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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

English - Writing

Week 9

Kane has sent in this wonderful guide to meditation. Read through his instructions and see if you can feel more relaxed. I think his would be a nice thing to encourage your family to do regularly each week too :)

Vraj has been consistently keeping up with his GPS practice at home using his SATS books which is great to see. This week he has sent in 14 pages worth - what a superstar!

Week 8

Jeannie has sent in a very helpful guide to meditation this week. I am going to follow the steps she suggests and have a go myself :)

Week 7

Lila has written this great 100 short story. I think she had built a really tense atmosphere which is gripping to read. I want to know what happens next.

Charlie has written a poem about getting a new kitchen. It's often helpful to write about something that you know lots about as it makes thinking what to write a lot easier. 


Millie L-S has written this lovely poem about a wolf this week. I think the descriptive language she has used helps to build a picture of a really powerful an majestic animal in the reader's head. 

Charlie has also completed a poem for how to make a cat, showing great imagination with his choice of ingredients.


Kane has sent in some fantastic poems that he has completed over the last couple of weeks. Have a read and see if you can feel the rhythm of each one as you read each line out loud or in your head.





I really have enjoyed all of the different, wonderful variations of poems you have sent me through this week. The ones Flo, Immy, Charlie and Lola have sent through about colours are some of my favourites. Lily C has also sent through 2 lovely poems about the seasons.



Have a read of Kane's super poem. I think the way he has played with the same 10 words to create so many different sentences is genuis!

I have received more poems today from Jeannie, Luca, Lila and Kit which I think are just lovely. Have a read and see if you can have a go yourself. 




Kane has sent in 2 really lovely pieces for the tasks that were set last week. He has used lots of year 6 features in his pieces and really shown off his skill as a writer. I could mistake this for being written by an adult. Have a read. What's your favourite sentence?


Week 3

Lila has sent in a piece of writing full of suspense and mystery. She has used adverbs effectively to show how the character is moving which helps to create an image in the reader's mind. 

Harrison has sent in his evacuee letter this week which I think is great. He has used language of the time well to pull the reader back in time to the 1940's. Super job Harrison :)

Immy has been making good use of her SATS revision books during her time at home so far. Even though you will not be doing the SATS, the tasks in the books are really helpful to keep testing your Year 6 skills and will set you up well for next term and beyond. 

Check out this fantastic introduction for a couple of book reviews Jeannie is going to write. I think the way she has addressed the reader makes it a really piece of writing that pushes the reader to think - well done Jeannie!

Thank you Flo for sending in your super sentences. Can you spot the sentences that use parenthesis and personification?



Week 2

Lots of you enjoyed the 100 word challenges in week 2! I was very happy to receive lots of inventive and entertaining pieces. Have a look at some of my favourites:

Leo sent in a brilliant story today about a pigeon causing mischief. Have a read of his edited second paragraph...

I was truly gripped by the brilliant suspense and tension that you managed to create in your 100 word challenges! Well done to Flo, Kane, Kit, Lila and Anna for sending me some particularly powerful ones.


More pieces about the mischievous pigeon...

Look at this fantastic newspaper article Kane created about the mischievous pigeon! He has considered his layout really well and used pictures to make it eye-catching which draws the reader in.


Leo and Kit showed me that they can confidently write to show their opinion using fronted adverbials. Flo has been practising using relative clauses. Well done!


Flo is showing great control over her writing here and has skillyfully used parenthesis to make her sentences more complex.




Week 1

Your first task was to follow the lesson stages and complete a letter home from an evacuee.  Thank you to Charlie who has sent in these examples of planning and writing for this task. 



Some brilliant draft letters then came through to me. Well done Millie for stepping into the shoes of an evacuee and including important details about what they would that thought and how they would have felt.

Drafting and editing:


Lila wanted to step into the shoes of an evacuee fully when she wrote her letter so she used a quill and ink exactly as they would have done during WW2. What a lovely way to get a sense of what it would have been like to live in that time!


Some of you created lovely special effects to make your letters look old and worn. Well done Kane and Flo for these beautiful pieces!