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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

Reading Resources

Children do not need to visit this page to access resources.

Please click the links within the Weekly Learning sheet.

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  1. GR Week 3. Holes answers.PDF File

  2. GR Week 3. Holes questions.PDF File

  3. GR Week 3. Holes text.PDF File

  4. Week 4. reading task.PDF File

  5. Week 4 writing taskPDF File

  6. Week 4 writing taskPDF File

  7. Turbo SPaGPDF File

  8. Week 5. Mary Anning article. TO PRINTPDF File

  9. Week 6. Comprehension questions. Handheld Devices.DOCX File

  10. Week 6. Comprehension questions. Handheld DevicesPDF File

  11. Week 6. Comprehension text. Handheld Devices.PDF File

  12. Week 7. Comprehension questionsPDF File

  13. Week 7. Comprehension textPDF File

  14. CGP. Born On A Blue Day questionsPDF File

  15. CGP. Born On A Blue Day textPDF File

  16. How_to_trap_the_iron_man_instructions example textPDF File

  17. Plan outline PDF File

  18. Snowman example text PDF File

  19. Turbo PDF W2PDF File

  20. WALT instruction writingPDF File

  21. CGP. White Fang questionsPDF File

  22. CGP. White Fang textPDF File

  23. CGP. Lord Of The Rings full text for HLPDF File

  24. CGP. Lord Of The Rings questions for HLPDF File

  25. CGP. Lord of the Rings mark scheme for HLPDF File

  26. If- answersPDF File

  27. If- questionsPDF File

  28. If- textPDF File

  29. CGP Mark Scheme for HLPDF File

  30. CGP. Poems About Seasons questions for HLPDF File

  31. CGP. Poems About Seasons textPDF File

  32. Theseus adventure questionsPDF File

  33. Theseus's adventure answersPDF File

  34. Theseus's adventure textPDF File

  35. Answers to Talking Turkeys comprehensionPDF File

  36. CGP. Talking Turkeys textPDF File

  37. Home learning comp questions week 14PDF File

  38. Monday Year 6 reading activity gridPDF File

  39. Tuesday Macbeth answersPDF File

  40. Tuesday Macbeth questionsPDF File

  41. Tuesday Macbeth textPDF File