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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

Induction Events (July)

Induction 2021

Welcome to Chesswood!  We are delighted to share with you a range of resources which we believe will help you feel prepared for life at Chesswood in September.  Parents - please click the Welcome to Year 3 image below to view our welcome videos - we suggest watching these and sharing any of the videos that you would like to with your child.  The information on this page takes the place of our induction evening so not all of it will be appropriate for children.

Please click on your child's class below to be taken to their class page.  We recommend watching each of these videos with your child.  If your child attends Springfield and Lyndhurst, they may well have watched these videos in school on Wednesday 7th July.  

The information below is not relevant for induction in 2021 - please use the links above to view resources for this year.  thank you.


In June each year, we will write to all parents who have applied and completed the Chesswood Junior School admission form for their child. The letter includes details of the induction evening, transfer day; information and liaison we have from feeder schools and those schools where individual children may transfer from; classroom arrangements and class members in your child's class for the new academic at Chesswood (all children are placed with at least one friend from their friend lists[1]).

This page contains the event booking for the induction evening in the coming year and the presentation from the latest induction event.

Induction Event Booking

Please make every effort to complete this induction event booking for by 5p.m. on the Friday before the Induction Evening takes place on the following Tuesday. If you need to make use of the school creche facility on the induction evening please complete this form at the earliest possible opportunity and at least five working days before the induction evening.

Class Allocation

Your child will have the opportunity to select up to three friends they would like to be in their new class with. Subject to parents completing the online admissions form by the expected date, school leader will guarentee at least one child from the list of three will be placed in your child class. If an admission form is completed after the expected completion date that guarentee is unlikley to be met. Within the June letter we will provide a copy of the three friends chosen by your child (please remember it is their decision and wherever possible it should be respected unless it would cause significant difficulties). We will also share the class list for family reference.

The process of building classes, when you wish to get everything right, is highly complex. We seek to place friends first wherever possible, after this, factors such as gender, academic achievement, special educational needs, behaviour & engagement, and wider pastoral factors such as safeguarding and care arrangements all form part of the process and must be balanced. Our intention is to build multiple classes with similar need. Typically, this is a successful process and children are happy and confident once they get to lunchtime on the first day. We would ask parents to respect the complexities of the process and note that we are unable to return or redesign class allocations unless there are exceptional and significant complications that exist e.g. safeguarding. If you believe there are please email to share concerns as a matter of urgency.


Year 2 Induction Evening

It is essential that all parents attend this evening with their children. This meeting will allow us to share essential information for the new academic year. You will meet your child's new class teacher. Parents arrive at the event between 5:10 p.m. and 5:25p.m., children will remain on the Y3 playground. We will open the sports hall and refreshments will be available from 5:10 p.m. You will receive a 50 minute presentation on key information for Chesswood by the head teacher, whilst your child meets their teacher to enjoy some ‘ice breaking’ activities. You will then join your child in their class base to find out a little more about life and learning in Year 3. Please refer to the plan of the school included to help you locate the classroom.

Members of the senior leadership team, administration and medical team, special educational needs (SEN) team and Year 3 staff will be available during the evening to answer questions and queries. The organised part of the evening will end at 7:00p.m. and the school site will close soon after at 7:15p.m.

This evening is not particularly suitable for younger children, however, we are happy to provide a crèche facility for those families who are unable to make childcare arrangements (children aged 3+ only).  If you are in need of the crèche, you would email Kate Brown on at least one week in advance of the induction evening. 

Children Transferring into other Year Groups

Although the evening is predominantly organised for the induction of Y2 children, we also welcome families of children to attend the presentation by the head teacher. The presentation, based largely on the information in the school brochure, provides a more in depth understanding that will act as a good foundation for parents to work in effective partnership with the school and provide confident support for their child in their new school. 

2019 Induction Evening Presentation

[1] Children transferring alone or as later entries have been placed in the most suitable class.

Year 2 Induction Day

The transfer day follows the Tuesday evening. Your child will be with us for the whole day on the Wednesday.   Please note the following:

  • Your child should arrive at Chesswood between 8.30am and 8.45am and be collected from the Chesswood Year 3 playground at 3.15 p.m.;
  • A packed lunch will be provided for all children attending Lyndhurst and Springfield infant schools.  We ask that children transferring from other schools are provided with a packed lunch for the day (if this presents significant difficulties please contact school reception).
  • Your child should wear their current school uniform;
  •  Please bring the following:
    • Packed lunch (where necessary)
    • A bottle with sports-top cap filled with water for classroom if required
    • PE kit (shorts, T-shirt and footwear for outside activity) - please ensure all kit is named
    • Medication (where necessary) within original packaging and dosage.
  •  Your child will not need any items of personal stationery, ie pens, felt tips, etc;