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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

COVID 19 - Corona virus updates


During this period of limited community service this school site continues to be open for provision for vulnerable pupils and children of key workers. Irrespective of any partial closure or collaboration with another school, the safeguarding of all our children remains our top priority.

At this time, our school will continue as normal in supporting our vulnerable children and if anyone has any questions regarding this they are asked to make contact with our designated safeguarding leader, Andrew Jolley -

Should you have other questions, queries or concerns of a broader nature please use our FAQ document (link below) to check answers our responses. If your question has not been answered in the FAQ document please use the form available at:


Frequently Asked Questions

We have invited questions from parents to help us form the best response to the things that are your “unknowns”. We will open a similar process for children to answer their questions. In doing both of these we hope that we can:

 Reduce the anxieties and worries held by families

 Move to the “New Normal” as quickly as possible and get the learning machine back up and running in the shortest possible time.

 Recognise opportunities quickly and respond effectively to changing circumstances in support children and families.

Please read the comprehensive frequently asked questions document. If your question is not answered within it, use the electronic form below – we update this document every 24 hours.