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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

Design & Technology Celebration

Year 3

We are Chefs : Soup making 

Children grow their own ingredients, understanding seasonal produce and the benefit of growing locally

 Harvesting crops - Grow local / seasonal produce

Children learn skills of chopping, peeling, grating, measuring


 Add ingredients to the stock

Add a touch of seasoning to create tasty soup and ENJOY


Enterprise opportunities: A real and relevant outcome - selling soup at the Christmas Fayre. 


We are textile designers : Purse Making

Evaluating existing products - What does the customer require?

Designing - Creating patterns and templates

Using templates to cut the material to size


Threading a needle - building skills


Practising running, over and cross stitch


Proud smiles with finished purses!

We are engineers : Structures and Materials

Identifying different components and cams

​​Making a prototype in small groups

Planning own Easter cam cards

Making own Easter cam cards

Evaluating own cam Easter card

WE are chefs: Pizza Making

Recapping the Eatwell plate

Recapping skills from previous 'We are Chefs' unit

Planning our own balanced, healthy pizzas


Making our own pizzas!

Measuring accurately and combining ingredients.


Kneading the dough using the 'heel, flip, turn method'





Rolling dough into required shape and size



Applying passata, chopping and peeling vegetables to create healthy toppings and grating cheese to finish.



Baking pizzas in the oven.

Tasting the final product!

Evaluating our pizza.

We are structural engineers : tower Making


We are mechanical engineers : catapults


Year 4

we are electrical engineers : torches

Evaluation of existing products

Making a series circuit with a bulb and a functioning switch


Practical application of circuits in a functional product


We are structural engineers: Christmas Lanterns

Applying our understanding of structures to plan aesthetically pleasing products

Building our structures by cutting and  joining willow using elastic bands and masking tape to make strong 3D structures

Finished products


Christmas lantern evaluation

We are textile designers: draw-string bag


We are chefs: world cuisine - curry

We are chefs: world cuisine - curry


Year 5

we are chefs: The great british menu

Understanding seasonality and harvesting vegetables

Improving our knife skills

Making the Great British Menu

Enjoying the Great British Menu


Great British Menu Evaluation

We are mechanical engineers : cams toy

Building our own working cam


Developing our shaping and fixing skills


Exploring rotational and linear cams movements 


Cam toy evaluation

we are Textile designers: envelope cushion


Year 6

We are structural engineers: Building Bridges

Children study and explore different styles of bridges and how they work; looking at the advantages and disadvantages of each. Children explore forces of tension and compression building their knowledge as engineers. 

Arch Bridges - Compression Forces

Da Vinci Bridge - Compression Forces


Whilst exploring bridges, we focused on Isambard Kingdom Brunel - an ACRO Champion

Clifton Suspension Bridge - As part of the Bristol residential, children visit the Clifton Suspension Bridge

We are chefs: ready, steady, cook!

we are mechanical and electrical engineers:          chesswood festival of speed

Building the Go-Kart following plan instructions

Chesswood Festival of Speed in full swing

Sewing Club

We have recently purchased 17 sewing machines which will be used for textile projects in each year group. Sewing club have just started using them and are loving learning new skills and designing fantastic products.