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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School


Lilia has been having a go at Countdown for some extra maths calculation practice.  She said the last one was the trickiest!

Accurate work on calculating missing angles here from Theo!

Fantastic to see Theo showing his workings here for his work on calculating missing angles.

Great work on ratio and proportion here, Doris!

Great work on 4 Ops from Kelsey - and some spelling up above!

Some great measuring and accurate drawing of angles using a protractor from Jayden.

Jayden has been doing a great job with his 4 Ops each morning.  Using all the Year 6 methods and drawing all his lines with a ruler!

I love the way Kelsey has used colour and diagram to help him with his maths work on ratio.  It really helps me with ratio and proportion to use visual diagrams - it sometimes makes it easier to understand how to solve a problem.

More great maths work and presentation from Jayden!

Leila is still cracking on with her maths practice.  She is feeling much more confident with long division now and has been doing some great work on fractions.  Good to go back over things we have done in the past and refresh your memory...

Amazing presentation on your ratio work today, Jayden!

Leila has been continuing to do some maths practice using her SATS revision book - challenging herself to do some higher level work.  Looks like she's done a great job on BIDMAS with some very detailed marking and corrections. Well done, Leila!

Great presentation, Jayden - with clear working out and reasoning as well!  I love that you have used a ruler to cross out your mistakes!  25hp!!

Although the SATS are cancelled, Leila (like lots of you!) is still using her SATS revision book to practise what she needs to know in Year 6 - ready for high school!  Great work, Leila,  20hp!!

Great maths work this week, Purdy!  She has finished the sheet!

Great revision of converting fractions into decimals today, Samantha!



Great maths work today, Lilia!  You have clearly been busy today!

Jayden has been working hard on his maths at home - and beautifully presented with self-marking done in purple pen!

Frankie also did some great maths work yesterday!  Make sure you take some time to do some fun stuff today, Frankie (24.2.20)!