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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

ACRO - Solar School - Learning Skills

ACRO -  Learning Skills

The ACRO skills model used at Chesswood has been adapted from the Welsh Assembly model which was introduced to 'focus on the attitudes, skills and behaviours needed to enable young people to meet the needs of business in the 21st Century' (Business Wales)

The types of skills covered can be referred to as 'entrepreneurial' 'employability' or 'learning' skills and underpin all learning at Chesswood, developing in children an understanding of the personal skills required to be successful in many areas of life, relating well to the school's curriculum driver ' Life Opportunities'.  

The core skills covered are -



Beneath these core skills are 'families of skills' which children focus throughout their time at Chesswood. 

To engage children with the skills, 'Solar School' has been developed at Chesswood. Solar School is a ficticious school set in space and has been created to introduce pupils to learning skills, utilising and expanding the ACRO framework. Pupils from Chesswood school worked with Andy Bartlett (designer) to develop the ideas behind Solar School - leading the Solar School model to be launched at Chesswood - The Home of Solar School. Children at Chesswood are familiar with the 'Solar School Scenario'.


Throughout the school year, children reflect on their strengths and weaknesses in relation to the skills focused upon. Characters for each skill are displayed in classrooms and pupils assess themselves against various 'I can statements'. For example - 


As children's understanding of their strengths and weaknesses in relation to ACRO skills grows, they develop CVs. 

These are then used, alongside formal letters of application, to apply for one of the various leadership roles within school.