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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School


Check out Arthur's 'water fireworks', great stuff!

Have a look at Bea's 'water fireworks' experiment!

Check out Arthur's 'Rain in a jar' experiment - fantastic!

Here is Lexi's 'Rain in a jar' experiment, great stuff!

Have a look at Kuba's research about renewable and non-renewable energy - fantastic!

Check out Betty's hovercraft - she said it worked really well!

Here are Edward's moon phases made from Oreos! I love the way he has labelled them all, very impressive!

Check out Kuba's moon phases with Oreos - what a delicious way to recap!

Here is Ruby's boat, great construction!

Wow! Look at the boat Edward made! He was able to float 1kg, amazing! 20 HP!

We've had some fantastic models of the solar system in, take a look:

Edward looks so proud of his model! I love the asteroid belt made out of marbles.
Lexi made an amazing effort with hers, she's really tried to get the planets to look accurate!
Tilly's got creative with her model. She even measured how far the planets were from the sun and divided that by 100 to make an accurate scale! 

Elizabeth has been recapping her definitions in Science, great stuff! 20 HP!

Have a look at Edward's spinner experiment - phenomenal work! 20 HP!

Another great experiment from Dominic. I love the way he gives a scientific explanation to go along with his notes. 20 HP!

Dominic's notes about his surface tension experiment. Great work, 20 HP!

Edward's experiment about surface tension. Good try! 20 HP!