learning- one more day to go! As I'm sure some of you are aware by now, Mr Powell (as im in class teaching everyday) has been phoning you and your parents to make sure that everything at home is going well. It is great to hear that so many of you are working so very hard and I just want to say how proud I am of you all. As I am hearing so much about this amazing work,I would like you to send me some of the work that you are really proud of. If you still aren't sure how to access your emails then please ask Mr Powell and he should be able to help you.

Keep up all the great work. 

Miss Maskell

Thursday 14th May

Happy Thursday 5KM. I hope you are all doing well. We only have one more day of home learning until the weekend and personally I can't wait. Some of you have bbe3n sending in some lovely work which I will post tomorrow. 

I just want to say a massive well done to Alex who has now hit his reading target with 218.7%. Keep up the good work and here is 100HPs for all your hard work. 

Remember, if you hit your target you will be awarded 100HPs. So keep up the good reading. 

Wednesday 13th May

Hi all! It's National Numeracy Day! Perhaps you could celebrate by sending me a picture of you dressed as a number, or send me some of the brilliant Maths work you've been doing today! I have had a look at your reading over the last few weeks and only 6 of you have hit your target! You've got one more week to take a quiz and hit your targets.

These people they are going to receive 100HP for hitting their targets:

  • Lilly 184.6%
  • Annabel 207%
  • Dylan 204.9%
  • Bella 107.1%
  • Finley 176.7%
  • Sam 339.1%


Tuesday 12TH mAY 

Good afternoon you all. I hope you're having a lovely day. I'm glad to see the weather has cheered up a little. I walked to school this morning which was a great way to start the day - it is beautiful out there. I've not had much work sent into me today, so please make sure you send me something, I look forward to seeing what you've been up to once I have finished teaching the children who are still in school.  

Cariad has been bust with yesterdays computing! What a professional video you have made for us all to watch. 



She also completed yesterday's History work. Wow you have been a busy bee!

Monday 11th May

Happy Monday 5KM! I hope you have all had a very restful bank holiday weekend and are ready to get back to the home learning. In class today we have been really enjoying the Writing task. There have been some lovely inventive ideas to include in our Daydreamer narrative.  I have had a lot of work in from you all before the weekend - I have loved seeing it all!

I hope you all have a great day. 

Miss Maskell 

For VE day on Friday, Finley had set out a timetable of activities that his family would be getting up to to celebrate. 

Kai has been busy baking some shortbread with his dad- YUM! 

Here is Alex completing the PE tasks last week and with a reading from his creative writing. 





Last week Bella was very busy carrying out the DT task. This is amazing. 



Archie has also been loving the Geography task from last week. What a colourful map you have made. He's also made a time table to keep himself on track with his home learning each day. 

Annabel has been sending me though her art. It took me a while to realise how you had drawn this to make it look 3D! Amazing

Ghenmar sent me though some lovely Maths and Writing work from last week. Keep up with all the hard work. 

Thursday 7th May

Yay you have made it to the end of the week! Lucky for you it is only a 4 day week and you have no more home learning. Some of you have been working very hard and I'm very proud of you. I am in school tomorrow on the bank holiday but I hope you all have a lovely 3 day weekend. 

Cariad has been busy writing another English task. 



Leo has been busy again. He's managed to remember 24 capital cities.

Here is Kai enjoying the Music task from today. 

Ghenmar has been incredibly busy and completed all the home learning set this week - well done you!

Finley has found this wonderful piece of art and has written how it makes him feel when he looks at it. 

I chose this piece of art as I (personally) like art that has endless colour and enjoyment. I extremely like this piece of art because it has many colours and looks as if the characters are about to walk into a bright ,light blue butterfly looking portal.

Annabel has also been busy completing lots of her home learning. She has made a great map of her local area. 

Wednesday 6th May

Happy Wednesday! You've made it to the half way point of the week. Just think you only have one more day of home learning after today, as Friday is a Bank holiday. Yesterday I got some wonderful work through so make sure you are sending them through. However, I didn't get that many emails through from you all, it was the computing task for yesterday. It would be lovely to get an email from you as I miss hearing all about what you are getting up to. If you are struggling with getting onto the emails then here is a help sheet that you can use to help you.   

Here is Leo with a comic strip for VE day, which is Friday. He has really take his time with this piece of work. I'm so proud Leo. 

Leo has been busy because look at these other pieces he has sent into me. Leo has spent a lot of time researching information to include in his letter to Mr Jolley about school learning. You really are going above and beyond! 

Cariad has also been busy. She has written two creative writing pieces and a newspaper report on the history of worthing. 


Tuesday 5th May

Good morning 5KM, today we have got a message from a very special someone! I hope you all have a wonderful day and keep up with the home learning. I know the computing task is to email your teacher from your school emails, so please send me a message - I would like to hear from all of you today. 


Bonjour la classe de 5KM. Mrs Button here. "Hello 5KM, Olive class."

I can't believe you're into your fifth week of Home Learning! However, it does seem a long time since we shared songs and games together, in French. I'm pleased to see you are using Duolingo. Bravo!

I've been following your class learning pages as well as listening for Charlie Brown shout outs and watching out for you all on Chesswood TV.  Perhaps a few more of you will be in the Year 5 collage this week?

I can see from the Top Tens that you are continuing with your Maths and reading and I loved Sienna's tepee reading space. Where else have you all been reading your books?

Recently, I was very impressed by the creative 3D Art colour palette, composed of colourful objects, and what a brilliant way of learning about the phases of the moon, whilst enjoying a chocolate digestive! Likewise, it was a great idea to have a little competition to guess the identity of the Doppleme.

Talking of being creative, and exercising at the same time, I've just spotted the gymnastics challenge for Week 5 Tuesday- definitely a photo opportunity and it could become a rainbow of colour if you wore a different colour for each letter! 

I know Miss Maskell is very proud of you all, so keep sending her emails, photos and videos of your work. How about trying something new? 

I look forward to seeing the outcomes of all you achieve. 

Au revoir,

Madame Button

Monday 4th May 

Happy Monday and happy star wars day. It's Miss Maskell here, I'm officially back updating this page so please keep emailing me with all your lovely work - I've noticed a drop in the number of emails I'm receiving from you all - so please just drop me a message.

I hope you have been enjoying the home learning. I have had a lot of videos sent through with the DT challenge from Friday so I will upload them below.

Keep up all the good work and May the Fourth be with you!

Cariad has sent me this colour wheel that was set last week. I like how you have used the same book series for this.

Her is Cariad again with her marble maze, which takes up her whole garden.  



Cariad has also been writing diary entries from different perspectives - I like how they all link. 

Archie has been writing some lovely poems, I really enjoyed reading them -  think you will too.


Friday 1 May

Fantastic Friday has arrived! And May has arrived too - a great combination.

A poor effort from 5KM yesterday, with the exception of Bella, come on, don't be shy, send in your photos and videos today.

Sam to the rescue - a great project for his history.


Thursday 30 April

Let's make this a great day for the 5KM class page. Send in your photos, videos and messages for the class.

Who will be first today?

And she was second too - a great marble run - well done Bella.



The answer to the question is Bella! Here is her art.

Wednesday 29 April

Half way through the week already, what a great achievement. Let's get some communication in from those in the class who are a bit shy - even if it is a just an email to say hello. Remember to copy in Miss Maskell and Mr Yelling (

Leo and Seb have sent in their art colour palette.


Ghenmar sent in his work from yesterday.

Tuesday 28 April

Good morning 5KM. While Miss Maskell is busy teaching the pupils in school and then phoning people from the class, I have offered to try to keep the information flowing on your class page. To help Miss Maskell, please copy me in to the wonderful work you are sending her each day ( Bring on the work! Mr Yelling.

Miss Maskell has noticed that Sam has reached 2 million words read - she wants a big celebration...

...and awarded 200 house points - very generous! Well done Sam.

Duolingo TOP 10s for last week. Award yourselves the usual house points for TOP 10s.

Cariad has sent in a video of her reading her poems.



And she has completed her RE task (a Powerpoint no less - here are a couple of slides) and science - tasty!


Bella has been researching Homefield Park for history.

And Leo has chosen the same park for his history.



Friday 24th April

Hi all, I hope you are doing well. As you might have noticed I've not updated the class page since Wednesday. this has been because I've been phoning all of your parents. I hope you have been very busy completing work. I wll be back to uploading work on Monday. 

Have a lovley weekend 5KM! 

Year 5 Assembly Rewards - Spring Term 2

The wheel of fortune has been out again - whizzing around to pick the names from the prize pots for reading and IXL targets.
Rewards are shown below for the lucky people picked by the wheel - congratulations to everyone who made it into the pots in the first place - 67 reading, 96 IXL maths and 69 IXL English. 
Special mentions for the top efforts during the half term: 
Sam (KM) for achieving 978% of his reading target.
Andrei (NY) for completing 18 hours and 52 minutes on IXL maths.
Anuhas (NY) for completing 9 hours and 55 minutes on IXL English. 

Wednesday 22nd April

so, we are half way through our first week back to home learning, or school for me. I hope you have been enjoying the work set for this week. I have loved seeing it all when you have sent it into me. I still haven't heard from everyone in the class so please email me I want to keep up to date with everything you are doing at home. 

Just a reminder that I am in school teaching, so will not be able to reply to your emails before 1pm. Also, if you have sent me work please don't be disheartened if it is not up straight away, it will be up within the week as sometimes there are technical difficulties with putting it on the class page. 

One last reminder is that I am doing the top 10s tomorrow for reading word count, IXL Maths and IXL English; make sure you have been competing that too. I will also be checking your reading targets and to every person who reaches 100% you will receive 100hps. 

I hope you are having a great Wednesday 5KM. 

Here's another Doppleme that's been sent through. Keep on guessing the identity of each Doppleme will be revealed on Friday 

Look at Sam's  amazing concrete poem! I love how you have designed the poem in the shape of and apple. The spiral idea really is is great. 

Here is Annabel's science experiment, great to see her continuing to work hard. 

Archie has also been doing the science home learning. Glad you have all been enjoying the challenge. 

Tuesday 21st April 

Happy Tuesday 5KM.  Thank you for all the lovely work and pictures you sent in yesterday.  I am really pleased that a lot of you are back into the swing of Home Learning after having two weeks off.  For those of you who have not yet sent me work, please do.  It is important that while we are apart physically we are able to be together on our class page by sharing all the amazing work we have done.

Remember Home Learning is meant to be fun.  You are not expected to do everything from the daily work set, just pick the things you would like to have a go at and make sure to practice those Maths methods and spelling.

We've had another Doppleme sent in. Can you guess who it is. At the end of the week i will be revealing who they each belong to! 

Bella has done this lovely acrostic poem about cats. Wonderful work!

Here is an animation Isla has created- great work!


Monday 20th April

Welcome back 5KM! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter break and are ready to get back to your home learning. I have already received work for some of you, which is lovely to see. I look forward to hearing from you all about your Easter breaks. Remember if you are stuck on anything either email myself or the help email. 

Todays task has been to create your own avatar. Can you guess your classmates from them? 

We've had dome wonderful history work from Annabel 


Friday 3rd April 

Happy Friday!!! Can you believe we've done 2 weeks of home learning already.??? It has been a weird few weeks but we have all made it. The book cover competition has been judged and the results are in the competition section of this page, congratulations to all those who sent in their book cover.

I am so proud of everything you are achieving at home and love seeing all the awesome things a you have been getting up to. Keep up the good work and enjoy your Easter break. 

Miss Maskell 

Here are a few pictures and videos from the class that I wanted to share. Well done all of you 







Thursday 2nd April 

Hello, how are you all doing? I'm sure you all noticed how quiet the class page was yesterday. I was lucky enough to get a well needed rest day, so I spent it going for a long walk, getting shopping for my grandparents and baking an rather yummy banana bread. I thought I'd upload a picture of the final product because I want to see all the lovely things you have been getting up to as home. I don't mind whether it's you helping your parents out at home, cooking or cleaning to a little hello to the class. 


As I didn't post the top 5 pictures for the day yesterday, I will be posting 10 today! I hope you saw the Duolingo top 10s on Tuesday, if not please scroll down and have a look. I will also be posting this weeks top 10s for IXL and AR. Remember these are posted in the top 10 section of our class age. 

Have a good day Olive class.

So here are our 10 pictures from the last two days. 

Annabel is here to start the day off with a picture of her cat, how adorable!

Ghenmar has been busy. Here are 3 of his pieces of work! 

Hazel has been working very hard. Take a look.



Tuesday 31st march 

Good afternoon! I have been very busy today teaching the Year 5 and 6 class we have at school, hence why my message is a little late today. I have been loving all of your work coming in. However, I haven't heard from all of you yet so if you could send me an email saying 'hi 'and a little message about what you have been up to it would be nice - I'm missing you all a lot. Don't forget each day I am picking the 5 best pieces of work to put up on this page - yesterdays is going to be posted below.I Make sure you are sending me in your pictures of the day, whether it is something funny that has happened that day, a video of you telling a joke or just a simple message to the class would be lovely.  

REMEMBER!! Top 10s are going up tomorrow, I can see you have been doing a lot of IXL but you haven't been taking quizzes (only 5 of you have taken one this week!). You can do this at home so make sure you are still completing them!

I hope you're having a lovely day Olive class. Keep working hard. 

So here they are the top 5 photos from yesterday, everyone who has sent in a picture will receive 20 HPs  

Here's Annabel with some wonderful Maths and Writing 

Look at Cariad's history 

Finally, Ghenmar with some great history


Good morning 5KM!  How was the weekend for you?  I hope you have all been behaving and helping out at home.  I'd love to hear from you, so please do drop me an email.  From today onwards, I won't be posting every photo up on the site - I'm going to choose the top 5 each day and upload these so make sure you've tried your best. This is a good thing because you were all sending me so much of you amazing work.  I'll still do a daily update for you and respond to your emails.  I really do love hearing from you all.  Did you all see the video from Friday lunchtime? As you can see, at school we are trying to keep spirits high, I'd love to see your own versions of how you're keeping spirits high at home.  Remember this is the last week for you to meet your reading target.  Lots of you have already met your target - if you're unsure whether you have, drop me an email and I'll let you know.  The home learning book cover competition is now closed and I'll announce a winner later today.  Have a great day today and remember I'm an email away if you need any help. 

Take care, stay safe and be the best you can be.

Miss Maskell 

Duolingo Top Tens

Some of you have made a fantastic start on Duolingo this week. 1st place goes to Bella though with 460XP-c'est formidable! Have 20HP Bella and 10HP everyone else on the list for your excellent efforts.

1st Place-Bella, 460XP

2nd Place-Poppy, 200XP

3rd Place-Archie, 85XP

4th Place-Ghenmar, 44XP

5th Place, Samuel, 30XP

6th Place, Kai,  28XP

7th Place Phoebe and Finley 15XP



Hello children.  You should all be familiar with your own individual school email accounts – you have practised using these at school during Computing sessions.  You may not remember how to use these – Mr Miller has written some helpful guidance for you.  Click the image below to see the guidance.  Following this guidance, please ensure by the end of the week (Friday 3.15pm) you have emailed your class teacher – even if it’s just to say hello.  This will help tell us who is reading these pages and knows how to use their email.  Emails are a great way for you to speak with other children and your teacher.  If you get stuck, use the year group support email on the Year X Daily Learning page.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Friday 27th march 

Good morning 5KM I have filmed a little message for you all. Keep up all the hard work and remember we now have new subject areas, so I will be uploading all your work to there from now on. Make sure you check them out.



Thursday 26th march 

Good morning 5KM. I received some brilliant jokes and work from you yesterday, I will be posting those today for you all to see. I am getting more and more emails from you all which is lovely to see. I have had so much work come through that we have changed the website to fit it all on! If you look over to the right, there is a title called 'Also in this section' - it then has a list of all of our subjects plus competitions and top tens! From today onwards, all the work that goes up will be going into each subject area. Make sure to check it out and see how the rest of our class are doing. I will still be posting messages, housepoints and photos on the main page, so keep checking back here as well!

Today, you should have received an email about a new log in for Duolingo, if you're having any problems accessing them then Mr Miller has written some guidance for you to follow or you cn email me and I can try to sort your problem out. 

Have a great day 5KM

Miss Maskell 


Wednesday 25TH MARCH 

How is it already Wednesday? Hope you've all been enjoying the daily home learning activities. I'm out of class this morning so will be looking forward to seeing all your fabulous work, which you're sending through to my email. Today we've got the top 10s going up and yes I am still checking how much IXL and reading you have been doing :D

Yesterday I didn't to get as many pictures up as I would have liked so I'll be uploading those today. Remember if you send in a piece of work you get 10HPs but if you're the first person of the day it's 20HPs!!

Remember if you have any questions about the work please do not hesitate to email me about it. 

Have a good day 5KM! 

Top 10s 

Here's this weeks top 10s, I can see you are all working really hard! I want to give a special should out to Ghenmar who did an amazing 1 hour and 57 minutes  on IXL Maths this week.   Also Sienna has done a fantastic 2 hours and 13 minutes on IXL English. With our reading word count I am now going to be checking this weekly, so make sure you're continuing to read as much as you were before. Once again Sam is at the top of our reading word count for the last two weeks, who thinks that they can beat him next week? You can also still email me if you want to be set targets for your reading.

Those of you who are on the top 10s amazing work, it's lovely to see some different people making it onto them. Make sure you are still adding up your housepoints in the back of your books. 

Archie was the first person to send me a photo of him completing his home learning this morning, keep up all the good work, 20 HPs for you!!

The wonderful Annabel has been sending me all of the home learning she has been doing.  10HPs coming your way!


Yesterday afternoon I had Dylan and Cariad send me some of the work they had been doing. 10HPs to you both!

 Cariad has been busy painting a picture of worthing seafront, inspired by out most resent class topic. Glad to see she is keeping on track with her timetable too. 








Dylan has been busy completing ALL of this history work book! Click on the picture to see it all. 

Tuesday 24th march 

Happy Tuesday Olive Class! I'm in class teaching all day again, so only just getting chance to look through all of your lovely messages. I can see you've been working hard on your home learning, already I've got a few more photos to share with you today with work that came in later on yesterday.  Please don't panic if you can't share your work until later on in the day, or even the day after - it's not a problem! I hope you've enjoyed the start of our new class reader 'The Inventions of Hugo Cabaret' as narrated by the wonderful Mr Light! 

Keep working hard 5KM you're making me so proud and continue to share the work with me. 

Annabel was the first person to email me today with all the amazing work she's been completing. I loved reading your diary from your first day of home learning. Here's 20HP!!

Here's Sam working hard at his desk, great set up you've got there! Keep up the good work! 10 HPs


 Look at the lovely Sienna, she's got an interesting work space for today!! 

Lots of learning happening in the teepee today !! 10 HPs

Yesterday poppy was working hard on her spellings!! 10 HP for that!!


Monday 23rd March 

Happy Monday 5KM!

It's Miss Maskell here, I must admit it feels very strange without you all in class today. I hope you've all had a lovely weekend and that you've all be excited to get started on your home learning today. The Year 5 team have been working hard to set you some fun activities and I would love to see your photos/videos of you taking part in them. I'd also love to see what your home set up is like, to see how it compares to our classroom. You can email me a picture or video of what you've been doing to:

If you have any worries about the work then you can also email me, and I should be able to respond every afternoon from 1.30 - 2.30 pm. 

I have been very proud of the children still in school who have been working very hard on all the activities set (you can see our work below). We have designed our home learning book (even though we are at school). How many of you have done this yet? I would love to see all of your designs and I'll be posting them all on here so we can all check them out :D Remember the same presentation expectations are there, even if you are just sat at home in your PJs and not in your uniform!

I will be giving out housepoints for all of your amazing work so make sure you keep track of them - I suggest you do this at the back of your home learning book. 

Remember 5KM we are still a team even though we are not together, keep supporting each other and sharing the wonderful work you've been doing at home. 


Front covers 

Annabel has already designed her home learning book cover, look how colourful it is. 20HP for you!!

At school we've designed our book covers too. Here's James' book cover, can you tell he's football mad! 20HP coming your way

Home learning 

Poppy has been busy learning her spellings. Love the graffiti wall you've made. Give yourself 10HPs

School learning