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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

Design & Technology

Helenka has been honing her baking skills during the lockdown.  Her mum told me this banana bread was much better than hers!

Frankie finally managed to get hold of some flour and yeast at the weekend and has made two delicious looking loaves of bread - one had added ham and olives!

Lilia has been busy making apple and rhuburb crumble - looks delicious, Lilia!
























Mmmmm..... these cookies look delicious, Tate!  Tate's mum couldn't get any bread flour - so he made cookies instead...

Sorrel has made this delicious looking bread!

Daisy has been busy making pizza dough!  You look very professional, Daisy - I wonder how the pizzas turned out?!  25hp!!

Helenka has also been having a go at making some pasta for lunch.  Mmmm....lots of garlic there, Helenka!

Here's the finished product!

Looks like Helenka and her sister added some delicious broccoli to their pasta - hope it was good, girls! 30hp!!

Here's Frankie cooking his pasta at home - it looks like Masterchef!

And here's the finished result - Frankie added oregano and olives to his pasta and they ate it for lunch. 30hp, Frankie!

Some more delicious-looking pasta from Alice G!  Alice's family had this for their lunch and said it was 'yummy'.  All these pictures are making me hungry.  Is it lunchtime yet??  30hp, Alice!

Mmmmm.....  this pasta is making me feel hungry, Wiktoria!  I think I need to make myself some lunch!  What a great job from Wiktoria - this pasta looks delicious and nutritious.  I hope it tasted as good as it looks....! 30hp!