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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

Home Learning Front Covers

getting started - book covers!

Absolutely beautiful illustration on your book cover, Sorrel - so intricate and detailed.  25hp!!

Harvey's book cover - absolutely beautiful, Harvey!  You are so detailed, precise and careful in your art work.  I think this could be an artist's print...

Look at this amazingly creative book cover Leila has sent me today!  I love it! 

Another day, another great book cover!  Thanks for this, Samantha!  I love the Be Extraordinary in the background!

Jayden has sent me through his front cover today (24.3.20) - it's so creative and I love all the references to Chesswood's motto.  Is that Auggie from Wonder floating around in the middle?

Daisy's dog is keen to do some home learning as well!  I didn't realise Mr Jolley was now allowing dogs to study at Chesswood!

 I am currently working from home in our dining room and my two daughters are getting on with their home learning at the kitchen table.  Where are you doing yours?   

Look at this great book cover design that Frankie has created for his home learning book!  Let's have some more for me to put up on our class page....  How about adding some colour to your design - or creating a collage?  

Oh - and......


Jack has decorated the front cover of his home learning book today (23.2.30)  - send me yours if you want them displayed on our class page!