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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School


tuesday 19th may

Lucy has been fossil hunting - look at this!

friday 15th may

More amazing plants you have made and labelled - Alice, Ethan & Lucy.

wednesday 13th may

Frankie has been super busy today with his plant design and labelling.  I am sure you will agree what a great job he has done - maybe message him to let him know!

Ethan's initial plants labelling activity - very well done.



thursday 7th May

Volcano with Willow and family - I cannot say anymore, you just need to watch! Awesome filming.



tuesday 5th May

More experiments from Max - making slime! YUK...

friday 1st may

Oh my goodness, I hope you are sitting down!  I have had 2 amazing Lava lamp experiments in.. Ethan has provided instructions and Willow and her sister have filmed what happened and provided and question and answer slot.  Give yourselves a bonus 40HP each!




tuesday 28th april

This weeks Science experiments have been a great success too:

Louis has been making chemical reactions with ingredients that make Honeycomb he can eat!

                                                                                     Willow has been making and demonstrating how the lungs /                                                                                                                                        diaphragm work:


tuesday 22nd april

Luke has been busy in the garden.  He wanted to plant some seeds so has been testing the acidic level of the soil - looking at its PH level so he knows what would be best to plant - How cool is that!








friday 3rd april

Louis has been conducting his own science experiment today - making a rainbow!  You will love this, maybe you could give it a go?  Meanwhile Louis has earnt himself 30HP.

thursday 26th march

Frankie has been testing his Science knowledge..  I love the drawing of the skeleton 20HP!

Jacob has been remembering all about his Skeletons and Muscles and has written us some facts to help us too.. great work 10HP

Whilst Amelia has sent me the first Healthy eating plate.. Well done! 10HP

wednesday 25th march

Well done Lucy - nice to hear from you too.  I am especially liking your Science work - very creative way of helping you to remember. 30HP.

Whilst Max has been on a mission! Keep up the great work young man.. 40HP.