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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

Divorce and Separation

Separated Parents Policy

Putting your children first

The needs of your children should come first when you make child arrangements with the other parent.

Most children will feel more secure if they have regular contact with their parents, if it’s safe to do so. If they understand the situation you should involve them in the decision-making.

Parent School Liaison

Unless there has been a history of domestic violence or other exceptional circumstances between parents, it is the policy of Chesswood Junior School to host one meeting with both parents attending wherever practicable. Where one parent refuses to attend a meeting with the other parent and there is no history of domestic violence or exceptional circumstances the meeting will be held with the parent whom the child resides with for the greatest amount of time. Given the finite time available to work in close partnership with all families and the significant proportion of families where separate living arrangements exist, we ask all parents to do everything possible to support this policy.

All parents identified on a child’s birth certificate have an automatic right to all information regarding their child. To ensure you receive all relevant information please contact the school reception to request:

  • Schools Buddy Emails – this includes school diary and updates on school news and events e.g. dates of parent-teacher evenings and booking arrangements.
  • All pupil achievement reports
  • All invites to specific support meetings e.g. Special Education

Please see the below website for more information.