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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

English - Writing

friday 15th may

Well done Maaya, Lucy and Frankie for completing your Magic Box poem - beautifully written.


thursday 14th may

Sienna's beautiful handwriting and Ethan's completed poem, very impressed with you both.

wednesday 13th may

Willow's fantastic Magic Box poem...prepare to be wowed by her reading (and the words below).  Message her and tell her how good it is, she would love this.



Ethan's Magic Box planner.. great work.  I am looking forward to reading your finished poem.

Emi's amazing poem.. so well written.



monday 11th may

I hear that lots of you are busy planning your Magic Box poem - Maaya has kindly sent her plan in for you all to see (and magpie!).  Thanks Maaya.


wednesday 6th may

More great arguments here... well done Rowan (from plan to letter) and Willow.

tuesday 5th may

I love this Persuasive letter to Drusilla's from Emi all neatly typed up to make it even more formal.  You should have a read and maybe magpie some ideas.

friday 1st May

Some great instructional writing from Maaya, Ethan, Lucy, Willow, Lilah (& sisters)and Emi this week to go with their worry dolls - great work.

The worry dolls turned out even better than her plan - check these out!




friday 27th april

This one is from Lucy, very colourful, creative and topical. Well Done.

wednesday 1st april

Lots of you have been busy planning and writing letters to your friends for this weeks task especially Willow and Alice - well done ladies, not only for completing the task but for keeping in touch with your friends.

friday 17th march

I thought you might like to know that Juliette is back in school today working hard and keeping motivated - look at the concentration as she works on finding those definitions. 10HP.

She is not the only one working hard - here's Rowan too! 10HP.

thursday 26th March

First 100 word challenge of the day today is from Amelia - I can already see her using expanded noun phrases and contractions - What else can you spot? 20HP

wednesday 25th march

We have had some great 100 words stories in for What's behind the dor? - do read your friends work for inspiration.

Check out Lucy who has also Edited her work in purple pen - well done for remembering the right layout too! 20HP

Maaya too! 20HP

tuesday 24th march

Check out what Max has been up to - he has been particularly busy! 40HP to you.

So whilst you are at home we have also been busy in class, here is some of our amazing work...


Great plan and character description Juliette!


monday 23rd march

Rowan's silly sentences and his Reading predictions! Great effort 20HP!

Willow's silly sentences - well done for underlining those spellings you were not sure about too - can I challenge you to use a dictionary to check with your positive marking? Well done 20HP!