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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

IT Help

All pupils at Chesswood have access the Microsoft Office 365 education Suite. This provides them with a secure Chesswood email account and access to the variety of online office apps. Usually this is only accessible at school but it has now been opened up to be accessible from home. While it is accessible from home the system will only allow communication between pupils and staff members, not the outside world. With the additional monitoring systems in place this provides a secure collaborative learning environment to supplement teaching in the school.


Home IT Devices

We are well aware that demand for technology and access to the internet is heightened at the moment due to a large number of the Chesswood community learning from home. Understandably it can be quite difficult in some households for Chesswood children to access the home learning. 

Do you have a spare/unused/slow/broken/unwanted/old laptop or tablet device gathering dust on a shelf or in a cupboard at home? If so, we are offering a few options of what can happen with these devices.

If you need a working laptop at home to enable your child to do online home learning but have a poorly/not working device we can review, possibly fix the device and then give it back to you.


If you have a device you don't need in any condition, would you be prepared to donate the laptop to us to give to someone who has not got one.

If you do please contact Mr Miller at or call the school and select option 2 for IT

For any donated devices we will review, wipe the laptop and prepare it to go to Chesswood children to help them access home learning when they otherwise wouldn't have been able to. Even if we can't use the laptop, we will be able to recycle it. 

Any donations would be greatly appreciated, and we'll give you a shout out in the newsletter for your generosity!

For more information and terms/conditions please see the below Chesswood Laptop Recycling Scheme.

Home Internet Access

If you don't have any internet at home but have a mobile phone data connection you can turn this into a WiFi hotspot, please see the helpguide below on how to do this on all major makes and models of mobile phone. If using your device as a hotspot please ensure you know much data is being used as if you run out of any inclusive data you may be charged for addtional data sutomaticlly. The school will not be responsible for any data charges incurred when using a mobile phone this way for home learning.

The school has a number of mobile internet hotspots which can provide wireless internet access for any pupils at home who do not have internet access, these devices are limited but you would like to be considered for one please email

Useful Help Guides

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Mobile Device WiFi Hotspot Setup


Laptop Recycling Scheme T&C's