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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

English - Reading

Friday 10th July

Rares has continued his reading streak.

Thursday 9th July

Buddy has also been reading.

Rares has been speed reading!


And Andrei has also completed a book.


Friday 3 July

Andrei finished the week with 20/20 for his spellings, completing his reading comprehension and doing his maths.



And Andrei has been reading double!


Monday 22 June

Tommy has completed another book and researched some history.


Rares has completed his history research, writing and maths and reading.

Wednesday 17 June

A round up from yesterday - Andrei has read another scary book and completed his maths.


Friday 12 June

New work from Hope from across the week.


Andrei has been reading more scary stories and doing his maths.


Thursday 11 June

Aaron is another superstar reader.

Monday 8 June

Jasper has got into Harry Potter and is enjoying his reading. Here is his book review.

Tommy has also been enjoying his reading


And finally, Andrei has also been enjoying his reading - looks scary!

Wednesday 3 June

Angela has been busy with her reading book report and maths.


Ela has finished a book and passed a quiz. 

Wednesday 20 May

Buddy has been reading and passed his quiz.

Monday 18 May

Nastia has been busy with her reading comprehension.  


Tuesday 12 May

Tommy has finished his reading comprehension and science.


Tuesday 5 May

Tommy completed his reading - 7/7, well done.

Monday 4 May

Nastia has had a busy morning - reading comprehension.


Tuesday 28 April

Jasper also sent in his reading.


Monday 27 April

Nastia managed to complete her reading - great going.



Latest work from Nastia - computing and reading.


Nastia has completed her daily reading task.


Nastia has been reading and has completed her task.

FRIDAY 27 March

Nastia has been reading and has completed her task.

Aaron has taken a quiz - good work.

Elisha is reading too.

Thursday 26 March

Kyah has been caught reading!

Sara has completed her reading task.

Andrei has found his book!

Nastia has completed her reading task for Hugo - great work.