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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

6BP - Willow

Wednesday 24th June

Wll hello there, it has been a while since I last wrote to you guys as I have been back in class teaching. It has been lovely to see those who have returned and I am missing all of you at home. Things are in a state of "new normal". We wash our hands a lot, a good 30 minutes of the day I reckon, and all the tables are spaced out in the room. I teach between two classrooms and it is strange but it is nice to see some of the dynamics haven't changed: Clara is still practising her career in comedy; Bobby's hair keeps it's shape (even when he takes his hat off); Eddie is the fountain of all wisdom; and Micah and Emily are perfecting their TikTok dance routines. Can you see what I mean about the new normal? 

Take care in this warm weather and I'll update you guys again soon. Mrs Bourner.


Week 8  - 1.6.2020


Hi all, I hope your week is going well so far. I am very pleased as today I get to visit my mother in-law. I have brought ready made food from the supermarket so that we can give her an afternoon tea. It is lovely timing as the government have now said that we can visit family and socially distance in gardens. Rufus and Ida are so excited to see their Nanna again and we have organised it so that we have part of the garden away from her and her husband. Are you planning to see anyone now that some rules have been relaxed? Our family are still being quite cautious when it comes to seeing people so don't worry if you have decided to wait a little longer or if you have family members that can't see you just yet. Everyone's household is very different and we each need to do what feels right for our families. If you are missing someone close to you right now then why now arrange a video chat or send them a letter to surprise them.


Good morning guys, Mrs Bourner here. How was your half term? I set myself the challenge of getting in the sea every day from Sunday to Sunday and I managed to get in every day apart from Saturday. The sea is a lovely temperature right now. I have taken the kids on some local walks and we have been sorting out our garden so that we can spend more time in it.

For some of you this week will be a little different as we are looking forward to welcoming back year 6. Some of you might not be ready to come back just yet and some of you are unable to return just yet. We are continuing with all of the home learning activities and I will keep updating our class page. 


Week 7  - 18.05.2020


You did it! Last day of another week of home learning. This week is followed by a bank holiday weekend so hopefully your grown ups will get a bit of a rest too. How are things going for family at home? I know it is strange for you all right now but I hope you are chipping in at home and helping to make sure your home learning runs smoothly. Your grown ups need your help so that they can juggle work and other responsibilities alongside making sure you are getting help with your learning. Why don't you plan a gift for this bank holiday weekend? This could be offering to walk the dog each day, making breakfast in bed or lunch or dinner, washing the car, hoovering the flat or any other job that might show you care. Rufus is only 6 so if you can send someone over to make me breakfast in bed, I'd be very thankful (just kidding).

Here are my jokes of the week to get you ready for the day:

Child: I'm so sorry Mr Hicks, my dog ate my homework

Mr Hicks: Your dog ate your coding work????

**** awkward silence ****

Child: It took him a couple of bytes

I was checking my friend's online learning on my phone whilst in the lift. It was wrong on so many levels.

Child: Mum, would you ever punish me for something I didn't do.

Mum: If you didn't do it then of course not.

Child: Good, because I didn't do my maths task.



Hi guys - Mrs Bourner here. How are you all doing? We are having a tricky lockdown week in our household, the children have been making "interesting decisions" and the worst was Rufus choosing to cut his sister's hair! I was not impressed. We made packages for their friends this week that included a card, an activity book and some chocolate - of course. It was really nice to travel around and post the parcels on doorsteps; sometimes we were lucky enough to exchange waves and a quick chat through a window. It's lovely to receive something, even just a card or note can make someone's day.

A big congratulations goes out to Edie who is now a millionaire twice over!


I have some bad news for George...... Eva has been working on her cooking skills and he has a bit of competition on his hands. Just look at these goodies she made!



Hello. I hope you've all been enjoying the weather. I have been loving sitting in my hammock in the garden reading, as has my cat, Bootsie! I decided at the weekend to go on a bike ride and whilst it was nice and dry on the downs, that made it particularly dusty - I had to scrub my legs to clean it off later!!! Where have you guys been to on your bikes?



Hello Mrs Peace here. We have continued to enjoy our visits to the beach and Callum has even been in for a swim!  I wonder if anyone else has braved the sea yet.  One evening on the beach this week my daughter had a sudden wave of inspiration and decided to make a NHS logo out of pebbles.  My job was running around gathering up the pebbles and she arranged them!  Here is our achievement...




Hi 6BP! How has your weekend been? Mine has been a bit up and a bit down - it can get a bit like that can't it. This weekend I was meant to be in Rotterdam with a couple of friends which is obviously disappointing but I am taking a tip from Elara; I am writing Rotterdam on a bit of paper and placing it in the jar so that one day I can pull that bit of paper out. I bet a few of you have had things cancelled recently - lets put them in the jar so they are still there for us to enjoy later. Instead of going to Rotterdam I got to enjoy Brooklands. I have not been there in a while but it is looking so pretty now. I love reeds along water, they make such a nice noise when they blow in the breeze. My son is in love with the bicycle path there too, it is perfect for him to build up strength on slight hills. If you haven't been recently, I recommend it as there is a lot of space to picnic and socially distance;  it is such a short walking distance from Worthing too.

                                        Right guys, one more week of home learning before half term.


Week 6  - 11.05.2020


Good morning 6BP. How has this week gone for you? My favourite part of this week was celebrating Eurovision on Zoom with my friends. Eurovision is a song contest where around 41 countries compete for a winning song. The music is often a bit mad, shows dramatic and the costumes can be hilarious - I love it! I also get to dress up. Here I am sporting a party hat on top of a clown wig, on top of a silver hat. 


This afternoon I am going to take Rufus somewhere where he can enjoy riding his bike, that is on the condition that he does a great job with his home learning. So far we are a little delayed and getting grumpy. For any of you in the same boat this morning, here are some jokes to cheer you up.

How do you stop an astronaut's baby from crying?

You rocket!

What did the limestone say to the geologist?

Don't take me for granite

What is worse than raining cats and dogs?

Hailing taxis!



Yesterday we were able to do things a little differently. For our family that meant a drive to Ferring and a walk along the river Rife. The cafe at the seafront was selling takeaway bits so the kids had an ice cream and sat on the beach for a bit before walking home. It was so nice to be able to stop and enjoy the sunshine. 

Edie sent this in yesterday...


Worthing High school asked new students to research the school to learn about its past. What a great activity! You could look in to the history of your school. Or, if your school is fairly new, you could research the school in general. What is the layout like? What are the rules and code of conduct? What are the classrooms like or the locker areas? It will be nice to feel familiar with your new schools before you start.

Don't forget to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about transition to high school. If we cannot answer them we can always contact the school for you. 

In other news, take a look at this eggless chocolate cake that George made recently. Does anyone else feel that he has been holding out on us all these months?!



Morning. Miss Cooper here! I have been busy cooking the last few days as I am determined to come out of all of this a better cook - check out my dishes and cake below, the cake in particular was yummy. Have any of you decided to come out of this with a new or improved skill?

      Pasanda Spiced Prawn Pilaf        Cheese and Caramelised Onion Pork Steaks            Chocolate cake!



Hello class! Mrs Bourner here and I am writing this from Chesswood. I am really lucky to be teaching with our small year 6 class today and can spend time with Natalia, Charlotte and Bobby. I can't wait to see all of your faces again.

Thank you to Elara who shared with me one of her traditions yesterday. Every day, her family write down something they want to do after lockdown on a note and pop it in a jar. When this is all over they will pick activities from the jar. What a lovely idea! 

Yesterday I helped Rufus complete his transfer questionnaire for Chesswood. Have you had anything to complete for transfer to High School? Rufus is very excited about wearing a tie to school. 


Good morning. What lovely weather we had on Friday and Saturday, perfect for VE Day celebrations! We had scones with cream and jam in our front garden on Friday whilst having a video call with Nanna. We like to chat to Nanna every few days and we video call once a week, the kids love seeing their Nanna's face.

We have a new tradition. We have a group of friends we miss a lot and whenever one of us goes out for exercise towards West Worthing we take a photo of ourselves by the Canadian flag and send to the others. My Grandad was born in Ontario in Canada and my friend's Grandad was actually from a town nearby to Ontario, so we started taking snaps by the flag. It has been a nice way to check in and see each other's faces. Do you have any new traditions?


Week 5  - 04.05.2020


Hello, Mrs Peace here. Following on from our agility course, we have been training Bella to do all sorts of tricks. This is one she has currently mastered - hitting the button! Do you guys have any pets and have you trained them? I hope you have a wonderful day and are enjoying your preparations for VE Day tomorrow!



Also, have a look at Alfie DB's amazing artwork... all I can say is WOW! That is amazing!


Good morning! I am loving that the sun is back today, what are your plans for the lovely weather? I am going to go out on a nice long walk later. Since last week, I have discovered that I am very competitive at scrabble and monopoly and will do anything to win. What games have you all been playing to keep you entertained?

Checkout below all the beautiful animals I've seen on my travels - this time of year is so lovely to see young. Also, isn't this NHS hay bale awesome? It used to have a heart too but I reckon the farmer might have actually had to feed it to the animals!




Hello there! How did your Star Wars day go? We watched The Rise of Skywalker in the evening and Rufus loved it! I thought it was pretty good but it wasn't my favourite in the series. I quite like Episode IV and The Force Awakens. Here are some Star Wars jokes to get you through your afternoon of home learning.

Why is Yoda such a good gardener?

Because he has a green thumb.

Leia: Luke....I'm reading a great book about force levitation......I can't put it down.

Luke: What's for dinner tonight Dad?

Anakin: Wookie steak.

Luke: is it any good?

Anakin: It's a little chewy.


As Obi-Wan Kenobi once said "May the 4th be with you!". Today is traditionally a bank holiday but it was decided last year that the bank holiday should be moved to Friday to celebrate VE Day. This VE day is special as it marks 75 years since fighting ceased at the end of WW2. Lots of streets will have their way of celebrating whilst continuing to socially distance. What will you do? Will you have scones with cream and jam? Make bunting to decorate your garden or windows? Play wartime tunes and have a go at one of the rationing recipes you researched a few weeks back? This website has some great ideas for lockdown celebrations:


However you decide to celebrate, it would be wonderful if you could share your pictures by emailing them to myself or Mrs Peace. 


Week 4  - 27.04.2020



We have done it! Last day of the week and what wonderful pieces of home learning we have had sent in to us this week! Your poems have blown us away! So thoughtful, funny and sometimes sad. Well done guys!

I put out a call for you guys to recreate some famous art work and after seeing George's wonderful impression of the self-portrait of Vincent Van Gogh, I got myself and the kids to give it a go ourselves. Rufus recreated Man in the Red Turban (1443) by Jan Van Eyck; Ida recreated Portrait of a Child (1880) by Emile Munier; and Mrs Bourner recreated a photograph of Salvador Dali and his Columbian ocelot.







Hi, Mrs Peace here. This week was Callum's Birthday so we have celebrated with a delicious cake cooked by my daughter Lilah.  We enjoyed pizza and a game of 'Risk' a new board game which went on for a considerable length of time!  We have continued to enjoy walks with our dog on the beach and lots of movie nights


Does anyone have any movie recommendations?  We would love to hear them.



Morning 6BP! Miss Cooper here. How are you all? Another cooler day again unfortunately but what a great time to work on a skill – I have been busy crocheting frontline hero bears to go in peoples windows to support key workers. Hoping the sun will be out soon though so that I can get back out walking and on my bike. I have been exploring lots of Angmering Woods and even venturing across to Arundel on my MTB bike. So many beautiful places to be seen, including all the bluebells out in bloom. I have loved seeing what you have all been up to. My current plan to get through the less sunny weather is to teach my cat a new trick – check out Bowie below with his bell! He is now learning how to wave on command too. I’ll upload a video once he’s cracked it. Anyone else taught their pet a new trick? Would love to see a video or photo!   




Hello again! What a rainy day! Mrs Bourner got absolutely drenched coming in to work today but she does love hearing the rain on the roof in the upper school Y6 area. How are you all? Mrs Bourner's family watched Abominable on Saturday, it is such a lovely film and quite funny too. She "camped out" in the living room with the kids that night; Mrs Bourner loves camping so this was the closest she could get to it! Can you spot her daughter's spooky doll?



Elara has just finished her new work book cover - I love all the quotes on the front! 'Up' is one of Miss Cooper's favourite films... she even has her own Kevin in the garden!


Good morning lovelies! What have you been up to this weekend? Mrs Bourner has been out to the park with the kids and has been teaching her son to ride a bike; he's getting there slowly. Have you been mastering a new skill? Unfortunately it looks like we are going to get a bit of rain in the coming week or two so make the most of the dry spells and take some rainy walks with an umbrella. This website has some great ideas for indoor activities:

The first bit of rain will make everything smell amazing.

Fact of the day: That smell is called Petrichor; it is the earthy scent produced when rain falls on dry soil. The word is constructed from Greek petra, meaning "stone", and īchōr, the fluid that flows in the veins of the gods in Greek mythology.

Mrs Bourner's children were feeling sorry for the rubbish collection team, as they had so much recycling after Easter. So the children decorated the recycling bins with a thank you message. It's nice to leave a thank you chalk message or note to your bin men, postman, delivery driver and others for all the hard work they are doing right now.


Wow! Check out Mollie and Isla's making pasta below. Looks delicious! Let us know if you're taking orders :D










Edie's dog has also been busy working on his agility - very cute indeed!



Week 3  - 20.04.2020


Good morning! Thank you for all the wonderful pieces you have been sending in this week, it is lovely seeing the different activities you have been doing. You are nearly at the weekend and we hope you all have something nice planned. The tide is going out so far at the moment so if you take your daily exercise at the beach you can walk for ages paddling in the sea - it's great because you can stay quite far from others off of the pebbles. Here are some jokes to get you through to the weekend:

What is red and smells like blue paint?

Red paint

Where does a General keep his armies?

Up his sleevies!

What's brown and sticky?

A stick!

Why not try something a bit different?

If you fancy something to do outside, why not explore the wildlife in your garden or on your walks! We were inspired by George's bee spotting and thought why not birds and butterflies too. Check out the guide below and Miss Cooper's two new friends on her walk last night. We would love for you to send in some photos of your wild furry, feathery and flying insect friends!





George has been busy spotting bees in his garden, would be fantastic if a few of you could see what's in yours and send in some pictures! The guide below should help. Happy spotting :D 


We are mid-way through the week! Well done guys! We have had some wonderful work sent in to us but more than anything it is great to have lots of you keeping in contact with us. It is really nice to see your names pop up in our inbox and to hear about what you have been up to.

Have you seen the photos of people recreating famous works of art?


It would be wonderful to see you recreate a famous painting by yourselves, with objects or with your families. There are lots of free art gallery tours online too so you could explore and find something that appeals to you. Maybe Mrs Peace and Mrs Bourner could give it a try?! 


Life in the Peace household has slowed down considerably and but they have found new ways to keep themselves busy.  Mrs Peace's daughter has designed and built some dog agility equipment for Bella who seems to enjoy her new exercise regime most of the time. 


Mrs Peace has been busy in the garden and for the first time ever has been growing vegetables; they have planted radishes, courgettes, beetroot and lettuce so here's hoping the slugs don't get to them before they do!  They have enjoyed getting outside for their daily exercise and have also been doing some workouts in the garden.  One of the highlights of the holiday has been their family connect 4 tournaments - Mrs Peace would highly recommend trying this if you have this game at home.  When we come out of lock down, she challenges anyone to beat her. She is the reigning champion in her household- see who will be the best in yours!

Elara's dad was busy over the Easter break delivering chocolate eggs to family. Loving the creative way he did this whilst keeping up the social distancing! Take a look below :D Thanks for sending this in Elara!




Good morning and welcome back to another week of home learning. Were any of you home learning over Easter? Mrs Bourner was trying to help her son settle in to a routine so she kept it up despite a few protests that it was supposed to be a holiday. How are you settling in? Do you have a routine yet? We still haven't heard from a few of you guys so please look to the last post to check out how to contact us if you are still unsure - we love hearing about what you have been up to. Don't panic if you are still trying to find your groove, we all are! 

What activities have you been up to? Mrs Peace has been out walking the dog and visiting the beach and Mrs Bourner has dug her bike out and started riding again - it's true, just ask Eva who spotted her on the seafront. Fun fact: Mrs Bourner taught herself to ride at 19 years old and is still very wobbly! Extra social distancing is needed if you see her cycling towards you! The Bourner family have been making their own primary sources in the shape of clay fingerprints and commemorative items. Her kids often call Coronavirus "The Bug". There are some amazing salt dough hand print ideas out there online as well as hand print rainbows and more. We are part of History guys so lets make memories of this moment to share in the years ahead! 


Book recommendations - Georgia had a great idea before Easter for you all to recommend your favourite reads. Take a photo and summarise why you loved your book in two sentences. I will then upload on to our class page. We'd love to see some of these coming in. There are also lots of free audio books out there for you to listen to online. 

Elara has sent in her lovely rainbow made out of tissue paper and decorated with animals above! I'm sure its making lots of people smile as they walk by.

Loving the rainbow Mollie has painted - beautiful! Has anyone else been up to anything extra they'd like to share? 


Week 2 - 30.03.20

All of you will have received an email from Mrs Bourner over the weekend to say hello. You can now login to Office 365 using your email address *username* and your password, this should be the same username and password as your AR. Please drop us an email to say hello if you have not already.

We are getting so many great pieces of work sent to us and it is lovely to see your efforts. This week we'd like to ask you pick your favourite pieces from the week to send in, be thoughtful and tell us why you chose those pieces. This can be a couple of pieces of work you think you did a great job on or a couple of additional activities you have completed. 

Rainbows - lots of families and children have been spreading the love with rainbows. Mrs Bourner's children have made a rainbow for their window using glitter, paint and collage. We have also seen rainbow paving slabs coloured in with chalk, rainbow coloured steps, rainbow painted fences - all to share the message that we are not alone. It's lovely to count all the rainbows you see when you go for your walk, scoot, cycle or run each day. Do you have a rainbow to share? 


Maths tasks

Well done to those of you who have been working out percentages of amounts and keeping up with nasty maths. Great work Emily and Alfie- even a bit of spelling in there too!



Alfie D B has really been cracking on with his maths this week and has done a fantastic job of using shapes to work out missing values. Well done to Eddie too... nice to see you looking comfy working in your dressing gown. We've been reassured you are dressed and the dressing gown is for warmth, we believe you - many wouldn't!




Your mission earlier this week was to write a paragraph giving your opinions on what happened in pigeon impossible - who was to blame for the chaos that unfolded? Emily believes it was undoubtedly Walter Beckett's fault - see below her fantastic reasons as to why...


In science you have been exploring how the eye works and we have had these fantastic diagrams in from Alfie DB and Mollie.



This week your task is to plan a family meal based on using traditional ingredients you would have had in the 1940s. Well done to Mollie who has planned a whole weeks worth of (non-vegetarian!) 1940s meals - yum!



How have you all been getting on with reading? Mollie and Isla certainly have the right idea and have set up a erm...cosy corner in Mollie's wardrobe to listen to Mrs RW read. Keep it up girls! Emily has carefully responded to the reading questions - well done!



This week you are developing your skills even further and looking into drawing overlapping spheres. Fantastic work from Emily - awesome shading, you've really created an accurate shadow effect. Alfie DB has been applying his shading skills to a very detailed study of the human eye.



Molly has been trialling different types of coding and worked out how to program scratch to allow you to click buttons to say yes or not rather than having to type it. Fantastic work :) how is everyone else getting on with Scratch?

Extra activities, news and learning

Herbie went out for a walk on Monday and came across two robins so wrote a poem about them! Lovely use of rhyme :)

Week 1  - 23.03.20

Hello 6BP! How is home working going for you? So far we have had some wonderful examples of your hard work sent to us so please continue to take photos of your efforts. This is an area where we can celebrate work and share ideas to inspire one another. To begin with you could share how you have decorated your work books and the first tasks you have completed. 

We are only just beginning to feel organised, and many of you might be struggling with this, so please send us some images of your working environments. Where are you working from? Mrs Bourner is currently teaching her little ones from their kitchen and is desperately trying to keep the area organised. Her laptop is so ancient that she can only work from the living room at a coffee table when she needs to do her school work. Mrs Peace has a lovely peaceful office area where she can have some space to focus on the many tasks she has to do. She wishes that was true! Say Hi to Bella who has brought Mrs Peace some of Callum's socks. Send us images of your wonderful set ups. Are you working with parents or siblings? Are you on computers or tablets? Do you have an area you have designed and organised to keep you focused? Help others to keep positive and motivated by sending us pictures of your work environments or a picture of your wonderful selves busy at work for us to share below. 


Don't forget that we are just an email away if you need anything. 

Getting Started

Thanks for the photo of your book design Micah! Your picture is helping us to spread the love in 6BP and further; Emily sent in a very RAD design; Bobby - our fashionista Guru has used branding to decorate his; Natalia was very creative and recycled some items; Alfie had a wonderful fantasy design - I wonder which popular tv series inspired it? Elara has sent in her pur-fect design. 




Thank you to those sending in pictures of their working environments!

These two photos are from George to show us his working environment that he is sharing. The table used to belong to his nan and grandad; his grandad served in the Navy in WWII. The middle compartment is George's new locker - very organised.


Here is Elara's working space that she is sharing with her sister. Elara says - It’s a bit messy but whose work place isn’t! 


First is Natalia's working space - she says "It is quite messy but as long as it works for me it works." 

Next, Emily is taking the approach of being comfortable whilst working. She has been very busy so the soft floor technique must be working.


Here are Eva and Alfie B's working areas -  both are very well organised. Alfie - you are fluffier that we remember?!


Writing Tasks: 

We have been exploring letter writing to plan and write a letter as an evacuee. We have received lots of emails with your wonderful planning and drafting and, if you think you are finished, please check back through the resources to make sure you have included full detail and features.

Edie what an inspiring start to the week.  This letter has captured the tone of the era brilliantly and you have included lots of the year 6 grammar features.  Well done! The next evacuee letter is from Gabriel - we love his attention to detail and his use of year 6 structures. Alfie DB sent the last one and he has worked really hard on editing in extra detail to build the voice of an evacuee. 


Great effort here too from Emily and Herbie.    


Great work Eva and Alfie B!


We've had these wonderful plans from Alfie DB, Clara and Eva. We can't wait to see the final products as there are some lovely details in your planning. We also had this great first draft sent to us from Emily - great job!



Check out these amazing 100 word challenges from Elara and Emily.




Maths Tasks:

Well done to everyone who has been busy solving the murder mystery! You have also been hard at work exploring fractions, decimals and percentages. Thank you to Emily for her FDP work and to Edie who has included well thought out reasoning. 



Great effort also from Alfie B showing us his FDB understanding and excellent organisation; Eva demonstrating the long division method; Emily who has worked hard on IXL tasks as well as classroom based activities; and Alfie DB for sharing his excellent layout and understanding of fractions, decimals and percentages. 



Here's more marvellous maths work from Alfie B, Eva and Edie - keep up the hard work guys!




Science Tasks: 

We have been exploring light source and how light travels in Science. What have you discovered?

Thank you Emily for sending in the image of your experiment and also to Natalia for showing the effect of light through a prism.


Eva sent in this series of images of her investigation to explore if light travels in straight lines.


Geography and History Tasks:

I hope you have all enjoyed looking at past pictures of Worthing during WWII. As a seaside town we were aware of possible attacks; the defence measures taken changed the physical Geography of Worthing. It was very interesting to read the personal account of growing up in Worthing at the time of WWII.

Elara, Eva and Emily have been exploring some of these local areas to compare the past and present. 




Emily has written a diary entry to recount a day in the life of a child in Worthing during WWII.


Art Tasks:

The class have been drawing 3D spheres, using shading to add depth to their shapes.

Great work Elara - she completed her sphere and then discovered the step-by-step tutorial. What skill! 

Well done Kara - this is a wonderful example of how artists rarely draw a single image but instead sketch time and time again to explore aspects of their subject. A great example of shading to create three dimensions.

Great work Emily - another great example of shading.




What exercise have you been doing? Do you have pictures of the week's tasks? 

Clara has been practising her tennis skills and look who else has been keeping fit in the garden...


Additional activities and news:

Herbie has been busy creating his own chocolate bar. He is part chef, part product designer, part illustrator and designer. We are very impressed with his efforts and hope to see it on the supermarket shelves one day!


George cooked a rather delicious looking cake at home - You owe us a slice there George!