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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

Design & Technology

friday 22nd may

Stand back and marvel at Frankie's awesome Marble Run! Then scroll down for the video action...




thursday 14th may

Willow took up the challenge - so pretty too...

tuesday 12th may

Origami challenge accepted by Frankie, well done... anyone else?

monday 11th may

Another chef alert!  Lucy cooking guys are great.


thursday 7th may

More yummy meals and preparation on going on for both Willow and Alice - Well done ladies, very professional looking!

wednesday 6th may

Here is our first completed cooking cycle!  Planning, preparation, skills practise and delivery, all with a thumbs up!  Great job Louis.


Quickly followed by Alice - this also looks delicious


tuesday 5th may

Looks like a few children are up for the cooking challenge this week and have already started planning their healthy eating plates and researching the skills that they will be needing...  Well done to Frankie and Willow - can't wait to see what you do!

tuesday 21st april

Here is Lilah's amazing Pizza she made -apparently it was very yummy!

friday 27th march

Louis and his sister have been practising their Master Chef skills today making soda bread.  I bet they had to use their heal, flip turn technique to knead the dough - great work, looks delicious too! 20HP

wednesday 25th march

Wait until you see this... Max has only been baking, I think he is trying to make me jealous with his skills!  It is working but now I am feeling hungry - thanks! What a great achievement 50HP for your creativity and first in the DT section!

What could you do to challenge him?