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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

Maths Resources

Coming soon! Watch this space for resources to help with maths.

  1. S1 Wk1 Thurs MATHS 4opsPDF File

  2. S1 Wk1 Thurs MATHS ANSWERSPDF File

  3. S1 WK1 Thurs MATHS GD questionsPDF File

  4. S1 Wk1 Thurs MATHS Radical reasoningPDF File

  5. S1 Wk1 Thurs MATHS worksheetPDF File

  6. S1 W1 Frid MATHS supportPDF File

  7. S1 W1 Frid MATHS worksheetPDF File

  8. S1 Wk1 Frid MATHS InstructionsPDF File

  9. 02 FridayPDF File

  10. area and perimeter GDPDF File

  11. S1 Wk2 Mon MATHS 4OPSPDF File

  12. s1 Wk2 Mon MATHS Extension questionsPDF File

  13. S1 Wk2 Mon MATHS worksheetPDF File

  14. ANSWERS1PNG File

  15. ANSWERS2PNG File

  16. S1 Wk2 Tues MATHS 4OPSPDF File

  17. S1 Wk2 Tues MATHS AnswersPDF File

  18. S1 Wk2 Tues MATHS ExtensionPDF File

  19. S1 Wk2 Tues MATHS WorksheetPDF File

  20. S1 Wk2 Weds MATHS 4opsPDF File

  21. S1 Wk2 Weds MATHS AnswersPDF File

  22. S1 Wk2 Weds MATHS WorksheetPDF File

  23. S1 Wk2 Thurs MATHS 4opsPDF File

  24. S1 Wk2 Thurs MATHS AnswersPDF File

  25. S1 Wk2 Thurs MATHS ExtensionPDF File

  26. S1 Wk2 Thurs MATHS WorksheetPDF File

  27. 1501 Negative numbers answersPDF File

  28. 1501 Negative numbers worksheetPDF File

  29. 1501Extension Nrich activityPDF File

  30. S1 Wk3 Frid MATHS 4opsPDF File

  31. S1 Wk3 MATHS 4OPSPDF File

  32. S1 Wk3 Mon MATHS answersPDF File

  33. S1 Wk3 Mon MATHS ExtensionPDF File

  34. S1 Wk3 Mon MATHS worksheetPDF File

  35. S1 Wk3 Tues MATHS 4opsPDF File

  36. S1 Wk3 Tues MATHS AnswersPDF File

  37. S1 Wk3 Tues MATHS WorksheetPDF File

  38. S1 Wk3 Weds MATHS 4opsPDF File

  39. S1 Wk3 Weds MATHS AnswersPDF File

  40. S1 Wk3 Weds MATHS Extension AnswersPDF File

  41. S1 Wk3 Weds MATHS ExtensionPDF File

  42. S1 Wk3 Weds MATHS WorksheetPDF File

  43. S1 Wk3 Thurs MATHS 4opsPDF File

  44. S1 Wk3 Thurs MATHS AnswersPDF File

  45. S1 Wk3 Thurs MATHS ExtensionPDF File

  46. S1 Wk3 Thurs MATHS worksheetPDF File

  47. S1 Wk3 Frid MATHS 4opsPDF File

  48. S1 Wk3 Frid MATHS AnswersPDF File

  49. S1 Wk3 Frid MATHS WorksheetPDF File

  50. S1 Wk4 MATHS 4opsPDF File

  51. S1 Wk4 MATHS AnswersPDF File

  52. S1 Wk4 MATHS WorkbookPDF File

  53. S1 Wk4 Mon MATHS ExtensionPDF File