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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School


Here is some science from Aki.

Aston's science from yesterday.

Here is Wyatt's science poster about plastic pollution.

Chloe and Fern's science from yesterday.


Fern's science from last week.

Here is Aston's science from yesterday.

Here is Chloe's science.

Joseph has been learning all about electricity.

Here is some more excellent science that I have received from Melody who has made her own drums.

More brilliant science from Fern and Joseph.


Here are the results of Joseph's science experiment.

Here is Joseph, excited about freezing different liquids.

This is Jacob's amazing water cycle picture, I nearly put this on the art page instead of science!

Here is Wyatt experimenting with different liquids as well and Melody reminding herself about how the water cycle works.


Jacob completing his science task last week, he was busy freezing different liquids!

Aki clearly enjoyed his science experiment this week.

Some more work on solids, liquids and gases, this time from Fern.

Here is this weeks science work on solids, liquids and gases as shared by Joseph and Zak.


I have been sent several brilliant pictures of children enjoying doing their digestive system science experiment, some of these are below. Sorry parents for the mess! 


Here is a brilliant idea from Natasha, she has really bought her learning of the digestive system to life by drawing out the organs on a t-shirt! 

I have been sent some excellent science work about the digestive system from Aston, Chloe and Wyatt which can be seen below.


Here is some science from Fern and Wyatt who have sent in these brilliant pieces of work about the teeth 


Here is some brilliant science from Wyatt and Zak.