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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School



Great spelling practise

Idahlia is using her time well to practise her spellings! What amazing work! Keep it up!


Thanks Jesse-Lee! I wonder if everyone can do this one?


graffiti spellings

The writing is on the wall for Odile -she knows her spellings very well! 20HP

Great use of a chalk board by Olivia to help her learn her spellings! 20HP

Spelling tests!

Well done Summer! 6 out of 6! 20HP!

Rainbow words

Very colourful and all correct! Well done Odile! Keep practising using rainbow words!

Well done Eddie! Lovely rainbow words, and what a lovely sticker! 20HP


Great stuff Olivia! Another set of fantastic rainbowords! 20HP

Idahlia has been practising her spellings and they look amazing! Is that some Geography work I see as well? You really are amazing! 20HP