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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School


Friday 3 July

Aaron has added to the art collection and completed his geography quiz.


Thursday 2 July

Rares sent his art just after I updated yesterday (scroll down to see the art, cakes and a video of Buddy's guinea pigs!)


Art has been a strong favourite, with entries from Hope (great timing), Tommy (picturesque), Ela (beautiful), Nastia (cute) and Sara (just jealous!)

Monday 15 June

Angela has been busy - science, art, spelling and maths.



Wednesday 20 May

Andrei has completed his art project.

Tuesday 12 May

Hope sent in art.


Thursday 7 May

Well done to Aaron for sending in the first VE inspired work of the day - a brilliant drawing of a Spitfire.

Sara has done an exceptional piece of art.


Wednesday 6 May

Ela and Andrei have sent in their favourite art styles (Andrei getting creative with the computer again!)



Thursday 30 April

Andrei sent his art work from yesterday.

Wednesday 29 April

Sara and Hope have been getting arty too.


Nastia has her version of the art.

Aaron has been arranging his lego - great art colour palette.


Monday 27 April

Elisha has completed her art.



Nastia completed her art project.

Elisha has been in contact with her day's work - great art and an interesting science experiment.



Sonny has posted pictures of him as an artist and the finished product - great work.



Hope has completed the art from yesterday.

MONDAY 30 March

Tommy has been artistic too - look at this masterpiece!

Nastia has sent in a take away task she did over the weekend - amazing artwork.

Thursday 26 March

Angela has been drawing.