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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School


COULD homework is not expected to be completed each week, this is free choice for those who wish to do a little more after having completed their MUST and SHOULD homeworks.

COULD homework is divided into three sections: Subject Specific Knowledge, Safety and Wellbeing and IXL. There is no set order, children can attempt anything that takes their interest and spend as long or as little time doing the activity as they wish. All COULD homework is bonus learning each week.


Direct link provided to this page - see the tables and links below to decide what to do.


1) Revise your key knowledge by looking at your knowledge organisers and/or playing some of the game links;

2) Look at some of the life skill videos on our website (click on the links for these);

3) Do some more IXL English or Maths.  You could focus on Expanded Noun Phrases in English and Place Value in Maths as per our class lessons.

subject specific knowledge
Subject Link Activity


Have a read of the knowledge organiser for E-Safety.  See how much you can remember by attempting the E-safety game.  Don’t worry — it’s not a test — you can use the knowledge organiser to help you.


This term we will be exploring Street Art.  We will be finding out more about Banksy and their artwork, and creating some of our own based on Social Media or Global Warming.

Why not take a look at the article about Banksy on Newsround to find out more?



This term we will be "travelling" all the way to North America to visit the Grand Canyon.  Keep an eye out for the Knowledge Organiser (work in progress - this is a BRAND NEW TOPIC.)

Meanwhile, use the game to revise the continents.  Can you also find out what countries make up North America?



Last term we learnt about the Ancient Egyptians.  Take a look at the Knowledge Organiser to remind yourself of what we learnt about.  



Missed the rest of Rumblestar? Don't panic.  Use the link to hear Mrs RW read out the story from chapter 12 through to the end.   What a fantastic way to start the new term - with one quiz ready to take!!



Have a read of the Living Things and their Habitats knowledge organiser.  See how much you can remember by attempting the key vocabulary and key knowledge games.  Don’t worry — it’s not a test — you can use the knowledge organiser to help you.



Practice French on Duolingo for 5-10 mins per day.  Contact your class teacher if you need your login.




Fancy learning a new sport - check out the knowledge organisers on Orienteering and Table Tennis!

Why not check out our web pages to explore further links to widen your thoughts on the curriculum? Click on the link below.

Useful Websites and Links

Game Zone

life skills

Have a look at the resources below with an adult.  Write down key rules for road safety and fire safety in your homework book.


Visit IXL and see how many activities you can score at least 90 on.  If you can reach 100 - even better!  You shouldn't spend more than 30 minutes on any one task - if you are struggling with a task ask for help or move on to a different task. Click on IXL below to be taken to IXL.