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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School


Monday 6 July

Amazing history top scores from Sophie, Nastia and Andrei, with a brilliant 9 from Rares.


Tuesday 30 June

Rares has been working on his maths and history.

Tommy also did his history quiz.

Monday 22 June

Tommy has completed another book and researched some history.


Rares has completed his history research, writing and maths and reading.


Friday 19 June

Buddy has been working on a history project about the Vikings.

Friday 12 June

New work from Hope from across the week.


Tuesday 19 May

Cameron has found a Victorian roli-poli recipe.

Monjday 18 May

Jasper has sent in his history.


Monday 11 May

Hope sent in history.


Rares sent in writing and history work.


Thursday 7 May

Well done to Aaron for sending in the first VE inspired work of the day - a brilliant drawing of a Spitfire.

Monday 4 May

Angela has made a PowerPoint presentation with her sister - here is a selection of slides.


Nastia has had a busy morning - history.


Aaron has sent in his history work.

Tuesday 28 April

Rares' history.


Monday 27 April

Tommy has been researching the history of a very recognisable Worthing building.

Nastia managed to complete history - great going.


Jasper's history from last week.



Here is some work from Tommy - his history God.



Andrei has included his history.


Sophie has included her Mayan God work too.

Aaron has sent in his Mayan God.


Angela has completed more of her Ancient Greek booklet - Athena and Pegasus featuring on her artwork.



To start, here are a few more photos from yesterday - Andrei's and Cameron's history task.

FRIDAY 27 March

Cameron has been working on his Ancient Greek workbook.

MONDAY 23 March

Nastia has sent in her history - very artistic.

Elisha sent her work in for the day all at once.

And the final entry for the day goes to Hope - some history work to share.