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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

Bluebell room

welcome to the bluebell room calm zone. we've added some activities and ideas for you to try.
express yourself - be creative


Illustration of a heart

Write 1 or 2 words about how you're feel

Draw a heart or a star for yourself and write 3 kind words or messages to yourself.

Remind yourself that no matter how difficult things feel, you are not alone - someone in your street, neighbourhood, town or city is likely to be feeling similar emotions to you right now.

Draw a heart or a star for someone else who is feeling like you do and write 3 kind words for them too.

You can do this for as many people you like.


Imagine 3 months from now.

Draw or write what could look different, what challenges you will have faced and what positive changes you want to make

Try to focus on things that seem possible to achieve like feeling more confident about an exam, starting a new hobby or making a new friend.

If it's hard to think that far ahead, you could start by imagining next week or next month.


Illustration of a plant

Knowing what's important to you can help you to prioritise when you're under pressure or feeling overwhelmed.

Write a list of your values and things that matter to you, like feeling calm, being kind or taking care of your pet.

Look at your list every week and decide whether these are still important or if you want to add or remove something.

When you have a difficult decision to make or too many things to do, have a look at your list to help you choose what to do next.


Here are links to some games from the Childline website.

Balloon game - watch your worries float away

Create your ideal room - your happy place

Wall of expression - write or draw your feelings then knock that wall down


Taking slow, deep breaths can help you feel calmer and more relaxed.

                                                     Breathe and sigh


Illustration of a leaf

Breathe in through your nose

Make a big sigh and drop your shoulders downwards as you breathe out through your mouth

Repeat 4 times

Calming words

Illustration of a leaf

Breathe in while you say to yourself "I feel calm"

Breath out while you say to yourself "I let go of stress"

Breath in while you say to yourself "Feel calm"

Breathe out and say to yourself "Let go of stress"