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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School


We love celebrating Maths at Chesswood - both from a high achievement perspective and a love and awareness of the subject in our every day lives.



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Chesswood Maths Masters Competition - 6TH February 2020


This week, the highest performing mathematicians in each year group (based on the December PUMA assessments) were put to the test with our inaugural Maths Masters competition.  This featured 25 very challenging questions covering the whole range of topics in the primary maths curriculum.  We were very encouraged by how well children in year 3 and 4 performed, despite being yet to cover a number of the topics in depth.  The highest performing children in years 5 and 6 gave Mr Yelling a run for his money by matching his score!  All of the children approached the tough challenges with a fantastic attitude and deserve immense credit for their participation.

The winners in each year group were:

Year 3

Joint 1st Lochlan Steddon 3LB and Alfie Gander 3LB. 

Joint 3rd Kasper Caveney and Samuel Watkins.  

Year 4

1st Sam Reddin 4JH.

2nd Mateo Basabas 4JH.

3rd Stanley Carter 4JH.    

Year 5

1st Ghenmar Tugba 5KM.

Joint 2nd Leo Millard 5AL and Harry Mack 5CR.  

Year 6

1st Thomas Marks 6TH.

Joint 2nd Charlie Pollard 6OP and Kane Pinder 6OP.  

Many congratulations to all our winners.

Mr Gilbert & Mr Yelling


Chesswood Counts Maths Day - 21ST November 2019

Chesswood Counts was the message on Thursday 21st November, as pupils celebrated maths with a wonderful array of mathematical clothing. The message that maths is all around us in our everyday lives, was given during assembly time - we pointed out how much maths they had used already in the day so far: putting clothes on in the correct order, leaving home on time, crossing roads safely by walking at the correct speed and calculating the speed of cars around them, getting to school on time, to name a few.

We also celebrated the fastest multiplication 'Rock Stars' in the school - the top 8 pupils in each year who won through two gruelling rounds to have the privilege of reaching the Rock Wrangle Grand Final in front of their adoring fans (well, the rest of their phase group at least). Year 3 and 4 competitions were held in front of a crowd that silently cheered enthusiastically (to not put the competitors off) and gave great support to all the finalists, while Year 5 and 6 pupils raised the roof with their exuberant cheering in a deafening show of support for their champions. The winners, showing incredible composure and lightning fast multiplication facts, were deserved champions:

Year 3 Emi with a time of 2 minutes 5 seconds

Year 4 Gabriel with a time of 45 seconds

Year 5 Ghenmar with a time of 49 seconds

Year 6 Jayden with a time of 48 seconds

Hopefully, these maths celebrations will inspire the next generation of mathematicians, inspire the next Rock Hero, or at the very least, inspire everyone to give maths a try and to never give up. We look forward to the next competition/celebration in the Spring Term.

Chris Yelling and Nik Gilbert, 

Maths Leaders