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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

Religious Education & Collective Worship


Religious Education

Our Religious Education (RE) assemblies are designed to promote values which complement and reinforce five major faiths. We seek to respectfully and inclusively consider beliefs, festivals, worship, world development & history of five major faiths. Our focus is predominantly Christian content, however substantial time is devoted to exploring, understanding, comparing and contrasting with Islam, Judaism Hinduism and Buddism. At all times we seek to secure an age appropriate balance for children, so that they may, in time, make an informed choice on their own faith and beliefs. Importantly, we seek to position children to reflect, respect and recognise that understanding and knowledge of their own and others faith and belief can do more to bring communities together - embracing difference and celebrating what may help us stand out, so that we have more in common.

 Geography of World Religions

History of World Religion

Collective Worship

The Education Reform Act uses the word collective rather than corporate. This is a reminder that school worship is not intended to be the same as church worship where the participants are there by choice and are a body of believers.  This is an important distinction in which we accept that pupils at Chesswood will respond to worship in very different ways.

Collective Worship is a time when the whole school, or groups within the school meet together in order to consider and reflect on common concerns, issues and interests. It offers all pupils an opportunity to worship and reflect through engaging in relevant, meaningful experiences and provides opportunities for the pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

Collective worship starts from the foundation that although we may have different beliefs, faith and culture we are better together, as the Dalai Lama and Bishop Desmond Tutu are able to clearly demonstrate in video below. We seek to understand and be inspired by what makes us different and stand out; and we seek to find how much we are truly similar through reflection, consideration and respect. 



Collective Worship Policy

We also intend that Collective Worship contributes to the development of the pupil as a ‘whole’ person by providing opportunities to:

  • explore ideas and concepts that promote feelings of awe and wonder
  • consider spiritual and moral issues
  • to enable those pupils who want to worship their God to do so
  • explore their own beliefs
  • develop their own spirituality and be introduced to religious worship in a meaningful and honest way
  • reinforce positive attitudes
  • participate, respond and reflect on what it means to be human

Religious Education Assemblies



Can you help?

We are always keen to change and improve assembly content so that it has the best possible impact on children's learning and engagement with different topics. If you feel there is content available that we may have missed please use the form opposite to help us improve and enrich our assembly programme or follow this LINK

Noah's ark

An assembly linked to our Stories and Celebrations strand within the RE curriculum.  Part of our 'Open the Book' series, taught by St.George's Church, Worthing.

No Link available - image only.



An assembly linked to our Stories and Celebrations strand within the RE curriculum.  Part of our 'Open the Book' series, delivered by St.George's Church, Worthing during COVID-19.

harvest festival

An assembly supporting Turning Tides a local charity committed to ending Homelessness, allowing our school community to give and express love to others.

No Link available- images only.


An assembly about the beliefs of the up and coming footballer on equality, alongside visiting the work he does, including the demand for the 'free school meals' for all school pupils in need. These slides explain how he's worked and the links to his religious beliefs.


An assembly explaining what Diwali is and how the Hindu community celebrate it.



This is an assembly explaining what Hanukkah is and how the Jewish community celebrate it.





dwayne johnson

An assembly  on Dwayne Johnson and how he rose to fame, including his involvement with the NFL and becoming a professional wrestler. Also how his faith in religion helped him overcome his own mental health battles.

Florence nightingale

An assembly on who Florence Nightingale was and the impact she made during her time as a nurse.



An assembly explaining what Ramadam is and how it's celebrated in the Muslim community.


An assembly on Passover, explaining what it is and how it's celebrated by the Jewish community.

The Easter Story

An assembly presented by St. George's Church to remind children about the Easter Story.


After Easter Story

An assembly presented by St. George's Church to remind children about what happened after the Easter Story.


mother teresa

An assembly on Mother Teresa, explaining who she is and achievements of her life, including why religion played a massive part in her becoming iconic.