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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School


Here is Joseph's history from this week.

Joseph's history from last week.

Here is Joseph's learning about the Anglo-Saxon beliefs.

This week the children have been learning about what the Anglo-Saxons ate and drank. Here is Joseph and Zak's work.


Learn all about Anglo-Saxon status below thanks to Joseph and Zak.


Here are some more push and pull factors that persuaded the Anglo-Saxons to invade, this time from Aston.

Here are some push and pull factors that persuaded the Anglo-Saxons to invade as sent in by Chloe and Joseph.


Here is what Fern thinks about the Anglo-Saxon trials by ordeal!

Jacob has also been recapping his knowledge about the Twelve tables of Roman law!



Chloe and Fern have produced this excellent history work from our crime and punishment topic. This focuses on Roman law and the Twelve tables.

Whilst Grace has provided this colourful overview about Anglo-Saxon/Viking trials by ordeal!