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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

Celebrating 6MH's Work!


Rose - You sound like a very keen baker, I'm always happy to try new bakes if you need a second opinion! hehe. I look forward to meeting you in September! 


Matilda - What incredible art work! Wow. I am looking forward to meeting you too! See you in September.



Finley - This is very neat. I LOVE Harry Potter!! The karate belt sounds impressive, I look forward to meeting you in September!


Nikolay - Another member of the class with a dog! I'm glad you like maths like me and I will of course help you with your English - don't worry about that, get a head start with some English IXL to help you out. See you in September!


Nethanylle - I love that you always do your best in every subject and that you are helpful! - I've just taught myself how to knit, maybe you could teach me some of your skills! :D

Tyreece - Good job I have such good eyes, that is teenie-tiny handwriting! I will help you with the long division method don't worry about that! :D I look forward to meeting you.


Harry - That is a lot of sports you like doing! It's cool that you like the outdoors too and I love that you're friends with the whole class, this is really lovely to hear! I look forward to meeting you properly in September.


Zane - Great drawing, I get the feeling this is a really good representation of you! I look forward to meeting you in September - I'm glad you're reflecting on your challenges and hoping to focus more - great work. 


Denisa - Fantastic art work, I love that most of the class are your friends and I think your aims for year 6 are very positive and achievable - great goals, I can't wait to see you reach them. 


Ellie - You sound fantastic at performing, I can't wait to see you dance! I am looking forward to meeting you in September, have a fantastic summer. 


Khemjira - Firstly, what beautiful handwriting you have! I'm so glad you're pleased, I'm very pleased to be teaching you in September. I love your restaurant, Thai cuisine is one of my favourites! Thai coconut jelly sounds incredible... I will have to pinch the recipe off you to try it myself. See you in September! :D

William - I love how creative the front of your postcard is - I loved reading about your interests too - good luck becoming a 2 millionaire this term - what an achievement! Get some reading in over the summer to get a head start in September - who knows, maybe you'll be a 3 millionaire in year 6! - WOAH.


Melody - We will get you ready for your SATS, don't worry about that, what an incredible sketch - I see I've got some artists in this class. I'm glad you love maths too!


Bella - It is so lovely to see your huge smile, this made me so happy! What fantastic work you have produced, I can't believe we both have 2 dogs! Well done for making your work so beautifully neat.


Josh - I love your positive attitude to coming back to Chesswood in September, I can't wait to meet you. Really amazing sketch too! Your stamp made me curious... and giggle too! 


Eva - I would love to start sewing club too, maybe you could help me with my sewing machine skills, I love that you sell scrunchies, what a fantastic business woman you are already! I look forward to meeting you too!


Annie - My favourite subject is maths too! It's great that you love reading, maybe you will be our first millionaire reader...


Erin - I'm glad you love D.T. - I lead this subject so hopefully we will have lots of fun with our DT projects in year 6, I have lots of fun things lined up, including the goblin cars at the end of the year! I love baking and Harry Potter too!!!