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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

English - Reading

Welcome to 4JD's Reading Page. Every week, Mr Davis will post examples of the reading and reading tasks being completed at home and at school. 

Thursday 21st May

At home, Clara has reviewed the London Eye Mystery! It's clear how much of the book Clara has understood and I'm really impressed with her observations. Keep up the good work, Clara! 

Tuesday 19th May

Yesterday, Clara completed this amazing chronological trail as part of the reading activity. Keep up the good work, Clara!

Tuesday 12th May

Ethan has been doing so well with his reading lately, making the Top 10s for last week! When asked, he said that getting into a good routine and reading at a similar time each day works best for him. Keep it up, Ethan! 

Monday 11th May

Last week, Khier completed this reading task at home. Great presentation, Khier!

Thursday 30th April

Aliyah has just received full marks for a quiz on AR. Keep up the good work, Aliyah! I don't seem to be able to upload the screen-grab of this. Check back later.

Wednesday 22nd April

Harry has made these observations about each character in the London Eye Mystery. Have you all enjoyed the book so far?

Tuesday 21st April

Khier and Clara have both been busy answering questions about the London Eye Mystery book. Keep up the good work!


Friday 3rd April

Harry has made several powerpoints over the past few days. This was my favourite page! keep it up Harry.

Arthur has been working so hard on his spellings. Your Mum and I are so proud Arthur keep it up!

Clara has made herself a reading den! What a lovely idea.