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National Numeracy Day 2022

Please note - this page will be updated for National Numeracy Day 2023 in Spring 2023.

National Numeracy Day 2022 is Wednesday 18th May.  This is an Inset Day, however there are lots of ways for all members of the Chesswood Community to get involved.  Should you have any further questions or need more information, please contact the Maths Lead, Mr Gilbert via

What is National Numeracy Day?

The aim of National Numeracy Day is to celebrate numbers and how we use them in everyday life.  The day is designed to encourage people to feel curious about numbers, explore how they can benefit them in their day-to-day life and give them the confidence to develop and improve their numeracy skills.  We are taking the week as an opportunity to celebrate Maths with the focus being 'Where is the Maths?'  Our main form of celebration will be for children (and staff) to come to school dressed as a number on Tuesday 17th May.  This could include a top that has numbers on it already, for instance a football shirt or may be a specially designed top containing calculations.

If you need inspiration for previous ideas have a look at our Previous Maths Celebrations by clicking here.

How can parents get involved?

To celebrate and acknowledge how Maths is all around us - and to help answer the question 'Where is the Maths?' - we would like to create a Maths display which demonstrates how Maths is involved in the workplace for parents (and other adults) in the Chesswood community.  This will help to show Chesswood children how maths can help them when they are older and how useful it can be.  If you can spare 5 minutes and are happy to be a part of our display, please answer a few questions on our form, which you can access by clicking here.  You can see similar examples of what will be displayed by visiting here.


How can children get involved?

There are a number of optional tasks for children to participate in, mainly across the week beginning Monday 16th May, however feel free to attempt these at an alternative time if it's more convenient.  Please see the table below for more details.

DATE What is it? Links
Monday 16th May - Friday 20th May (Daily play limit of 1 hour between 7.45am and 4.30pm)

TT Rock Stars - Battle of the Bands Competition.

If you need help logging in, please ask your teacher to remind you of your password.


Tuesday 17th May Dress as a Number Have a look at previous ideas by clicking here.
Wednesday 18th May (Suggested - please feel free to arrange an alternative time that suits your family best)

Number Heroes Competition

Please click the link for more details and an entry form.  Please remember to submit your entries directly to the National Numeracy Day Organisers.  


Wednesday 18th May (Suggested - please feel free to arrange an alternative time that suits your family best)

National Numeracy Day Activities

Please make sure your parent's permission before attempting these.  Mr Gilbert would love to see your attempts - please send them through to him via - photos/videos welcome - you can even bring food in if you've been baking!  25HP will be awarded for each task attempted.






Wednesday 18th May (Suggested - please feel free to arrange an alternative time that suits your family best)

Where is the Maths?

With an adult's permission, see if you can find examples of Maths at home or when you're out and about.  Examples could include numbers on a clock or on an oven.  You may seem some shapes on some wallpaper or curtains - there are so many possibilities.  Send photos of what you find to Mr Gilbert via


Have a look at previous ideas by clicking here.