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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School


Kelsey consistently practises his spelling every day and it's great to see hime putting some of the words into sentences, so that he can practise using them in his writing.

Great spelling practice below from Joshua - and fantastic grammar work: putting words ending in the suffixes -ence/-ency and -ance/-ancy into sentences.  He has really shown he understands what the nouns he has created actually mean.


I love these rainbow spelling sentences from Samantha!

Kelsey has been diligently practising his spellings every day.  Great work, Kelsey! 

Some more great spelling practice from Lilia - oh you greedy horse! 20hp!

Super spelling practice from Wiktoria today.  I wonder if you can use some of those words in your writing, Wiktoria?


Great result on your spelling test today, Lilia!

Nice graffiti wall from Samantha to practise her spelling today.

Great work on your spelling test today, Leila!