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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

English - Writing

Harry has done some of his own writing work on opening an imaginary door and using his 5 senses to describe what he has found inside.  Great job, Harry!  I like the picture too!

Lilia's poem is about the River of Imagination - I love the last line!  It paints a really clear image.

Alice G has written a poem about the Bedroom of Dreams - sounds like a nice place to be!

Joshua has written six facts about the sun and lots of sentences practising using modal verbs - great job, Joshua!

Two lovely poems from Kelsey - one with a recipe for making a crocodile and the other one with six facts about clouds.   I love the line: 'he (the cloud) might be seeking above the mountain'.  Great job, Kelsey!


Here are a few Recipe for a ..... poems - from Frankie, Theo and Lilia.  I love the way Frankie has presented his, and they have all chosen different animals.  Some fantastic imagery you three - well done!



























































Theo imagined he were a dog - I love the line where it says he would tilt his head when you spoke to him.  That's exactly what dogs do.

Kelsey's poem written in the subjunctive form was, 'If I were a bird'.  What a lovely idea!

Leila has really given thought to her emotions and experiences during lockdown in this time capsule letter.

Here is Doris's bio writing for her time capsule.  I'm surprised Doris isn't fussed about missing the SATS... (which would have been last week!)

Some great advice and tips here from Theo about lockdown.  Theo has really been focusing on how to vary the starts of his sentences - good job, Theo! 

Doris has published one of her Soar pieces of writing - and done a great job on incorporating some dialogue/thought into the action.

Kelsey has recorded the results of an interview with his brother about his lockdown experience:

Kelsey has also done a great job here of writing a letter to his future self:

Leila had a go at last week's Quick Fire Write and has done a great job of presenting and labelling her ideal uniform.

Great performance of her poem about her favourite place from Myla!



More great writing from Samantha - writing dialogue and action for Part 1 of Soar.

Another lovely poem about Blue from Samantha below.  I love the image: 'the colour of cartoon rain'...

More team play writing from Daisy and Harriet!

Great script writing, Jayden and Kelsey!  They have both thought about using emotion adjectives in brackets to show how the characters are feeling when they speak.






Daisy and Harriet have worked together to create this playscript today based on 'Soar'.

Kelsey, Leila and Lilia have all worked really hard on their presentation in the three poems below.


Look at all these great colour poems sent in by Doris, Kelsey, Lilia and Agnes - three different colours too! I love some of the emotions they have said the colours make them feel.









Samantha has sent in this book review of Cherry Crush.  Great introduction!

Tate also sent in this poem - I'm guessing it's his favourite place?!

Click on this to see Tate's great book review - presented really creatively.  Interesting title for a book!

Jayden sent in this great Watery World writing from last week - Jayden, I am so impressed with the quality of this writing.  You have really thought about using all the things we talk about in our Y6 writing lessons and it is interesting to read - I want to know how it ends!

You have been sending me some lovely poems this week - look at these great name poems from Harvey, Doris and Frankie - they have come up with some really creative images using the letters of their names:












Great book review here from Doris - sounds like a good book too!

This book sounds great as well, Jayden - great use of Y6 punctuation!  25hp!!

Lilia's book review - sounds like a great book.  I think we should start a book recommendation section on our Class Page and this one could go on the list.  25hp, Lilia!!

Great Pigeon Impossible writing, Samantha!  You have really thought about including the target language from the Grammar lessons.


What a great piece of opinion writing, Lilia!  I can tell you are all watching my video and really thinking about the language you include in your writing.

Some more great opinion language in Frankie's piece of writing from today, too - and a bit of maths thrown in for good measure.

Some great use of the target language for the writing task today from Daisy - using fronted adverbials to give opinions.

evacuee letters

Here is the start to Lilia's letter.  Lots of interesting detail and descriptions of what it felt like to arrive at Michelham Priory for the first time...  Great work, Lilia!


This really looks like an old letter from the 40's, Samantha, with the tea-stained paper.  I love some of the historical detail too!

Great job on your evacuee letter, Doris!  It really sounds like someone talking at the time and I love all the description of Michelham Priory - it really makes it come alive.

I love the 'daffs' in this, Daisy!  There certainly were a lot of them when we went to Michelham last  week...

Fantastic work on your evacuee letter today, Joshua!  I love the way you've used language that a child writing at the time of World War 2 would have used. Great job! 

Lilia has finished her first draft of her evacuee letter today, but plans to do some improving/editing tomorrow - great stuff, Lilia!

Thank you, Samantha, for sending in the planning you did yesterday for your evacuee letter. I can't wait to read your letter home!

Samantha sent me her writing task from Monday.  Beautiful presentation, Samantha!  She has come up with some great ideas of things that could have happened to her as an evacuee (using ideas from the videos and what we have read in class).