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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

Celebrating 6MH's Work!

Tuesday 19th january 2021

Ellie's super science! - Classification lesson 1. Well done, Ellie! MRS GREN...

Monday 18th january 2021

Erin's maths with some great reasoning - amazing effort!

Fin's incredible maths! - So neat!

Fin's fantastic English work - Pigeon impossible! Wow... that was action packed!

Magnificent Melody has been busy making her Scratch computing project! Well done.

Friday 15th january 2021

Bella's amazing art! WOW!

thursday 14th january 2021

Harry's extremely neat and detailed GR! 

Matilda made jaffa cakes from junior bake off! They looks AMAZING!

Queenie's super neat written methods - fantastic effort!

Wednesday 13th january 2021

Matilda's marvellous maths and guided reading!

Khemjira's beautifully neat written methods - wow! 

Fin's incredible Science Kingdoms! Based on hair colour. Well done for your excel work, Fin! Additional 30HP

Queenie has been baking a vegan carrot cake - looks delicious - check out the recipe to bake it yourself.


Tuesday 12th January 2021

Excellent Ellie's English, maths and written methods - what beautiful presentation, well done! 30 additional HP! 


Guess who made this incredible two-perspective art work?! WOW! Amazing work.

Marvellous Melody's incredible art and maths work! Well done.


Excellent Eva's arithmetic test - Well done for completing this at home, Eva!

Monday 11th January 2021

6MH have been doing lots of DT cooking at home, from chocolate brownies, stir-fry and cheese biscuits! Check them out below.

Bella P's excellent stir-fry - looks delicious!

Annie and Erin's chocolate brownies!



Erin's cheese biscuits!


Josh baking something mysterious! He hasn't told me what it was yet... any guesses?

Elsa's incredible art using her lino print from school!

Harry's incredible maths!

Fin made a fantastic poster all about Sharks from research he did. Well done Fin!


Rose - You sound like a very keen baker, I'm always happy to try new bakes if you need a second opinion! hehe. I look forward to meeting you in September! 


Matilda - What incredible art work! Wow. I am looking forward to meeting you too! See you in September.



Finley - This is very neat. I LOVE Harry Potter!! The karate belt sounds impressive, I look forward to meeting you in September!


Nikolay - Another member of the class with a dog! I'm glad you like maths like me and I will of course help you with your English - don't worry about that, get a head start with some English IXL to help you out. See you in September!


Nethanylle - I love that you always do your best in every subject and that you are helpful! - I've just taught myself how to knit, maybe you could teach me some of your skills! :D

Tyreece - Good job I have such good eyes, that is teenie-tiny handwriting! I will help you with the long division method don't worry about that! :D I look forward to meeting you.


Harry - That is a lot of sports you like doing! It's cool that you like the outdoors too and I love that you're friends with the whole class, this is really lovely to hear! I look forward to meeting you properly in September.


Zane - Great drawing, I get the feeling this is a really good representation of you! I look forward to meeting you in September - I'm glad you're reflecting on your challenges and hoping to focus more - great work. 


Denisa - Fantastic art work, I love that most of the class are your friends and I think your aims for year 6 are very positive and achievable - great goals, I can't wait to see you reach them. 


Ellie - You sound fantastic at performing, I can't wait to see you dance! I am looking forward to meeting you in September, have a fantastic summer. 


Khemjira - Firstly, what beautiful handwriting you have! I'm so glad you're pleased, I'm very pleased to be teaching you in September. I love your restaurant, Thai cuisine is one of my favourites! Thai coconut jelly sounds incredible... I will have to pinch the recipe off you to try it myself. See you in September! :D

William - I love how creative the front of your postcard is - I loved reading about your interests too - good luck becoming a 2 millionaire this term - what an achievement! Get some reading in over the summer to get a head start in September - who knows, maybe you'll be a 3 millionaire in year 6! - WOAH.


Melody - We will get you ready for your SATS, don't worry about that, what an incredible sketch - I see I've got some artists in this class. I'm glad you love maths too!


Bella - It is so lovely to see your huge smile, this made me so happy! What fantastic work you have produced, I can't believe we both have 2 dogs! Well done for making your work so beautifully neat.


Josh - I love your positive attitude to coming back to Chesswood in September, I can't wait to meet you. Really amazing sketch too! Your stamp made me curious... and giggle too! 


Eva - I would love to start sewing club too, maybe you could help me with my sewing machine skills, I love that you sell scrunchies, what a fantastic business woman you are already! I look forward to meeting you too!


Annie - My favourite subject is maths too! It's great that you love reading, maybe you will be our first millionaire reader...


Erin - I'm glad you love D.T. - I lead this subject so hopefully we will have lots of fun with our DT projects in year 6, I have lots of fun things lined up, including the goblin cars at the end of the year! I love baking and Harry Potter too!!!