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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School


Wednesday 15 July

In other news, Aaron has been creating in his science experiment!


Thursday 9 July

Buddy has been acting as a mad scientist!



Thursday 2 July

Nastia completed her science experiment.

TUesday 30 June

Science videos from Tommy and Andrei.





Aaron has created another fine science video.



Angela has also been doing her science - life cycles.


Wednesday 17 June

Aaron has completed his science life-cycle.

Monday 15 June

Angela has been busy - science, art, spelling and maths.


Thursday 11 June

Buddy has been working on his science - very messy!



Wednesday 3 June

Aaron's science video.



Nastia has sent her maths, science and writing.  


Friday 15 May

Angela has been doing science and geography today.



Tuesday 12 May

Cameron has been busy with his science.

Tommy has finished his science.

Rares has completed his writing and science.


Tuesday 5 May

Jasper has been researching Tim Peake as extra learning for science.


Away from jokes, here is science work from Tommy.

Nastia has also sent in her science.

Friday 1 May

Andrei's paper hovercraft explanation.



Nastia's science - paper hovercrafts.


Wednesday 29 April

Angela has been reseaching space and built a rocket too.



Tuesday 28 April

Aaron has learned about life cycles.

Andrei has been using his computer to help his science and punctuation work.

Monday 27 April

Rares has sent pictures of his activities for the day - science.

Andrei sent in his latest science learning.

Friday 24 April

Nastia has completed her science - I bet those Oreos have been eaten by now!


Rares has sent a video of his science project.



Elisha's science experiment is to grow seeds from an apple.



Sophie sent in her science project.





Aaron and Nastia videoed their science experiements.





Photos from Ela's science project.




Ela completed her science.

Nastia has completed the science project, checking the distances with a tape measure - brilliant.

Tuesday 31 March

Nastia's science experiment video.



Emails received later yesterday included Andrei's science...

Aaron has completed his science experiment.




FRIDAY 27 March

Sara has sent two videos about her experiment.





Sophie has sent a picture of her experiment.

Science photo from Nastia and video from Aaron.



Kyah took up her own science investigation - looks like fun!