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Welcome to Chesswood TV



Welcome to Chesswood Junior School and our new TV channels – Chesswood TV1 (CTV1) and Chesswood TV 2 (CTV2). Our new TV service will include a new programme weekly. CTV1 will focus on whole school weekly challenges for our wonderful Chesswood children and families. None of this would have been possible without the inspiration, hard work and creativity of Sam Holden, 4JD – Director General of CTV 1&2 and his dad Mark Holden – New Editor. Thanks guys you have been awesome!

In season 1 the following challenges have been planned – so get your thinking caps on – How can you get involved (entrance is restricted to Chesswood Families only as Internet space is limited)?





Friday 3rd April

Dua Lipa – Physical, Dance

Tuesday 12th May

Extreme Origami

Friday 17th April

Great Indoors Challenge

Tuesday 19th May

Musical Maths

Monday 27th April

Talent Show

Monday 25th May

Great CTV Bake Off!

Tuesday 5th May

Jokes and comedy



All CTV 1 Challenge videos must be less than 60 seconds to be included in a TV episode.

CTV 2 will focus on celebrating as much of the wonderful work children have been completing at home (with the help of family members J). There will be a photo gallery of your creations each week. we really look forward to seeing the many great things you have created and know how much love, care and attention you have used to be the ‘Best you can be’.

We will include as many CTV1 & CTV 2 entries as possible each week and over time expect to include all children at least once and fairly. CTV1 Challenge entries will need to be sent to:, by 5p.m. on the Thursday before the programme goes to air on Monday/Tuesday. Entries for CTV2 will be selected from all of the lovely work you send in for your class pages; again we will use entries sent by Wednesday 5 p.m. each week. Entries sent after that will be eligible for the programme in the next week.

Important reminder

We are so delighted to receive your entries - they look absolutely fantastic!  To help us make sure we give you the credit that you deserve, please can you make sure you include your name and class in the subject of the email when sending your entries in.  Please also use landscape orientation when filming where possible (filmed with the phone on its side).  Thank you!

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