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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School


friday 22nd may

Great work Amelia, very neat presentation..


thursday 21st may

Willow learning her timetables - not sure anyone can be more creative than her and her sister!  Watch this!



monday 18th may

Lovely Maths learning Amelia - well done you!


friday 15th may

Willow you crack me up - so funny! Thank you for making me laugh.




wednesday 13th may

Thanks Frankie - haven't seen many of these for a while - I hope you are all doing as good a job as he is at remembering our methods...

monday 11th may

Rowan holding the side up with his Maths - Thank you!

tuesday 5th may

Thank you for hearing me and showing me your written methods today - love seeing that you have remembered what we have been learning, well done Emi.  The Rowan sent me a copy of his Maths lesson - I love the fact the he was checking his answers by working it out around the edge of the paper - never guess, always check!

friday 1st may

Was nice to finally see some more Written methods sent in today - very clear and well laid out on the 2/3 chilli challenge.  Well done Ethan.  Whilst below have a look at Willow's problem solving and the resources she made to her help and Max with his mum stepping up to the Maths challenge together..great work everyone.







tuesday 28th april

Rowan has been busy working through his maths work:

friday 24th april


Willow and her family complete the first Whiterose family maths challenge - amazing effort, it was quite hard!

tuesday 21st april

Here is Rowan's Equivalent fractions work.  His hard work and persevernace has paid off - well done.

friday 3rd april

Ethan continues to WOW us with his Maths - this time it's his reasoning.  I know lots of you struggle to write down what you have done to work out the answer, so here is a good example for you to look at.

wednesday 1st april

Ethan has been busy focussing on his Maths work today - checking his Time knowledge, he looks like he is a doing a great job!  He even built the clock like Frankie to help him with his work - did you manage to build yours yet?

tuesday 31st march

Frankie is first in with his Maths today - I love the fact that you managed to make and use the clock, great job!  Did anyone else happen to be so creative?

Willow has been at it again - not just time but Area & Perimeter, there's no stopping her! Amazing Work, using a ruler too! well done.


friday 27th march

So whilst many of you have been trying our written methods, Willow has been teaming up with her big brother and sister to try out decimals, angles and time! Good work Willow, not an easy task on a normal day - 30HP.

thursday 26th march

I haven't seen a lot of Maths work this week, so a huge congratulations to Maaya who has yet again been practising her Written Methods. 10HP.

wednesday 25th march

Today I have had my first set of written methods in too - amazing! Well done Maaya - 30HP for being first and for reasoning it.

Frankie has completed his Maths work and self-marked them to check his understanding - well done. 10HP.  We also did this in class and many got stuck on question 4 - so great work!

tuesday 24th march

Whilst Max has been on a mission! Keep up the great work young man.


In class we have also been building/matching and investigating fraction walls.. have you?

monday 23rd march

So whilst you are at home we have also been busy in class, here is some of our amazing work...

Great work Jackson!