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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

Design & Technology

Thursday 9 July

Aaron has been working on his DT.


Thursday 2 July

Angela baked some excellent looking cakes - they tasted brilliant too (thank you!)

Thursday 25 June

Aaron has been creating - his DT project had one success and one failure, which do you think was which?


Friday 19 June

Rares has been busy with his writing and maths as usual, but has also sent in his geography score and DT game he made.



Thursday 18 June

Cameron has been baking - they look tasty.

Thursday 11 June

Rares has made a rather refreshing looking elderflower and lemon drink.



Aaron has created a mini-football table for DT.



Thursday 21 May

Rares has been in the kitchen again - and has made me hungry again, even this early in the morning!


Monday 18 May

Angela has been cooking again - wonderful looking brownies.

Friday 15 May

Buddy finally got the equipment to make his marble run.




Andrei has been cooking again.

Thursday 14 May

Aaron, Andrei, Hope, Nastia and Rares all completed their DT task.




Thursday 30 April

Andrei has sent a video of his marble run in action.



Elisha has made a fantastic looking marble run course.

Louie has been in touch for the first time - he has been busy! Cooking - not sure he was impressed with the squid!


Making a puppet model.


Aaron has completed his marble run.



Nastia has completed her marble run.


Tuesday 28 April

Angela has been baking - what a cake!


Monday 27 April

Jasper has sent an email with lots of updates. A DT project to build a magazine/book stand - thanks to his Grandad's wood.


Elisha has cooked a healthy meal (so tasty she ate the cucumber before taking a picture!)



Nastia rivals Rares with her meal - now I'm really hungry.


Rares has made a rather tasty-looking meal for DT.


Nastia has been planning her DT meal.


Buddy has been baking bread.



Andrei has been baking brownies - I'm hungry now!



Angela has taken the DT task to the next level - becoming an engineer herself.

Nastia has included her engineer for DT.

Let's start today with the mouthwatering offering from Angela - rock buns, for which she has kindly produced the recipe.


FRIDAY 27 March

Sara is making chips for dinner - excellently using her cutting skills.

Nastia thinks her tower is taller!

Elisha built a tower too - very impressive!

Thursday 26 March

Who built the highest tower? Should you be holding it Hope?


Hope wrote her plan up too though Sara!

Willow and Oscar have made a money purse in school.