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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School


A great poster reminding us of the dos and don'ts for this period of lockdown from Joshua.  Clear and simple, which is exactly what it needs to be.

Leila has packed her bag and is ready to go!  Glad to see you've got your passport, Leila, and a good book to read...

Bongani has done a great job of deciding what he would take away with him if he were evacuated.  It's hard to limit yourself to so few things....  A photo album is definitely something I would take too.

Joshua has written a message using Morse code - can you decipher it?  (Joshua did say there's a small mistake where he put 'a' instead of 'our', but actually, it still makes sense! 

Leila has completed a test all about the Ancient Egyptians on BBC Bitesize - great idea to revise things you learned earlier in the year - 15hp, Leila!

The use of colour in Doris's WW2 factsheet is really effective and makes it easier to read and pick out the key points from.  This would make a great classroom resource!  Thanks, Doris!

I really like the way Samantha has laid her WW2 factsheet out - it would make a great poster in the classroom to help us remember important facts about the war.

Great note-taking skills in History today, Joshua!