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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School


Reading is promoted in Chesswood Junior School thorough a multilayered approach.

Reading Content and Sequence.

The policy details how and when reading is to be taught across the school and quality texts are carefully selected to support learning and offer a wide range of reading experiences across all genres. The learning is assessed though the use of Band Sheets which are taken directly from the National Curriculum. AR is used to monitor progress and ensure that pupils are able to independently select books from our extensive library that match their reading ability. Special interest and support packs are used to ensure all children can access and engage with reading. 

Supporting Readers in School

Reading support is offered to extend and support readers. Readers that are falling below ARE monitored and offered additional support and regular 1:1 reading opportunities including through reading buddies and teacher led reading tutorials. Greater Depth clubs are used to extend more confident readers and to promote discussion and analysis of their reading including authorial intent. 

Supporting Reading at Home

Parental support is key in developing children as readers through fostering a love of books and reading and supporting regular reading at home.We aim to engage parents in supporting their children read through teacher/ parent dialogue, a sharing of expectations and through providing a range of supporting resources.