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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

6BP - Willow

Week 2  - 30.03.2020

Well done guys! One week of organising yourself at home and you are already becoming pros - perfect organisational qualities (such as time management, preparation, arranging equipment and independent learning) that you'll need for high school. 

All of you will have received an email from Mrs Bourner over the weekend to say hello. You can now login to Office 365 using your email address *username* and your password, this should be the same username and password as your AR. Please drop us an email to say hello if you have not already.

We are getting so many great pieces of work sent to us and it is lovely to see your efforts. This week we'd like to ask you pick your favourite pieces from the week to send in, be thoughtful and tell us why you chose those pieces. This can be a couple of pieces of work you think you did a great job on or a couple of additional activities you have completed. 

Book recommendations - Georgia had a great idea for you all to recommend your favourite reads. Take a photo and summarise why you loved your book in two sentences. I will then upload on to our class page. 

Rainbows - lots of families and children have been spreading the love with rainbows. Mrs Bourner's children have made a rainbow for their window using glitter, paint and collage. We have also seen rainbow paving slabs coloured in with chalk, rainbow coloured steps, rainbow painted fences - all to share the message that we are not alone. It's lovely to count all the rainbows you see when you go for your walk, scoot, cycle or run each day. Do you have a rainbow to share? 


Maths tasks

Well done to those of you who have been working out percentages of amounts and keeping up with nasty maths. Great work Emily and Alfie- even a bit of spelling in there too!




Your mission earlier this week was to write a paragraph giving your opinions on what happened in pigeon impossible - who was to blame for the chaos that unfolded? Emily believes it was undoubtedly Walter Beckett's fault - see below her fantastic reasons as to why...


In science you have been exploring how the eye works and we have had these fantastic diagrams in from Alfie DB and Mollie.



This week your task is to plan a family meal based on using traditional ingredients you would have had in the 1940s. Well done to Mollie who has planned a whole weeks worth of (non-vegetarian!) 1940s meals - yum!



How have you all been getting on with reading? Mollie and Isla certainly have the right idea and have set up a erm...cosy corner in Mollie's wardrobe to listen to Mrs RW read. Keep it up girls! Emily has carefully responded to the reading questions - well done!



This week you are developing your skills even further and looking into drawing overlapping spheres. Fantastic work from Emily - awesome shading, you've really created an accurate shadow effect. Alfie DB has been applying his shading skills to a very detailed study of the human eye.



Molly has been trialling different types of coding and worked out how to program scratch to allow you to click buttons to say yes or not rather than having to type it. Fantastic work :) how is everyone else getting on with Scratch?

Extra activities, news and learning

Herbie went out for a walk on Monday and came across two robins so wrote a poem about them! Lovely use of rhyme :)

Week 1  - 23.03.20

Hello 6BP! How is home working going for you? So far we have had some wonderful examples of your hard work sent to us so please continue to take photos of your efforts. This is an area where we can celebrate work and share ideas to inspire one another. To begin with you could share how you have decorated your work books and the first tasks you have completed. 

We are only just beginning to feel organised, and many of you might be struggling with this, so please send us some images of your working environments. Where are you working from? Mrs Bourner is currently teaching her little ones from their kitchen and is desperately trying to keep the area organised. Her laptop is so ancient that she can only work from the living room at a coffee table when she needs to do her school work. Mrs Peace has a lovely peaceful office area where she can have some space to focus on the many tasks she has to do. She wishes that was true! Say Hi to Bella who has brought Mrs Peace some of Callum's socks. Send us images of your wonderful set ups. Are you working with parents or siblings? Are you on computers or tablets? Do you have an area you have designed and organised to keep you focused? Help others to keep positive and motivated by sending us pictures of your work environments or a picture of your wonderful selves busy at work for us to share below. 


Don't forget that we are just an email away if you need anything. 

Getting Started

Thanks for the photo of your book design Micah! Your picture is helping us to spread the love in 6BP and further; Emily sent in a very RAD design; Bobby - our fashionista Guru has used branding to decorate his; Natalia was very creative and recycled some items; Alfie had a wonderful fantasy design - I wonder which popular tv series inspired it? Elara has sent in her pur-fect design. 




Thank you to those sending in pictures of their working environments!

These two photos are from George to show us his working environment that he is sharing. The table used to belong to his nan and grandad; his grandad served in the Navy in WWII. The middle compartment is George's new locker - very organised.


Here is Elara's working space that she is sharing with her sister. Elara says - It’s a bit messy but whose work place isn’t! 


First is Natalia's working space - she says "It is quite messy but as long as it works for me it works." 

Next, Emily is taking the approach of being comfortable whilst working. She has been very busy so the soft floor technique must be working.


Here are Eva and Alfie B's working areas -  both are very well organised. Alfie - you are fluffier that we remember?!


Writing Tasks: 

We have been exploring letter writing to plan and write a letter as an evacuee. We have received lots of emails with your wonderful planning and drafting and, if you think you are finished, please check back through the resources to make sure you have included full detail and features.

Edie what an inspiring start to the week.  This letter has captured the tone of the era brilliantly and you have included lots of the year 6 grammar features.  Well done! The next evacuee letter is from Gabriel - we love his attention to detail and his use of year 6 structures. Alfie DB sent the last one and he has worked really hard on editing in extra detail to build the voice of an evacuee. 


Great effort here too from Emily and Herbie.    


Great work Eva and Alfie B!


We've had these wonderful plans from Alfie DB, Clara and Eva. We can't wait to see the final products as there are some lovely details in your planning. We also had this great first draft sent to us from Emily - great job!



Check out these amazing 100 word challenges from Elara and Emily.




Maths Tasks:

Well done to everyone who has been busy solving the murder mystery! You have also been hard at work exploring fractions, decimals and percentages. Thank you to Emily for her FDP work and to Edie who has included well thought out reasoning. 



Great effort also from Alfie B showing us his FDB understanding and excellent organisation; Eva demonstrating the long division method; Emily who has worked hard on IXL tasks as well as classroom based activities; and Alfie DB for sharing his excellent layout and understanding of fractions, decimals and percentages. 



Here's more marvellous maths work from Alfie B, Eva and Edie - keep up the hard work guys!




Science Tasks: 

We have been exploring light source and how light travels in Science. What have you discovered?

Thank you Emily for sending in the image of your experiment and also to Natalia for showing the effect of light through a prism.


Eva sent in this series of images of her investigation to explore if light travels in straight lines.


Geography and History Tasks:

I hope you have all enjoyed looking at past pictures of Worthing during WWII. As a seaside town we were aware of possible attacks; the defence measures taken changed the physical Geography of Worthing. It was very interesting to read the personal account of growing up in Worthing at the time of WWII.

Elara, Eva and Emily have been exploring some of these local areas to compare the past and present. 




Emily has written a diary entry to recount a day in the life of a child in Worthing during WWII.


Art Tasks:

The class have been drawing 3D spheres, using shading to add depth to their shapes.

Great work Elara - she completed her sphere and then discovered the step-by-step tutorial. What skill! 

Well done Kara - this is a wonderful example of how artists rarely draw a single image but instead sketch time and time again to explore aspects of their subject. A great example of shading to create three dimensions.

Great work Emily - another great example of shading.




What exercise have you been doing? Do you have pictures of the week's tasks? 

Clara has been practising her tennis skills and look who else has been keeping fit in the garden...


Additional activities and news:

Herbie has been busy creating his own chocolate bar. He is part chef, part product designer, part illustrator and designer. We are very impressed with his efforts and hope to see it on the supermarket shelves one day!


George cooked a rather delicious looking cake at home - You owe us a slice there George!