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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School


 Saba's still working hard with her written methods - fantastic!

Have a look at Bea's work on angles, great stuff!

Check out Lexi's multiplication of fractions. She struggled to begin with persevered and got it in the end - this is exactly what I like to hear!

Have a look at Saba's fractions practice, great stuff!

Check out some of the Maths that Elizabeth has been doing - I love how organised it all is!



Have a look at Bea's written methods - great lining up of place value columns!

Check out Lewis working hard on his IXL and TTRockstars - fantastic!

Here is Betty's Maths (with her brother Zephyr in the background) - amazing stuff!

Check out Heidi's Maths - great partitioning and presentation!

Madi has been answering her White Rose questions, and look at how well shes' done! Excellent!

Here is Ruby's place value chart to represent her decimal numbers.

Look at how proud Alex is of his White Rose Maths, it looks like he's done some excellent work! Love all the brain food too! 20 HP!

Here are Saba's written methods. Great lining up of place value columns and use of place holders to aid accuracy. 20 HP!

Kuba is diligently following his home learning tasks, amazing! 20 HP!

Jack has been completing an interesting Maths challenge - great stuff! 20 HP!

 Some examples of Corey's Maths work - amazing! 20 HP for each picture!


Here are Kuba's written methods, good lining up of place value columns, even without squares! Excellent! 20 HP!

Check out Lexi's written methods, great work! 20 HP!

Here are Elizabeth's written methods - looking great! I love the fact she is still correcting her mistakes at home. 20 HP for each piece!