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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School


Tuesday 31st March 2020

Are you enjoying learning about time this week? It's a fantastic topic to practise throughout the day on your own clocks at home. Well done to Robert and Sophie for doing an excellent job on time so far! 20HP!

How are you doing with your written methods? Are you able to practise them a little everyday? Matilda is continuing to work hard on them. Well done, 10HP!

Friday 27th March 2020

I must admit, we've done some terrific fractions work this week, both at home and in school. We showing a brilliant understanding. Can you see where they can be used in real life? We used my example of cake and chocolate bars when we were together learning in class (and making everyone hungry each time!) but have you found where there are any more fractions in the world around you at home?

Well done to Matilda who worked really hard on her 'Making the Whole' questions. I love that she has explained and use 'because..' to expand her answer. Brilliant reasoning, Matilda! 30HP!

Robert, yet again, has been hard at work on his Maths. What a Maths superstar! The presentation in your Home Learning book is wonderful, Robert. I can see how much pride you are taking in your work and this makes me so happy! 30HP!


Thursday 26th March 2020

How are you all getting on with your fractions work? I've had some excellent examples in so far, and children are really working hard on their reasoning!

Robert always works hard on his Maths in class, and at home is no exception! Well done for some excellent work, Robert! 30HP!

At Chesswood yesterday, Maiya also worked very hard on her fractions. Today she's been doing even more Maths! Brilliant work, Maiya! 20HP!

How is everyone finding your morning written method starter boards? Are you using them too start your learning day like we do in class? Are you having a go at the three chilli challenge? Sophie brilliantly figured out the answer yesterday! Well done! 20HP!

Are you still practising your times tables? Remember you don't just have to use TT Rockstars! You can use the songs, create some Chesswood Cards, or be really creative and draw them out as Isla has done. 20HP!