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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

Gifted & Talented

At Chesswood, we aim to make learning practical, enjoyable, relevant and meaningful. We believe in providing for Able Pupils in this school and have an Able Pupil Policy linked to the Teaching and Learning Policy. We have high expectations and believe each child should reach their full potential.

We believe that in all classes there will be able children. An Able Pupil demonstrates a higher level of ability in one or more of the following:-

  • high intelligence in at least one area;
  • general intellectual ability;
  • visual and performing abilities;
  • creative and productive thinking;
  • physical talent;
  • outstanding leadership and social skills;
  • pursues a hobby to a very high degree of expertise;
  • unusual interest in current affairs and world events.

Where appropriate, children will have the opportunities for:

  • differentiation of work in the classroom;
  • higher order levels of questions;
  • faster pace to lessons;
  • an individual programme;
  • extra-curricular activities/enrichment activities;
  • weekly celebration of achievement (Roll of Honour Assembly) of work, sporting and musical achievement;
  • entering competitions in school/outside;
  • drama/musical productions inside school and with other schools in the area
  • Gifted and talented days at local schools